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  1. Thank you, Mark! It means a lot to hear you going through the entire thread while we're on call and even nicer to hear your nice words on here! <3
  2. Oh my god guys, it's been 8 months. So, we have a lot of ground to cover... which meant I got to make an imgur album of a ton of stuff I've been drawing since I last updated this thing Which means I get to now insert 50 images by hand into this thread. I'm not gonna put this stuff in date order because I date my drawings pretty much always Let it begin I DID IT ALL 50 PICS UPLOADED So, I started drawing a lot more OCs over these last 8 months and i noticed that Cadence shows up like minimum 5 times in this post alone. Oops. Tell me what you think!
  3. Doodles and whatnot here we go! [spoiler=Boopboopadoop]jesus christ i'm actually bothering to update my thread I drew an old OC out of sheer boredom, that's how little i have to do in art class now that AP week is over So I'm done with AP week and have like no pressing need to draw stuff so i'm not doing a ton of art so haha tadah. Since Summer is coming up, I'll be sure to start updating more often too so yay!
  4. Well It only took me idk over a month to update, but I have an excuse because of busy life stuff and art and I'm going to be busy again so here have an imgur album so i don't have to embed 30 images into one post. BEHOLD
  5. It's a more recent thing ^^||| but thanks for your kind words Tessie~!
  6. really? I ought to make sure i post more often so you can see all of the art I make lol
  7. Welp. I haven't bothered updating in like a month. Time flies when you're making markers look hot af and then too lazy to post the pictures to imgur [spoiler=You know the drill w/ the massive images by now] I finally finished this The next couple of pics are in chronological order of AP Studio pieces, concentrations 5-9 ayyy there's kesta this time i decided to color it with markers it's really easy to tell that i drew this in english class b/c of how annoyed i look in the doodle I hope that's been an informative summary of what I've been doing for the last month in terms of art! see y'all next time
  8. 4. First and current impressions of me since I'm curious 5. Favorite day of the week? 6. Are you bothered more by heights or the thought of falling? 7. Scrabble, Monopoly, or Uno? 8. Do you say tbh so much because the equation is TBH? 9. What is the biggest bug you've ever had to squish?
  9. 1. Do you have a favorite mathematical operation? 2. If so what is it? 3. Sweet foods or savory foods?
  10. I will draw Mia tomorrow because i'm too sleepy to get rekt by these ULTIMATE ART SKILLS I'm learning to tap into here at Art Is Easy
  11. SAILOR MOON Aaaaah thank you so much! The clownfish mermaid comes back in the next concentration piece too actually so stay tuned for more mermaids!
  12. this was the easiest time i've ever had drawing any pokemon. thank you specta
  13. I really like what you've got in here so far and I can't wait to see more! Keep up the good work~!
  14. I love markers so much and I can't say it enough. [spoiler=I'm so proud of this one ]SCHOOL ART AHOY And of course, the completed image: I decided to color this one in b/c i got bored close up of Sailor Moon because I really liked the way she turned out I'm not even ashamed of the fact that I was drawing on a kids menu Obligatory Squishyface I need to remember to update more often because it's hella weird to go like 16 days between art posts imo Anyways, thanks for checking out my stuff and I hope you enjoy!
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