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  1. Kiego

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    i tried to dump many times using fe4dump (i follow the command prompt via the instructions and it just kills itself) and fedump2000(i run the .exe and it pops up for maybe .5 seconds then closes.)
  2. I play around with splicing but I'm terrible at making sprites. Lisa's hair is driving me insane.
  3. Just wanted to point out these tools are amazing and i praise you 100 times over Lamia
  4. when you enter dragons gate it says " hey! update so you can get this dlc"
  5. *waits patiently* who else is trying to get a grind in b4 work? All i've ever wanted was a mini ike. That DLC needs to hurry up
  6. Sigurd hands down. He fights a war for a kingdom that turns on him for bieng an honest good guy and can't do shit about it, He's forced to fight his brother in arms Elto and has to deal with him bieng murdered by his own king and can't do shit about it. He fights knowing his wife is lost and had to deal his best friend and sister get cowardly murdered and can't to shit about it. He fights knowing cowards murdered his king and placed the blame on his father who also dies in front of him. He fights knowing he will never see his son again becuase fighting the entire country surely means death sooner or later. To top it all off before he dies Alvis brings his wife to his face and says haha i stole your wife. Then cowardly kills sidgurd and most of his army. Sidgurd has his friends and family taken away from him, his homeland robbed of him, his good name ruined, and his life stolen. Sidgurd truly has the saddest of tales. He was stripped of everything that made him the Holy Knight he fought to be and died with almost nothing. ...you best your arse I killed Alvis over and over again with celice.
  7. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  8. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  9. " Superior Edge" MT 11 HT 80 CT 0 RG 1 Hit/Avo +50 When fighting enemy with sword equipped.
  10. someone should tell whoever is in charge of awakening guide section that the usa demo is up.
  11. They trolled with the demo, no classic mode, and you can't customize my unit. To be expected though
  12. GOGOGOG DOWNLOAD!!! 1026 blocks! free up some space!!! The demo is up i promise, you have to act like your searching the game. The under the details scroll over 2 times and it's there. It wont show up on the demo list of eShop
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