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  1. Stats are too balanced. Poor Robin. Congrats though.
  2. Spicy ice cream is indeed a thing, but I've only heard of it in London or somewhere like that. I want to try it.
  3. I tried one of the Dawson's hot sauces from Heatonist. 這瓶辣醬含有花椒在裡面. It was interesting, though I'm not sure if it's the same one as XXX. 花椒/麻辣 is one of my favorite sensations, so I enjoyed my Dawson's bottle quite a bit. The Last Dab is... not something I really like. I got the Trinidad Scorpion one from the Hot Sauce Expo last year when I met Sean Evans; I even got it autographed! However, it's quite pricey at $20 per bottle and I strongly dislike the consistency. I do hope you get to try it though! Are you lactose-intolerant? Milk is better than water for this, as you probably know.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/158603390838096/about/
  5. @XRay I've done some fun challenges before. There's Fuego Box with the spicy chocolate challenge and both Death Nut iterations. The first one is discontinued, but the second one is still on Amazon. Fuego Box's is on its website too. I've finished them and recorded videos of myself doing some of them. Are you into hot sauces? I actually like using cocaine pepper powder more because they tend to be hotter.
  6. But you're female like me so there's nothing to imagine
  7. Always add more. If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing! Sounds like some kinky stuff. Remember to wash your hands after handling these things!
  8. Never mind, the website was showing the event for last year. Oh well. There's one in Oregon though.
  9. Yep, that's how I feel about spicy food and also how I built my tolerance. It's usually in April. Anaheim has one this weekend, but ballSac is a bit far from there. Maybe you can try to make a last-minute visit.
  10. It's pretty doable for spicy aficionados. It's way more difficult than eating raw habaneros though, of course.
  11. I've eaten a dried ghost pepper and a raw Carolina Reaper before. It's some fun stuff. You used to live in NYC, right? You should have gone to the Hot Sauce Expo there. I went there twice! That's where I ate a raw Carolina Reaper. It's so fun! I have very high tolerance : P
  12. Nice units. Too bad their natures don't seem very good. Hope you enjoy using them.
  13. TT team is Camilla, Bridal Ninian, regular Laegjarn, and Summer Corrin. DC Camilla is a godsend!
  14. Hello!!11 I just got Est to +10 yesterday. I used 350 orbs on the Flier Formation banner and somehow got a lot of feathers out of it. Weird!
  15. Now that she's at maximum power, I hope she stops looking constipated for once.
  16. I didn't check SF until now. 6% is even worse than my luck!
  17. Nice! How long did it take to get her to +10?
  18. Sheesh, Effie's attack is super high. Nice job :D
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