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  1. It was quite fun using my +10 Shigure with Glit Fork to tank some of the units. I just relied on Mareeta to shred Nagi 🙂
  2. I like that Titania didn't do anything. Can't harm her friends, I guess.
  3. Yep... It's a lot better for her survival now. I might give her Aether sometime, though there's no quick way to charge it up.
  4. You did this with three green tomes! That's some dedication to stick with a theme team. Lugh seems quite good if he can survive an attack when he has WTD. Young Minerva is extremely good for a free unit! It's always nice to have a fast PP axe flier 🙂 Myrrh's refine is broken; she just gets a casual +20 to all stats when close to an ally.
  5. I was wondering how you would kill Tiki, but looks like Commander Anna got the job done! @XRay @Flying Shogi @Some Jerk @Landmaster Ashnard joined the girl's only club! The best friends Catria and Camilla are unstoppable~
  6. Seeing NSSKG's Anna with 50+ Speed is definitely convincing me to save up for her. I first need to get my last Catria merge though 😛
  7. @NSSKG151 NY Anna doubled Roy?! That's insane. Death Blow 3 and Drag Back on Est in 2020. I was thinking of giving her Heavy Blade 4 and something else later on down the road.
  8. I love mobility! I need to pull for Apotheosis Anna when she returns. She can be my "honorary flier" with her movement Prf~
  9. @XRay @Flying Shogi @Landmaster @NSSKG151 @Some Jerk I took Brazen Atk Res from Altina and put it on Clair so that she could survive the dragon. Spd Res Solo might have been cooler though. Oh well!
  10. @XRay @Flying Shogi @NSSKG151 @Some Jerk @Landmaster Catria is back with Atk Spd Push 4! Myrrh > Red Mages and everyone. Gotta love her!
  11. It's always a treat seeing the Annas~ I really need Spendthrift Bow on one of my units too! I do weird challenges for myself on Abyssal: only fliers and no dancers. You'll get used to seeing fliers a lot 😛
  12. I had no idea Silvia could do all that! Delthea is insanely strong too. Celica is always a good choice. The WTA and the status of being a mage really helps vs that pesky Miracle Hel has. Glad Azura fought too! It's time to save your orbs for CYL so you can get Brave Camilla for fodder~ Nice clear as usual. Team Elise is too good. Here's mine: It took me a while because I couldn't figure out how to deal with the reinforcements.
  13. Raigh doubling someone... never thought I'd see the day.
  14. I cannot believe I have my armored units at level 29+ and not a single Armor March has shown up.
  15. I keep thinking that SF stands for Street Fighter. That would be a Nino I'd like to see!
  16. I never thought that man could be so powerful or tanky. I feel like I should be frightened of him.
  17. @Unknown Gamer11 I did not know Klein could go that quickly. So powerful! Winter Fae is seriously so tanky! Having strong armors must have made this much easier. Another Winter Fae! It's weird how despite Hector also being an armored unit like the refrigerator, his HP was much lower. I'm surprised you gave premium fodder to Roy even though he's unmerged. He's so strong, though! Lilina killing her father :0 Looks like a lot of people used Klein too.
  18. I managed to use Igrene to destroy almost all of the enemies. It would be nice to get more copies of her...
  19. Using three reds and a dancer is what happens when you don't really have many units. I'm lucky I managed to snag a Larum on her first banner! @XRay @Landmaster (I used Sophia here!) @Flying Shogi @Some Jerk @NSSKG151 Edit: Oops I forgot to add the actual video lol... It's being uploaded now Edit 2: Here we go!
  20. Luckily for me, I got Duo Ephraim as my free pull! I decided not to give Catria Heavy Blade 4, so is there a flier who would want it instead?
  21. Thanks for helping us, Cleric! I actually did Chrom's map without Minerva last time, but I didn't do it the way I wanted so I just tried again on my own terms.
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