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  1. I almost thought that said Catria instead of Gatrie Rude
  2. There's something about this that bothers me, but I can't figure out what it is...
  3. it's to force themselves to get hand problems from other means before computers and phones claim their wrists first
  4. i can't help but think that your name is "BoysLoveSoldier" everytime i see it

  5. LINE plushes! I didn't buy them though. my forehead is frikking huge
  6. no we're not human beings, obviously, so there's no need to get rid of stuff from our bodies
  7. In retrospect? You didn't realize that it was really bad while the series was ongoing? :P
  8. im almost underweight and have decent stomach muscles but it kinda looks like my stomach sticks out at times blame estrogen
  9. i only know a boyz ii men song bc of the prince of egypt soundtrack
  10. Wasn't my intention, but I guess that's true. I was aiming to look more like my namesake.
  11. sleeping owns i would love to sleep as long as possible tbh
  12. your way of thinking is completely foreign to me
  13. I love bitter things but coffee is not for me I love sour and bitter stuff. I've been eating cranberries raw for breakfast for the past few days
  14. No, this is Patrick!

  15. Coffee's smell makes me want to leave the room Tea is ok depending on what flavor
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