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  1. Have you tried modifying the code yourself a little? 14B should be SS rank, you just need the character and weapon level code string and where the SS rank fits in. What code do you have now for the laguz units? I'll try to help fitting the code in.
  2. Just moved to the states. Rode my bike a lot running errands like grocery shopping. Elementary -> High School. Went through an amazing year of very little school due to hurricanes. I guess it was a pretty basic time for me.
  3. I agree! I know Shadow Dragon is pretty divisive, but I'm of those that enjoyed it. I think messing around with hacking the GBAs added to the fun for me.
  4. GBA games are fine as they are. PoR and RD just need a remaster with a skippable enemy phase feature added. Only remake truly needed is FE4, give it an Echoes like treatment, keep the large maps, but make it more engaging. FE5 I don't know what can be done with the game really. I wouldn't call it perfect as is since I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I don't think they can do anything to it without killing its vibe. What would you rather they do?
  5. That's pretty cool! Always thought it was 90s only, but 2000 is 2000. I guess you could count it for both decades, whether that's a good thing or not, up to the person. I'm hoping in the 20s that we'll have more old school FEs released in NSO, remakes, and remasters. First game of the 20s is FE1 Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore. 😐
  6. Interesting. 00s had the GBA Trio, Tellius Duology, and SD. 10s had the 3DS Trio, Heroes, Spin-offs/collabs, and one console game. I personally prefer the handhelds since I can play anywhere with little to no set up needed. I still picked 00s. I'm glad I bought PoR and RD when they came out. Only things that suck is that my RD is an early copy so I can't transfer over an easy mode save file from PoR and I let a friend borrow a game and lost the game manual.
  7. Parthia Darros was banned online but interestingly enough, RNG abused-forged brave weapon-triangle attacking whitewings were not banned. 90s I am one of the few that actually liked FE2, grindfest and all. FE3 was a nice sit-through game that gives you two stories (I wonder if that's where FE4 decided to take two books and turn it into a full on time skip story, almost like they experimented with the proven formula of FE1). FE5 took so many steps forward but limited certain class individuality. I'm one of those numbers people who loved FE4s introduction to class specific stat caps. I don't understand why a General and Swordmaster have the same speed stat potential. Escape was not well implemented in FE5, basically losing those who didn't leave before Leif made it feel like a chore at times, plain old seize is better in that regard, a similar take on arrive too, Conquest perfected it by combining those objectives into an any unit can seize objective. I loved Fatigue! I thought it was a neat way to be responsible with unit development and management. Indoors dismount from FE3 that was brought back, perfected in Three Houses. Staves were broken once you had access to them. Let's not forget what game introduced us to Fog of War. I could go on forever and back and forth on FE5. It has all the makings of a great Fire Emblem but I get worn out by the time you fight Kempf.
  8. Thracia is a game I want to like so much, but just can't. It feels too much like FE3, as in a step backwards rather than forward, to me. Capturing is a blast! But I would kill for some unique stat caps for promoted units and more skills availability. And characters like Marty, Ronan, and Lifis are so quirky and fun for me to use.
  9. 00s has SD with its online battle which I played a whole lot of it... good times I wonder who picked the 90s.
  10. My favorite FE being Genealogy, I was thinking of picking the 90s, but I gave it some thought and went with the 00s. I got into FE back in 2005 with Sacred Stones, worked my way in Blazing Sword, and PoR. So for me, the 00s is the best decade.
  11. That would’ve been epic! Unfortunately, they don’t have a show until August. I watched the Beethoven one online which was great, but nothing beats a live performance. Thanks for the idea! 👍
  12. Hey Serenes fam, I’m traveling to Norway (first time there ever) and trying to figure out things to do. Super random trip that just happened and I didn’t prepare. Anyone that has been or lives there that has suggestions, please send them my way.
  13. Ok so Miranda has growths and stats... no wait growths and potentially better stats. Being prepromoted, mounted, and have access to a brave tome spell that only Olwen can use is all you need to show that she's better than Miranda. Miranda also has Wrath but she's not a unit you want getting hit on enemy phase. You get Vantage on Chapter 12 which can be given to Olwen to go along with the brave tome. Oh and availability does matter to an extent.
  14. I also started playing SMT 1 on the service. Now I know zero Japanese. I've been trial and erroring which is why I'm sticking to mostly FE now since I've played them all intensively back in the day with the translations. I don't really need the games translated anymore since I know the story and buttons. Playing whenever and wherever has been incredible fun. Before FE1 came out fully translated, I played the Japanese one on the NSO service. I really hope that they aren't 100% done with the base service.
  15. They are definitely not translating them anytime soon, if ever. FE1 release was for the anniversary but they won’t do the same for the others. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m wondering if modding the switch would also work to put in the translations.
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