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  1. Caeda...I mean, she rides one when she gets promoted to Falcon Knight! WCWY expect to be good at skate boarding?
  2. Man, school is exhausting

  3. Julian WCWY take to a waterpark?
  4. All of them. Probably Marth. He'd be a sweet older brother :) WCWY shoot fireworks with?
  5. Do you have a favorite band? Well, I went swimming with dolphins one time. It was pretty interesting
  6. I would say the first since it was the first...but maybe Nintendo/IS could design a new one and make it the official one?
  7. Touche. Though I'm aware :P Why can't the series mascot just be the Fire Emblem? After all, that's the series's namesake...
  8. Funny, I thought the name of this topic was most notable characters *BESIDES* Marth and Ike
  9. Medeus because without him then Anri wouldn't have kickstarted the adventure that made his bloodline well known
  10. Any special talents that you're proud of? Mine was Shadow Dragon.
  11. Ephraim. In fact, I'd never play with him to begin with because "he doesn't pick fights he cannot win." WCWY invite on a family vacation and where would you go?
  12. Fully left-handed. My right hand just balances me out (it also helps with typing and video games)
  13. Chrom. I just have that weird feeling...maybe Volug too, but only after Chrom does. Then maybe they'll set a trend and everyone will follow suit? O.o that'd be one helluva prom. *Ahem* Anyways, WCWY expect to be the DJ?
  14. What is your favorite genre of music? Black. Or any dark colors in general.
  15. Ah, we have a prom story going on. Let the drama begin! I can totally picture Boyd. He just seems like the kind of guy who would troll everyone like that. WCWY dance with if your partner left you?
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