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  1. I didn't like Shez' design/color scheme at all to begin with, but something about their personality just meshes really well with it, and I'll admit it's grown on me. Not sure how to feel about Arval yet, his personality seems a bit odd for the type of character that he is. Ancient???
  2. With the game right around the corner, I was rewatching the trailers and the part with Sothis got me thinking that in Three Houses, Byleth's transformation was forced through the sacrifice of Sothis. And yeah, I know she didn't technically kick the bucket since a paired ending and other things are possible... But in Three Hopes, Byleth seems to be involved in the story as an outsider of the church and therefore remains under the radar, away from the Agarthans eyes. Point is, Sothis is still very much present post-transformation this time, and since they're painting Byleth as the antagonist, they could possibly be going the Ashera path with this.
  3. Byleth can use them all. Hehe Hehehehee
  4. Can someone please reupload @RainThunder's item editor nm? The link is broken.
  5. • Playable characters that aren't students (and adults) • Promoted classes (please, please, please bring Summoner back, it would be sick with the troop feature) • More scenes from outside/after the school • More peeks at the soundtracks • Customization, but nothing too crazy (I'm okay with Byleth looking the way he does, shame about Feleth's stockings tho) • Voice options *unless Byleth is silent, which makes me confused regarding supports • More info on Sothis/time rewind feature, is it just a new Mila's Turnwheel or something more? • Headshots and names for the missing students, especially the Golden Deer squad • A new shirt for Raphael (his current one is too large for him)
  6. Anna (and Jake). Period. No Ike. No Marth. No Robin/Lucina. No Corrin. No Awakening children. Let Fodlan be its own world.
  7. woah I really like this idea. Praying there's different class subjects/tests, and depending on how each student does during these they receive bonus exp when being further instructed on a certain talent.
  8. Preferably none, especially in regards to the future because that increases the chance of children and I'm so tired of them. But ideally, if they are doing any time travelling at all, I hope they take a look at Radiant Historia, because that game made time travel work as an expanded gameplay and story feature and not feel unnecessarily tedious.
  9. Oh yeah you right... Idk why that slipped my mind, it's been a while since I played echoes. Now that I think about it, the DLC classes were "Overclasses" if I remember correctly. Regardless, my point was that I hope they don't go the DLC route for Tier 3/Overclasses, and that an eventual Tier 3 is programmed in the base game. I hope the continent is as big as it looks, and it'll give units enough time to grow into Tier 3 classes, since it seems the students will get to Tier 1 before "graduation" or whatever.
  10. Villagers and Trainees are tierless (Tier 0) and promote into Tier 1. A Swordmaster doesn't suddenly become Tier 3 just because a Villager that can promote into it exists. I want classes like Seraph Knight, Sentinel and Trueblade.
  11. where is serene's upvote (support) system when we need it... Also hoping for Tier 3 classes. SoV's DLC tease didn't appease me.
  12. Some guesses: • Sothis time rewind ability is more of a gameplay feature than a storyline one. It'll be like a pseudo-casual mode that'll allow the user to turn back time during battles if they make any mistakes, like SoV did. • Sothis is the goddess, but her beliefs do not align with the church. The church is using her image as a tool to further their own goals, and they were the ones who sealed her. Sothis' banishment upset the balance of nature, and so order is turning into chaos. Hence why the crest orbs are to blame. • The choice of which class to teach won't affect the story, but will affect what class the students (you didn't choose) end up in. I'm guessing all the kids have different base classes that they enter once they graduate; unless you were their teacher and chose their classes for them. • if time travel becomes a big feature (both gameplay and story-wise) - which I really hope it doesn't - there's a chance children units will return... (let's jump to the future and grab your kid) • if you look at the world map of Fodlan, you'll notice that the surrounding countries don't have city/town/area names, which could mean: 1. they are areas we won't visit in this game (increasing the possibility of a sequel). 2. DLC spots (like the labyrinth in SoV). 3. They're just areas that happened to be named for lore and won't affect or be mentioned in the game. 4. Phoenicis and Kilvas also didn't have area names, so maybe the surrounding countries just aren't big enough to have more than one city.
  13. I say there's a good chance we'll get at least two LGBT units. I don't mind S-ranks at all, but I don't want marriage to return. And for Naga's sake please no children.
  14. I'm really hoping for a return of the Summoner class. I think it could be a really interesting feature with the way the gameplay is now (with unit armies and all that). I also want pirates.
  15. I'm not familiar with the artist, but there are many designs that I like, like Mercedes and Petra. The artstyle is also very easy on the eyes, compared to Fates' artist, who used a lot more bright colours and harsher edges, which I'm happy with. Feleth's outfit tho... Idk what is going on down there. Or with her chest for that matter. My girl is busty yeah, but it looks... odd. I am very thankful to Kurahana for the existence of Raphael's shirt buttons though.
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