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  1. As a writer for one of these Fe8 hack things, I'm just going to point out that this isn't the greatest of ideas. Bad stories happen when a lot of people throw components at a wall and see what sticks. Good stories happen when you have one person with a goal and a vision who takes input from a lot of people. Also, having 2 storyboard writers and 1 support? That should actually be flipped - it's a lot harder to write good supports, considering that about 50% of FE dialogue is 'look bandits, let's kill 'em.' Full supports, aside from being insanely difficult, requires consistently good writing and worldbuilding and is really too much for a single writer to handle on their lonesome, especially in a fanhack. That said, I'd consider contributing if you gave a bit more about your plot than 'I have an idea for a massive Fire Emblem game'.
  2. No, just switching engines. Check the discord if you want more frequent updates.
  3. Three act play, but we offer a choice for the second, a la Owen versus Sawyer. This hack DOES offer supports. Possibly even written ones.
  4. Because it's very clearly an alternative map of Europe and that part is Russia? I mean, judging from you odd Mongolian obsession I'm guessing you're going to pull some odd sect of invaders out of there that requires everyone in Elibe to ally together and defeat as the massive 'Arc Two' reveal, and now that you've basically confirmed that, I have even less interest if the villain isn't going to be tied to the lore of Elibe. Also, there's this... ... ... NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Why would you even think any of that is a good idea? Why?
  5. And now we just get to rehashing old points. Also, this: No they aren't. They are (or rather, were) cavalry. Sure, some of the the most darn effective cavalry in Europe at the time, but they're still useless against massed pikemen, still useless in boggy terrain or in mountains, completely nullified by heavier cavalry and can't do a blasted thing in a castle siege. And in-game? Well, if they're heavy cavalry, they're weak to anti-horse and anti-armor, have zero resistance and get bogged by forest tiles. This is kind of the best example that I can find for your primary issue - you're letting your own personal feelings get in the way of making a game.
  6. A better comparison point is the Sunni/Shi'ite divide is Islam. (Which Hare'da-irijon mentioned.) The common point to all the major schisms, of course, is that there's a driving event, which is highly unlikely in a 10-year gap. The crux of the problem still remains that the religion he proposes is radically different from the makeup in FE6/7. And religion in Elibe (like 90% of fantasy settings) isn't really an actual religion, and is more or less a loose cluster of ideals that a handful of people may or may not agree on.
  7. Well, since you asked... That's not good. Who cares about Elen? I care about Elen. Elen was a useful healer for the entirety of the game, through endgame and a decent choice for the light magic tome. I'm not saying to, y'know, have a massive backstory but a cameo at the very least of the majority of the cast. Otherwise, pointless sequel. The last thing that comes to my mind when I think of Lyn is an 80s rock star who died from drug overdose. Generally, fans assume that she was either with the Kutolah tribe and died fighting them, or was married to Hector and died alongside him. Both good options. Tuberculosis ... isn't. Please don't. We have staves that can regenerate a monk in cloth robes getting hit with an ax his own size. ...Why? Why is Raven dying just to turn Priscilla into someone Priscilla isn't? Raven dies as a consequence of him being unable to drop his vendetta and settle down to live a happy life. It's a fitting ending for an anti-hero. Raven should die for Raven, and Priscilla should remain someone I can identify as Priscilla, not fem!Raven on a horse. And now we get to the whole 'respect FE6' I was talking about. If FE6 says Klein became a successful ambassador, why would you retcon that? Why not have him retire because he got married (or some dark reason like getting his arm hacked off, if that's more your speed) and his replacement was terrible. Also, there's no 'moral question' in regards to his death. To pluck an example from the pages of history, was the shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand: a) Good, b) Justified, c) Morally Gray, or d) Oh, for the love of all that is holy you've started a chain of events which brings us World War I, you stupid idiot, why would you kill the one Hapsburg who supported Serbian independence, WHY? It's 'd', by the way. I think we can all agree that killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a horrible idea and it shouldn't have happened. Being oppressed does not justify terrible actions against someone who does not oppress you, and in fact, is attempting to help you. They're terrorists. (Also, Roy liberated them in the FE6, so I guess you're retconning that as well. Also also that wasn't the moral question in FE6, it was more like 'Oh wait, these people are oppressed! Why would the Eturians lie to us? Oh, 'cause the advisers made a deal with Bern.' Not exactly a moral question.) Happy to help. Christianity split into two major factions (Catholics and Protestants) in 1517, around 1500 years after it started. (If you want to argue that Christianity started as a splinter of Judaism, the time difference between the start of Judaism and the founding of Christianity is roughly the same.) I am aware how much Christianity changed, but it never split into major factions during that time period (major splinters only count if they stuck around). Essentially, you run into problems when your spread of religion doesn't match the FE6/7's spread of religion. Because 10 years is too short to splinter. Erik is dead. We all want him dead. His father abandoned him to die in FE7. He's a needless jerk in FE7, FE6, can die in Elibean Nights because we ALL WANT HIM TO, and generally has no redeeming qualities. I'm all for him having a daughter, because there's room to work with for her. But Erik? He's just an old washed up insufferable noble. Who we want dead. And dies. With a death quote. If you want to bring him back as a morph, just so we can kill him again, that's fine. But don't make him a villain. This game is, at best, a heavily alternate-universe FE6. So, that leads me to a question, seeing as you are a self-professed history buff. Are you sure you really want to do this? I mean, wouldn't you enjoy doing a fully homemade hack roughly based off the story of Jan III Sobeski than this? It would really suit your tastes more, and a lot more people would be willing to play it.
