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  1. She's definitely my favorite character, so I'm glad I got her to +10! I wasted about 200+ orbs on the 3H banner, so I need to save up for more units like Duo Palla or Brave Micaiah merges.
  3. I don't really care too much about it either because the only route I played was Crimson Flower, but I thought that the song was Nemesis' song, so it would have been nice to see it added in. I ended up beating the map with mostly Claude and Caeda. Too lazy to record most Infernal clears unless it's Kempf's or Takumi's. Those were terrible maps.
  4. Sounds really fun! I actually just got an Annette randomly on a banner. I should use her too, even though mine is -Atk. So God-Shattering Star didn't play on this map? Too bad..
  5. @daisy jane Myrrh just gets stronger and stronger! I'd like to get Dragon's Ire on her too. @Flying Shogi Duo Ephraim would have made this map much easier for me as well, but I ended up using him as fodder. Whoops. I won't be able to clear this map, but I don't mind. Duo Skills aren't my favorite thing to use, though I use Palla's from time to time. Interesting how an unmerged mage Eirika can still do a lot of damage.
  6. I stopped bothering with Infernal. I need more FE8 units... I could give Brave Ephraim DC and merge him to +1, but I'm unsure if I really should. Ugh
  7. I'm quite impressed that you could do this. I don't even know if I can clear Infernal due to my limited FE8 roster. D: See everyone next time for October's Legendary banner!
  8. I don't know why I try to brute force WTD, but it can get interesting when it works.
  9. Kind of sad that Matthew only did 6 damage with his special...
  10. It looks like the next Limited Hero Battle is Tiki's and we need to use FE8 characters. I don't think I can clear all those enemies, even with Myrrh. Tiki's prf is effective vs her, so the WTA won't help much...
  11. I'm pretty tempted too, but I will likely just wait for her to return on a DSH banner. My priorities right now are still the Whitewings, so I'm waiting for the October DSH banner and the Spring banners. Keep saving! You can get your chance at Grima when she returns 🙂
  12. @Unknown Gamer11 It's nice seeing Jagen taking care of young Prince Marth~ I didn't think he would be able to take on a green unit, so it's really cool how sturdy he is. I saved Plumeria for the end because I wasn't sure how to bait her 😛
  13. I know Anna had WTA on Celica, but I still thought that Celica would at least do some damage due to her Res piercing weapon. Anna is way too durable!
  14. 206 damage with Deadeye... Overkill is my favorite type of killing!
  15. I redid this without a dancer. I finally got to use the silly Shigure whom I built up a few months ago. The fork is powerful! There were two ways to kill Celica. One was the method you saw here, which was to just knock her out in one hit. The other one was to manipulate her AI so that she wouldn't be next to an ally to activate Oath, then I would use Minerva to ORKO her. Minerva's weapon gives Guard if her opponent is at full health, so Miracle would not go off. I did this when I cleared the map the first time, but I forgot how to do it, so I just went with Catria nuking Celica instead. @Flying Shogi @NSSKG151 @Landmaster
  16. @Landmaster @daisy jane you two both have really catchy music~ Duo Alm can still take a beating from everyone. It's crazy! Norne remains a very flexible archer as always. All the Elise versions seem to have many different types of weapons that you switch around depending on the map, or maybe I am just imagining it. I should give more skill inheritance to my favorites, too. It's just hard to part with premium fodder that I want to give everyone!
  17. @Flying Shogi I missed your vid. Nino blew up everyone. That was a close call with Peony tanking the Brave Sword user.
  18. Wow, Eldigan is really tanky. I was scared for a second when he had to face the axe user at low HP. I'm surprised he took no damage from the lance at the end. I really hope Grima can get a refine, but Legendary units probably aren't getting one; she's also a DC user, making it even less likely. @Flying Shogi @Landmaster @NSSKG151 @XRay @Unknown Gamer11 @daisy jane Nothing too special besides using Duo Palla. For some reason I ended up saving Plumeria for last mostly because I had no one to bait her out with. My units never left the bottom part of the map... weird. Myrrh is a treasure like always!
  19. Wow, Galeforce Tibarn is as good as I've heard. Too bad mine is gonna be fed to a mage flier 🙂
  20. @Landmaster: It was a little confusing for me when I didn't see Ophelia's special recharge xD but Swordbreaker really helped vs Marth! Did Hot Springs Elise always have the carrot weapon? I don't think I noticed until now. @NSSKG151 Flying units are my favorite movement type so I happened to have enough for this clear. It helps that Camilla has only ever been a flying unit and there are way too many alts of her, meaning it was easy to find a couple of them for this clear. I definitely wanted to try other units besides her though because I use her in way too many clears. My goal for each Abyssal map is to clear them with all fliers and no dancers, which this video shows, so I don't think I'll record a normal clear 😄 I had a double take when the red cav survived the first hit of Ophelia's AoE and the first hit of her regular attack. He had some high Res! @Flying Shogi Looks like Lilith also beat Marth after he got weakened. Good thing Felicia's Res was high enough to tank the cleric for those turns!
  21. I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing Raigh double someone. I also need more SF!Nino merges, but my priority is the Whitewings alts, so Nino, Myrrh, and Elincia will have to wait...
  22. You're really dedicated to this stuff! I don't wanna touch this map again now that I cleared it with a team of all fliers and no dancers.
  23. So Velouria was basically the same as my Legendary Robin in the Lucina Limited Heroes map, someone relegated to being a Reposition bot
  24. I actually had no idea the Harmonized Veronica/Xander counted as Fates. Duo Heroes across two different games sure are useful. Ophelia blew stuff up as she usually does 😄
  25. @Some Jerk: You didn't record? I rarely see Velouria in action :0 @Flying Shogi @XRay @Landmaster @Unknown Gamer11 @NSSKG151 I didn't actually intend to use three Camillas... This is the first time using Adrift Camilla in an Abyssal map. Looks like those pitybreakers came in handy!
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