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  1. I've noticed one of the biggest points of contention about this fangame is not providing the growth rates, and I think it was a superb move on the designers' parts. As far as I see it, the goal for a successful FE game in terms of playable characters involves the player utilizing virtually any/all of the units provided to them at least at some points. I mean, all characters have detailed support conversations, backstories, and sometimes even enemy conversations (like Celeste and a certain assassin ), the designers put those in there for a reason: so that we players see them and appreciate them. It's not just for the hardcore fans who are willing to grind crappy units just to get a tidbit of extra story (well, that shouldn't be the case too often at least). And certain units inevitably have to have different stats and growths to complete unit variety. But people have a tendency to generalize by knowing stat growths (if I saw whatever Harken's spd growth was, I might have been more hesitant to use him, cause apparently, it's really bad), which would result in certain characters seeing abnormally less play, which would be bad. I really enjoyed playing around with all the characters I was given to see which ones I wanted to keep using and which ones I would have to bench, and it was really nice not feeling obligated to not use a unit because I "knew they would be bad". Also, the combat is markedly different from normal FE games. You rarely will ever one round an average enemy without crits or a super effective weapon. The value of characters with lower stats is drastically improved simply by being able to exist on the battlefield and hit stuff with chip damage. My Marcus and Isadora turned out comically horrendous by some stroke of obscenely bad luck, but they can still take 2 hits and tag someone for 5-10 damage. Since the overall growths are lower and the enemies are more resilient in general, it largely mediates differences in unit effectiveness. Thus, not knowing the unit growths ends up not hindering the player as they experiment with who they want to continue using or for the choices they do end up selecting.
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