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  1. Felicia. I honestly can't get Jakob's appeal when he's such an ass all the time. Plus her support with Keaton is really really really good.
  2. In case anyone is interested I have Anna with Salvage Blow at 12792-60985-92508-19129 in case you had any plans on making her a farming machine with her Personal, Profiteer, Witch's Brew, and Salvage Blow
  3. In Revelations, you can't tell any of the allies you recruit about Valla because of the curse, but any point during the game, even before Ch. 18, you can scout for enemies to grind on in the Ch. 7 Canyon Valley, which is in Valla.
  4. The castle at 05274-84282-55328-61140 has one
  5. Top Wanted: - Countermagic Kagero - Vantage Kagero - Savage Blow Saizo - Demoiselle Corrin
  6. RV 13 has Saizo + Ryoma and Kagero and Ryoma
  7. Kinda off topic but I was kinda disappointed when I saw that Oboro and Mozume's support didn't revolve around them bonding over the fact that they both saw their parents slaughtered before their very eyes. The actual support is fine, but it bugs me that it falls into the trap of being a support between 2 characters that have a VERY clear thing they could talk about, but instead does something totally different, like, of the top of my head, Arthur and Percy. We could have had a support where C: Arthur is a bit uncomfortable about his son's awesome luck while his is poop, B: Arthur expresses his jealousy and insecurities to his son, and A: Percy is Percy and cheers his dad up and we get some self-actualization on Arthur's part.
  8. Copy/Pasting something I did a while ago Raven Knight Kunai - S HP - 65 Atk - 25 Mag - 20 Skl - 31 Spd - 36 Luk - 29 Def - 25 Res - 33 Mov - 8 Skills: Heart Stalker - If you trigger the battle where the enemy can counterattack, damage +5 Sleep No More - If the enemy's attack would be lethal if it hit, perform an instant kill if it misses. Negates Breaker skills against poor matchups (IE: Axes, Bows, Beast Killing Weapons, Wind Tomes). Special Attributes - Flying / Beast Unit Blurb - Assassins who skillfully command giant ravens. Speedy, resistant targets who are risky to take down. Edit - Wtf the Edgar Allen Poe parallels were unintentional I swear
  9. So far all I've got is Corrin (named Ingo) being an Adventurer, and someone will end up being a dedicated Puppet killer, and make it somewhat defensive to turtle and combat people Warp ambushing me. I would totally include the likes of Flannel, Niles and Orochi if their Personals weren't literally useless, which is a bummer. Also I have a weird fixation on only using first gen units and including semi-equal amounts of Hoshido and Nohr units soo... yeah.
  10. I love it! Particularly because no durability system. But seriously, the design, moves and new trophies all look great, although the February release is a bit of a bummer...
  11. Wtf how does a preorder sell out. Isnt it just a placeholder as to how many units should be produced as to meet demand?
  12. - Play the Birthright and Conquest Routes on Lunatic - Start up a Revelation file and create my MU, Ingo - Spend several days debating who to marry that I both like and is good w/ Ingo in PVP - Spend several days grieving as to why Kamui's Personal skill reqires them to be the support unit in a stance - Spend several days grieving as to why Yukimura is not in Revelation - Complete literally everything: Supports, My Castle Upgrades, Character Roster, Give every character every possible skill (yes I mean it), Capture every boss - Buy and complete every DLC - Reapeat with female avatar and marry Asyura
  13. Im a day late on when I said I could update again, so I figured I'd just bump with changes. Harold, Hinata, Hinoka, Hisame, Ignis, Izana, Joker, and Kagerou were added, but unfortunately I couldn't find any for Ignis. Also can't find any refs for a few Hoshidan classes, namely both genders of Oni promotions or a male Basara (hopefully they dont have the ugly tiger print). Finally, the tumblr most of these are a part of changed their URL, so just change the part in the url before .tumblr.com with what they say they changed the URL to at the old url's page.
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