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  1. [FE13] "Don't speak her name!" (For Piano and Violin) [FE8] Lyon (Waltz Arrangement)
  2. [FE7] Requiem - Sadness Theme (for Piano and Flute)
  3. I make FE music arrangements and just wanted to share what I've got with you all. New songs will be added as they come, and I hope you enjoy. Feedback and requests are welcome! [FE16] Trailer Theme (No SFX) [FE7] Reminiscence - Ninian and Nils' Theme (Cinematic Orchestral Arrangement) [FE7] Winds Across the Plains - Lyn Map BGM (Relaxing Orchestra Arrangement)
  4. Nice job! I wonder how your singing would sound like over my version of the off vocal
  5. Got another Beruka to contribute: https://imgur.com/NQe7lm5
  6. This is the best bad summon I’ve ever had. Linde is a nice merge, Azura makes me feel less bad for missing Bridal Ninian, and Beruka finishes my currently +9 build. Completely missed the focus units, but no complaints here.
  7. @Kori Thanks! It's two trumpets and a trombone section I can't take credit for the idea though, that goes to the original arranger. @ElectiveToast Thanks, I'm glad to hear it. I don't mean to throw shade, but pretty much all of the popular covers on YouTube are grossly inaccurate...so I am happy to know that you can appreciate my work.
  8. @XRay Thanks for your feedback! Yup, there are two organs playing at the same time, one played normally and the other played una corda (it's possible that those articulations can actually be played simultaneously on a real organ though, I'm not sure). Man, me neither. The past three sound teams have killed it (FE13-15), and this trailer gives me the impression that the streak isn't ending yet.
  9. @Chopper... Thanks so much! It is definitely complicated, the original arranger of the song did an amazing job. I’m glad you like it and hope my work makes the wait a little more bearable
  10. @LorisaGoldfish Thanks so much, and I’m glad you like it!
  11. At the bottom of the video? Eliwood and Ninian. That's an idea. The only work on my channel until a few hours ago was the FE16 trailer music, so it made more sense to link directly at that time. Thanks.
  12. Thanks so much! I was basically attached to my chair after that trailer dropped, so it gone done way faster than I expected, too. http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1175570-fire-emblem Thank you! Honestly, I don't know how talented I am -- I just like doing this and have the time to do it, but if you can play your nose then you are 100% more talented than I am
  13. I made an orchestral arrangement of Reminiscence from FE7 and wanted to share it with you all. I plan on doing a few more songs from FE7, so if you have any requests let me know!
  14. Fueled by hype, I created an arrangement of the awesome music from the trailer and would like to share it with you all. I intended for it to be as true to the original as possible, and I hope you agree. Please enjoy!
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