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  1. Lol wat, PM is great And I'm just saying some of the map designs from it, they got a few nice ones.
  2. Yeah, and project M too! With how precise the map maker is, all anyone needs is for a online sharing ability so it can be set up for tournament settings~That of course would take a few months to come around because the sharing option needs to show up, then stages would need to be made, and then the stages would need to be tested and agreed on, and finally distributed to most tourny scenes... It'll take awhile and it needs a initiative, but it can and should happen!
  3. Not to mention stuff like the general shape of Yoshi's island can be made for the Wii U version, sure it'll take a little bit for people to add in stages, but I can see it really helping out with stage diversity!However, the tournament setting CANNOT be split by customs and vanilla. Take for example the West Coast bans customs due to seeing them as unfair to fight against, but the East Coast doesn't ban customs and finds them fair to fight against, now every west coast player is handicapped when they go to the East Coast, and vice versa, tatics they normally use are either outclassed or not available to them suddenly. West Coast will have no experience fighting against certain techniques, and East Coast is deprived of what they normally are capable of doing in a match. There should be no split, otherwise the tournament setting will be really screwed over and it'll effect how long the comp scene will last and if we can compete with melee. Not by a lot mind you, but creating a unneeded rift between players for this game should be avoided entirely. Besides, the inclusion of custom moves doesn't prevent you from using the vanilla moves...
  4. If custom stages can be shared on the new update(the one that will bringing the 3DS's replay and Mii sharing function) coupled with how precise you can be when making maps, custom maps should legit become a thing. Obviously custom moves should be allowed, the only ones bad for the game are two of Villager's and one of Olimar's. And even then the Olimar one is only a issue in Doubles, and the Villager one's make his camping game super predictable. That tripping sapling is the most annoying tatic I've fought against-and I fought double banana's with random tripping. ;P Finally, custom equipment is a obvious no, even some of the cooler ones are ruined by random stats-completely game breaking and only fun for making a super tanky Ganondork.
  5. Super speed is one of the best moves in the game. And AR is poopy(not Heavenly Light poopy, but still), Explosive Flame is waaaaaay better. Jump Glide can compete with Teleport. Finally Lightweight is pretty handy if you play around it, though I'll be honest and say I can't find the point of Fireworks when you have Upsmash.Marth and Lucina need range buffs as well as some buffs to lag-I wish Sockerai would also use these balance patchs to help further the differences between D-Pit/Pit and Marth/Lucina as right now there isn't much difference. Metaknight is in a good spot, all he needs is one tiny buff towards his range and he'll be a solid character that can fight with the rest of the cast, but not dominate.
  6. Classic mode(like ACTUAL classic mode), 1v1 fights with small stories tieing them together with a plot, coupled with a rival fight at the end before Master Hand-with Break the Targets, Board the Platforms, and Multi-Man Mii fight breaking it up. There was no reason to further ruin such a good system, just improving on what works is fine. I'd also like the wacky stories that we would follow for each character, through small cutscenes-or even just artsy pictures!
  7. Sandman is by far the scariest RPG-maker game I have played so far, it makes Witch's House and Mad Father look like cheap jumpscares. oh wait that's what Witch's House actually is
  8. There's a lot of stuff that can Jarate us off in For Glory, play styles, certain ditto matches, certain characters, not having any walls to jump on when you're playing as Little Mac... But what do you find fun? Certain character matchup's, just how things pan out in fights, what gives you good feelings? Do you have a specific story to share? For me, it's playing as Kirby and running into a Shulk-even when I don't manage to copy the Arts, the matchup always puts a smile on my face.
  9. I recognize that it's irrational and I'm not trying to say it's anything else.
  10. I do hate it in the gut, is there a problem with my fairly irrational hatred towards Pit?I just think it's really stupid that Pit got in and that so much attention is put into a very unlikable character that we've seen repeatedly in every faucet of media. In Brawl it was simply because of his annoyaning voice, coupled with his amazing recovery and completely broken Side B. Now he's still whiny but now he's also a generic hero character from a pretty decent game, I honestly don't find any redeemable qualities in Pit and to top it all off he's a pain to fight against. Unless you're talking about the NES game, then yeah, that game was balls.
  11. So I can pretend like there is zero reason why she should get in, and then we can have a villian or a different series rep show up. In all honesty there's no reason why any character should be a clone of another.
  12. I think another thing we should all keep in mind when suggesting a character is if they'd not only be fun, but provide a unique playstyle AND if they can rep a severely under represented franchise... Roy, Pichu, Young Link, and Dixie Kong are all bad choices because they hail from over repped franchises(with the exclusion of Dixie), and would most certainly be lame clone characters with slight changes at worst. K.Rool, Isaac, Ashley, and(if a third party can be put in again) Tails/Knuckles are the best fits for future DLC characters. With Ice Climbers being possible if they can figure out how to make them work on 3ds(though DHD has replaced them as the old school rep). I voted for Isaac, but my heart yearns for Delibird to be a DLC character, despite there being so many pokemon already...
  13. It's clear that he was created in brawl to test the waters with the concept/plan to revive the franchise because Saki-rai saw potential in it and wanted to revive it.Fun fact only three characters were confirmed to be planned for N64-King Dedededededede, Bowser, and Mewtwo, but just didn't make the cut. I know that's not melee, but I can't remember what was planned for Melee, so I figured I'd let you know a fun fact.
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