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  1. My newb is showing again *sweats*

  2. Oh... thank you. This was just the one attached to the Ultimate Tutorial.
  3. I'm probably not even ready for what I think it is XD Thanks, everybody. I appreciate all the help.
  4. This was SUPER helpful. I looked at other event tutorials, but frankly they all made me feel like my brain was melting '^^ This one was really easy to understand and has really motivated me and made me believe in my hack.
  5. I think I could be really good with hex editing... if I could just figure out how to make more free space. I read the Ultimate Tutorial, but my table looked different and I just couldn't figure it out. If anyone has a more dumbed-down tutorial or can give me good instructions on making/finding free space, I would be super grateful.
  6. I was happy for about five minutes. Then I truly discovered hex editing.

  7. Portraits will be the death of me.

  8. The joys of spriting

  9. That worked Thank you very much!
  10. That's what I meant by it wasn't working; I've tried to toggle it, but only a blue outline shows up, not the entire grid. That was my fault, I should've been more clear.
  11. My newb is showing *sweats*

  12. So I would like to upload a portrait to FE Editor, but the tiles never seem to line up. I've repositioned everything a gazillion times and I'm fairly certain it's right, so the only thing I can think of that I've done wrong is the positioning in Usenti. I've looked at a tutorial and it says to line everything up with the blue tiles on the tile grid. Problem is, Usenti isn't showing the tile grid for me. Has this happened to anyone or does someone know a solution? Also, my newbness is showing. Posted this in the general thread first, then realized it belonged here. I tried deleting it, but couldn't figure it out, so I'll try again when I'm done with this. Sorry about that ^^'
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