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  1. @Unknown Gamer11 I did not know Klein could go that quickly. So powerful! Winter Fae is seriously so tanky! Having strong armors must have made this much easier. Another Winter Fae! It's weird how despite Hector also being an armored unit like the refrigerator, his HP was much lower. I'm surprised you gave premium fodder to Roy even though he's unmerged. He's so strong, though! Lilina killing her father :0 Looks like a lot of people used Klein too.
  2. I managed to use Igrene to destroy almost all of the enemies. It would be nice to get more copies of her...
  3. Using three reds and a dancer is what happens when you don't really have many units. I'm lucky I managed to snag a Larum on her first banner! @XRay @Landmaster (I used Sophia here!) @Flying Shogi @Some Jerk @NSSKG151 Edit: Oops I forgot to add the actual video lol... It's being uploaded now Edit 2: Here we go!
  4. Luckily for me, I got Duo Ephraim as my free pull! I decided not to give Catria Heavy Blade 4, so is there a flier who would want it instead?
  5. Thanks for helping us, Cleric! I actually did Chrom's map without Minerva last time, but I didn't do it the way I wanted so I just tried again on my own terms.
  6. Thanks. It looks like I'll just save this for Duo Palla or something, then.
  7. All right, I'll give Catria Atk/Spd Push 4 instead. So in the end I suppose that Heavy Blade 4 isn't really worth it for most units, right? Who would want it?
  8. That does make sense. I was considering Heavy Blade 4 more because Atk/Spd Push will eventually lower Catria's HP too much for the stat boosts to activate, and she will be attacking a lot if I deploy her in Abyssal maps. I'll keep thinking about it...
  9. Yeah, I always try to use different units if I can, but most of the time I end up not being able to xD Glad this map gave me more room to breathe!
  10. That makes sense. However, I am running Catria as a Galeforce user, so do you think HB4 would be worth it on her then? She is +Atk with 55 atk or so. With TA's effect, she'll have 58, not including potential Goad or Hone Fliers buffs.
  11. Thanks for the answers I'm trying to get Duo Ephraim for Heavy Blade 4 because I wanted to give it to OG Catria, but I ended up getting Eleanora, who has Atk/Spd Push 4 on the legendary banner. Would it be better to give that to Catria to replace Fury 3 or to give her Heavy Blade 4?
  12. I didn't see this topic until now. Here's my updated clear! My favorite part is the beginning where the red cav attacked Altina and then killed himself by attacking her again after Galeforce triggered.
  13. Thanks. I put +Res because I wanted him to at least be able to tank dragons or something. I'll just use +Spd. Does anyone actually want Kestrel Stance? I'm probably gonna give Close Call to Echidna. I still need to save up more feathers (and pull greens)
  14. Is this the right topic? Any suggestions on this build? I gave Shigure the Fork weapon as a joke, but I actually want to make him good. I got him to +10 yesterday. I have a Say'ri whom I am not really going to use, even though she is +Spd. Unfortunately, fliers can't get Close Call, otherwise I would have given it to Shigure. What's a good build that uses this weapon? Speaking of Close Call, which common infantry unit wants it the most? I can also feed Say'ri or a spare Mareeta to someone. I don't think I'll give it to a 5* exclusive because I am likely not going to heavily merge those infantry units.
  15. @Diovani Bressan I just watched your video too. Young Marth is so powerful that he basically left older Marth in the dust, haha. At least older Marth got a kill!
  16. It would be amazing as a seal. I just don't think I can replace Desperation on Clair or Caeda, so I can't put it as their B skill. I put it on Camilla because I don't usually have her initiate combat.
  17. Didn't think Nino could kill Seliph. I found it amusing that there were just three healers at the end.
  18. I see! Didn't know that. Nino went on a massacre 🙂
  19. Wow, Myrrh at +10 is so powerful. Palla absolutely flew across the map with the Duo skill and Reposition. Summer Fiora seems quite useful. I never really used her aside from TT. Nice clear!
  20. @XRay @Landmaster @Flying Shogi @Some Jerk I have no idea why anyone at IS thought Legendary Chrom's skills would be acceptable. He's just too powerful! Good thing Minerva saved us. I'm unsure why Chrom didn't Reposition at the end because he would have won otherwise. Edit: @NSSKG151 Wow, I just watched your video. Apotheosis Anna is amazing and so is Spendthrift Anna. I love teleportation skills, so I should try to pull for Apotheosis Anna whenever she comes back.
  21. @XRay @Landmaster @Flying Shogi The usual team did it again, but this was a little annoying with the cramped spaces. Camilla and Catria should be best friends by now because they're almost always deployed together...
  22. @XRay @Flying Shogi @Landmaster Pretty fitting that I used Altina and Brave Micaiah here. Camilla's Pegasus Flight is so useful at times! SoV Catria seems to just copy Altina's set most of the time. I want to be able to use her Bond skill more, but I always end up using her with DC in the LHBs or MHBs.
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