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  1. Coming up with Fire Emblem puns.

  2. C-can I have the microphone now?.... Thank you. A-hem. I do have some things that irk me about the whole "identity crisis", and some things that don't. Alright, so let's start with the waifu aspect. I personally love it. I say this as a veteran. I enjoy pairing my characters and having them be all lovey-dovey. It's fun. I enjoy being with Hinoka in one game and Rinkah in the other. Maybe a little Mozume or Setsuna in between. I enjoy that aspect. But what I don't like so much is the children. Now in Awakening there was... sort of a reason for them all to be there. You screwed up so your children have come back to help(with an infinite amount of galeforces) but in Fates... I mean... why? If the game had a sort of second generation thing going on like in previous games, then I'd be fine with it but... I digress. There are some things I do enjoy with the child system. I like some of their designs, I enjoy their personalities, they are ,for the most part, enjoyable characters. But did they have to be the children? I could see them easily being their own characters instead of your children. But for the most part, I don't really mind these new aspects but it does seem like an identity crisis doesn't it? And if it is, I'm sure IS can fix it up sooner or later. I think this stage in Fire Emblem is more of a.. refining stage if you will. Or maybe an update. I dunno. Oh.. and one more thing. I wanna ride a flying pony IS. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  3. I can now die happy. Thank you. Very useful info overall. Rinkah does have potential. That is good, since most people don't like her too much as a unit.
  4. Are you talking about the My Castle battles? Cause you can choose different maps in the online multiplayer.
  5. I think they wanted to show off the feet, if you're asking for a technical explanation. For the story? I dunno, it's pretty comfortable without shoes, and it toughens your feet. And maybe his feet are like a hobbits, y'know, tough and resistant to terrain.
  6. I didn't realize what true pain was until it was far too late, and all that was left were mere crumbs of my muffin.

    1. Caster


      Hinoka senpai doesn't notice you

  7. I didn't realize what true pain was until it far too late, and all that was left were crumbs of my muffin.

  8. ^ Seconded as well, since I'm a sucker for these sorts of things. For writing of any kind,really. Hoshido all the way.
  9. Hmm.... a possible tourney... online... SF.... Seems that no resets run will come in handy for this. Seems like it's time to redeem Rinka. Other then that, it still seems fun.
  10. Um... I support this. It's an interesting idea and thankfully something more positive about the game. Plus this gives the chance for people to get creative and use characters differently, and experiment n' stuff. Plus I might wanna show of my beautiful Rinka. Basically I'm in support of this, and I hope other people are too.
  11. I would disagree as her Support with Foleo is perfectly fine. There isn't anything really wrong with it and it doesn't seem like she's being cured of anything.
  12. She called Laurent that if I'm not mistaken. Or at least, she called him a pervert.
  13. [spoiler=Asura Time!]Yeah, Asura joins you whether you like it or not but what if you just plain out killed him? So uh... there we go. Kamui looked down upon the Nohrian thief. Their eyes met and the thief clenched his fists. “No, I… can’t die here…” He said, trying to raise himself from the ground. “… Won’t you join us?” Kamui said, kneeling down to better speak with his assassin. “Your desire to live is strong, I can see that.” “Grk… yeah right…. you bastard…. killing my men… I hate you so much.. But I don’t wanna die…” The Nohrian said. “.. Your name?” “Asyura…” “… Goodbye, Asyura.” Kamui raised his blade and held it with both hands by his side. Then he swung the blade towards Asyura’s head. Asyura suddenly leapt forwards, grabbing Kamui’s arm and disarming him. “Shit- AHHH!!" Kamui cried as the thief shoved an arrow into Kamui. “I told you…” Asyura said, out of breath from the sudden attack, “I don’t wanna DIE!” Kamui could barely keep himself awake. His fingers reached around and wrapped themselves around a rock. Kamui swung his hand and smashed the rock into Asyura’s head. Assure fell off of Kamui and held his head tightly. “You little shit!” He said as blood dripped from the head wound. Kamui quickly reached into his pocket and grabbed onto and elixir. He brought it to his mouth and drank as much as possible from the flask. Asyura’s face turned from one of anger to that of despair. “No… NO!” He shouted, forgot about his head wound and rushed towards Kamui. Kamui pulled out the arrow from his side and pointed the tip towards Asyura. The latter couldn’t stop himself as the arrow pierced his stomach. “Ku…. grk,… what… I-“ The Nohrian thief muttered before slumping tot he ground. Kamui sighed and wiped his face of the blood. “Poetic justice…. if only you had joined us, Asyura.” Kamui said, closing his eyes for a moment before looking back at the others. “Goodbye… Asyura."
  14. Wow, this is really cool! Great work from what I've seen so far! I suppose Demoiselle can get annoying but with the proper build it can be a useful skill. I dunno if it stacks with Battle Command, but if it does then there ya go. All the preparation wouldn't be worth to some people though so I can see why it's not a very useful skill. For the Breakers... I slap 'em on, they work. I dunno why, but people like to use axes. Hm... I assume you'll be getting to all the characters but if I may, I'd like to see a Rinka or a Takumi one soon. For the ultimate challenge, I suggest Gunter.
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