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  1. @Landmaster: It was a little confusing for me when I didn't see Ophelia's special recharge xD but Swordbreaker really helped vs Marth! Did Hot Springs Elise always have the carrot weapon? I don't think I noticed until now. @NSSKG151 Flying units are my favorite movement type so I happened to have enough for this clear. It helps that Camilla has only ever been a flying unit and there are way too many alts of her, meaning it was easy to find a couple of them for this clear. I definitely wanted to try other units besides her though because I use her in way too many clears. My goal for each Abyssal map is to clear them with all fliers and no dancers, which this video shows, so I don't think I'll record a normal clear 😄 I had a double take when the red cav survived the first hit of Ophelia's AoE and the first hit of her regular attack. He had some high Res! @Flying Shogi Looks like Lilith also beat Marth after he got weakened. Good thing Felicia's Res was high enough to tank the cleric for those turns!
  2. I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing Raigh double someone. I also need more SF!Nino merges, but my priority is the Whitewings alts, so Nino, Myrrh, and Elincia will have to wait...
  3. You're really dedicated to this stuff! I don't wanna touch this map again now that I cleared it with a team of all fliers and no dancers.
  4. So Velouria was basically the same as my Legendary Robin in the Lucina Limited Heroes map, someone relegated to being a Reposition bot
  5. I actually had no idea the Harmonized Veronica/Xander counted as Fates. Duo Heroes across two different games sure are useful. Ophelia blew stuff up as she usually does 😄
  6. @Some Jerk: You didn't record? I rarely see Velouria in action :0 @Flying Shogi @XRay @Landmaster @Unknown Gamer11 @NSSKG151 I didn't actually intend to use three Camillas... This is the first time using Adrift Camilla in an Abyssal map. Looks like those pitybreakers came in handy!
  7. Best boy Shinon is on there! I'd spark for Jill, as this is my best chance to get her, seeing as axe fliers don't actually exist when I try to pull them. However, I need to save up for duo Palla's return...
  8. Huh, nice. I used Julia too but I did the side upgrade to Divine Naga instead of the Close Counter Naga.
  9. @Unknown Gamer11 20 damage to everyone seems like a lot in Coliseum modes, but it is so lacking in Abyssal maps! Good to see that young Merric was so useful! You managed to get Pegasus Flight and Atk Spd Rein on Thea? You spoiled her quite a bit. Nice! @Flying Shogi The old squad can't let the shiny new units overtake them. I still use a lot of gen 1 units like Catria or Camilla, after all 🙂
  10. @NSSKG151 I am always impressed by how strong team Anna is. Commander Anna is impressive for being able to ORKO Naga! My Camilla almost did that, but she was a few points of HP off. @Diovani Bressan I also used Brave Claude. He's so powerful! I did some insane stuff again like getting Claude to tank a bow without Iote's Shield. Most of the map was Camilla shredding ranged units.
  11. That was quite efficient with Brave Roy and Cordelia. This map was always a pain. I found it to be almost as hard as Fallen Takumi's.
  12. NFU is so useful for these maps with Wary Fighter armors. It's so hard to tank Hrid! Spendthrift Bow is definitely one of the best generic weapons I've seen.
  13. @Flying Shogi That Guard Bearing flier looked like a pain to take down if you needed both Cordelia and Nino to do the job. It definitely wasn't a fun map. @Landmaster Man, Elise hits so hard with the Bond stacking and the Palm Staff!
  14. I actually had my doubts about Reinhardt getting past Hrid's high Res, but it looks like Swordbreaker 1 worked! I couldn't even do Lunatic when I first tried this map. It's quite difficult. Good thing I can fall back on the new units. Having Lilith of all units tank an attack felt strange.
  15. It's quite a difficult map... What units are you using for this one?
  16. Nowi took on a lot of green enemies! I hope she gets her refine soon~ I am glad the dagger user had Watersweep so Micaiah couldn't get doubled. I didn't intend to do this with three green units, but it just worked out that way. Lilith's teleporting makes her fun to use! @Flying Shogi
  17. This makes me want to merge up my Duo Alm. Alm and Celica look almost invincible with DC and a damage reducing skill!
  18. Only one Anna?! I'm shocked 😛 Looks like bombing everyone with Glacies is really fun. I'm not really sure why the quality on this is so bad. It looked fine on my computer. I forgot what Catria's special quotes were until I did this. I miss using Luna.
  19. That was a close call against Corrin! I usually don't see dancers fight that much, so it was nice seeing Ninian nuke things with the Blade tome. It's great seeing Grima getting some use again. I really like her but mine is only at +2 so she's falling behind a lot. I'll see if I can give a Rein skill to her later on, though I do want to merge Claude too! That NY Anna seems quite fun to use... I was surprised when she ORKO'd Corrin! Good thing Phina's weapon had built-in Vantage! @XRay @Landmaster @Flying Shogi I put Flier Formation on three units for this and removed the Heavy Blade seal from Catria for the first time in a year or so. I actually didn't need to highlight the Bond skills to kill the ninja, so pay that no mind. My original intent for stacking the Bond skills on Valentian Catria was to fight Corrin, but it turns out I didn't need it. Claude is the second male flier to be featured in my Abyssal clears. Yay!
  20. @SatsumaFSoysoy called Tsubasa "better Clair". Poor Clair! At least she is still able to put in work with premium fodder~
  21. @Landmaster Yay Nowi family! Was TA3 on Male Grima specifically for this map? Lorenz's weapon looks so funny! I haven't seen Halloween Nowi being used much.
  22. It's way easier with a PP unit. Trying to tank the enemies is usually futile. I got lucky with my Nah so she was able to kill the accursed axe cav. I'm very surprised Nowi tanked Lucina and then another axe enemy right after.
  23. @Flying Shogi @NSSKG151 @Landmaster @Some Jerk @XRay I had to upgrade my Atk Tactic Sacred Seal and give Def Tactic to Cherche. That Nah pitybreaker helped me a lot. I generally don't like to use Tactics skills because I don't like mixed teams, but they are more useful than I thought for these Limited Hero Battles. @NSSKG151: Anna outspeeding Lucina impressed me. I couldn't stop Lucina from doubling anyone, even with Chill Spd active. Looks like Tiki did a lot of work!
  24. I also have Nowi, but she eventually gets overwhelmed by the green units. Aversa can't do much damage for some reason. Nah and Say'ri are good for a few rounds of combat, but then die shortly after 😞 I think I'll give up on this. It's taking me way too long.
  25. Congrats. I can't seem to figure this out because I don't have many FE13 units. I have Cherche though, so that's a start. Bridal Cordelia would have been great to have... looks like your brave weapon team worked well. This might be the first LHB I can't clear DD:
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