  8. I'm just going to raise a point. First and foremost, I do not dislike this idea. If I did, I wouldn't comment. I very much like the idea of a game with a lot of conflict between the allies of FE6, Roy and Lillina can definitely end up on opposing sides if they do not marry due to their respective loyalties, Bern is still Bern, the island situation has been moderately resolved, and Eturian nobles are scheming, because it seems that scheming is a job qualification for them. The motives are, more or less, workable. Under the right circumstances, this could be a very good game. What follow is a harsh criticism. I have no interest whatsoever in playing this hack. Now, to qualify that statement, I'll tell that I've played pretty much every hack on these forums, or at least started them. You, however, have a serious issue here which will just drive players away, and that is you don't care about the lore. If you advertise your game as 'the edgy sequel to FE6', it needs to be the sequel to FE6 that is edgy, not the edgy game that happens to have some characters from FE6. What happened to the other characters? Oh, they died of tuberculosis. You liked Lyn? Well, she dead. I'm not saying to follow the lore precisely (there's more evidence that Lyn is the mother of Lillina than the mother of Sue, RoyxLillina is basically canon in FE7 during the Hector/Eliwood support) but I will say that you're taking liberties you'd rather in the game than the people playing the game would rather. Elibean Nights is an excellent example of the correct way to do this. Build upon the game, rather than through it. Everything Elibean Nights did built upon the lore in game. Take Karel, for instance. The entire quest chain is based on support dialogues found in FE6 and FE7. Or, take Igrene's quest, which is based off her support with Astor. You kill Klein, but why? What narrative purpose does it serve, and why would you assume he dies? Raven disappears, so it's logical that he takes his quest for vengeance to the extreme, but why would a player want to play a game without Klein? Ideally, you should have archer/mage players as their children, because it fits the pattern. And, take Marcus. Sure, Marcus should be dead, but why not make him the old man in charge of inventory space? And why isn't Erik dead? Sure, plot powers can bring him back to life, 'cuz we never saw the body, but why? No one likes him. It's a better idea to just use his daughter who grew up being fed a diet of misinformation about how Roy was the evil one. Why are you going overboard with religion? Sure, in a fan game you can use it as a good backdrop, but St. Elimine earned the St. for killing dragons. What did three OCs do to get magicked into existence? Why are we bringing the reject villains from the FE6 manga into the picture? And why are you throwing in edge just for the sake of edge? Do we need a traumatized Kent? Does that help the plot? Like I said, I think this has potential, but it's best if you keep an open mind towards what the designer's intent was and built of that. Because, if you aren't, well there's really no point in using a well established universe.
  9. I think the point of Forda's mug is to look sickly and weak, in conjunction with her disease. I would rather this mug be kept, because it conveys good storytelling through a means other than text. (If it were up to me, I'd have Forda have a unique skill which represents the disease as well, but what do I know?) Anyway, I'm up to chapter four. Too early to call one way or another, but I like everything I've seen so far.
  10. Boh (Sawyer exclusive character) canonically promotes to Druid because Shannara. And yeah, that's it. We don't take sides, but we do eat popcorn and watch.
  11. I might be able to lend a hand in story writing. PM me with details.
  12. As of the current build, no supports are implemented. Supports should be mechanically implemented in the next major release, but there won't be actual conversations. Just the bonuses.
  13. Walker

    Fire Emblem D20?

    Do a search for something called 'Fire Emblem: The Further Journeys'. It's somewhere out there in the internet. It's a pdf. You might find it slightly helpful. You might not. As a further note, if you'd like an extra pair of eyes, PM me.
  14. I happen to be a decent writer and passable editor. I've written for romhacks before, so I've got a bit of experience with this stuff, and I love the idea of expounding upon lore. Fire me a PM if you'd like my help.
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