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  1. Probably something similar to marrying Basilio in Awakening.
  2. I'm not surprised that they didn't choose Camilla for a character death, considering how popular her character is. The same goes for Leo/Leon I guess.
  3. I'm using a Mac, and I haven't managed to figure it out yet.
  4. Oh wow, I never expected to see one of my posts make it here! :'^) I'm admin Lon'qu on the Fates page.
  5. Sorry if this was answered before, but does anyone know if we can S-Support the Nohr siblings on the Hoshido route? And vice-versa?
  6. Thank you so much! These pictures are awesome! Poor Jakob getting forced to the side of the box though...
  7. Thank you! :D I found it on Tumblr, it's an edit by Rnalomart~
  8. I'm probably the only one, but I can't tell the difference between the Fem!Kamui builds...
  9. Hoshido as Fem!MU: Jakob or Silas. Hoshido as Male!MU: Oboro. Nohr as Fem!MU: Leo (if it's possible to marry him). Nohr as Male!MU: Not sure yet.
  10. I was confused about this too, it looks like the children are tied to the father this time, with the mother's hair color? Who knows.
  11. Am I the only one confused by the fact that the child of Orochi and Tsukuyomi inherited Orochi's hair? In Awakening the child usually got the father's hair, right? Well, except for when MU was male, because Morgan would get his mother's hair color.
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