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  1. Yay! I love theme teams. Jagen was more useful than I thought he would be xD I thought this was pretty hard too! You were brave for allowing Minerva to tank Seliph. Good thing her defense is high. I'm impressed with how strong Midori is.
  2. Looks like some people said it was easy, but I found it a little difficult with the stupid infantry sword users. @XRay @Flying Shogi @Landmaster
  3. I actually don't like this new art as much, but it would be nice to get a +3 Minerva now. I got her younger self to +10... However, I'd lose my F2P status that I'm so proud of keeping! I'm almost thinking of getting her!
  4. I usually do Abyssal maps with only fliers because they are my favorite movement type, but I'll use other units for Infernal difficulties. For the most part, I don't like using dancers because it just doesn't feel like I'm using four units. Galeforce users are usually fine with me, but I do like hearing special activation quotes, so I'll try to not use them unless I can't seem to solve the map.
  5. I definitely never intentionally pulled for Eliwood because I have a bias against horses Wow, Brave Hector is so powerful! Astra Nino broke 99 damage too... insane!
  6. Yeah, Bonus Doubler is too good! What guide did you use? This took me way too much time...
  7. @Landmaster That was cool! Eliwood and Raven are so powerful for launch units.
  8. I ended up recording in the end:
  9. Go away, Ryoma. Useless legendary unit. @Flying Shogi @XRay @Landmaster Didn't feel like recording, so here's a good picture. Was the Abyssal this time the normal Abyssal difficulty? It was way harder than Legendary Robin's; this map took me almost an hour. Nino killed every single unit except the sword infantry at the end.
  10. Wow, Winter Nino is really fast! Nice to see the family get an impressive win.
  11. maybe you're just a better player because you pay more attention to Panic than I do
  12. Julia's Close Defense seal made it a pain to kill her because Minerva needed Ignis to ORKO her. Baby Caeda's voice is kind of annoying lol I will try to get more of her when she returns.
  13. I love fliers! I forgot why I started to like them so much, but it's probably because of teh Whitewings. I don't really use Myrrh in much besides Abyssal maps and Forging Bonds, so she usually has Noontime. I get too lazy to change it back to Bonfire in FB. I don't like PvP modes very much, so I don't really care about "optimal builds".
  14. She does seem fun! I don't have the resources for that. I'm saving my feathers for young Minerva merges.
  15. Tried again with no dancer: @XRay @Landmaster @Flying Shogi Three green units lol You can probably tell I don't like using dancers. It always seems like I am only using three units instead of four if I deploy a dancer 😛
  16. Did this again without a dancer: I like to torture myself : ( @XRay @Flying Shogi @Landmaster I suppose it's not as impressive that I did this without a dancer because I ended up using a Duo Skill. Still, it was fun using Caeda!
  17. I decided to redo the Abyssal maps this time without a dancer. I guess I was quite masochistic! @XRay @Landmaster @Flying Shogi
  18. @Landmaster It seemed to not work for XRay, but worked for Flying Shogi. I'll just PM you the video this time because the original video is linked to my personal Youtube account. Sophia is so incredibly tanky! I really need to give her the skills that yours has once I get enough fodder ( :
  19. Lilith seems super useful! I like seeing less popular units like Sanaki too. Congrats!
  20. Nino taking so much abuse from Fury damage. Poor girl! Julia took so little damage despite being at WTD. Good thing you chipped away at her. I thought she would move earlier because she took so much damage, but she stood rooted to that spot.
  21. I mostly just didn't want to play around the Isolation effect 😛 Nice clear! I always like seeing Nino. It's amazing that Celica can still do so much damage to everyone even at a low merge.
  22. Dang ;( Well, I'll send my video through PM then. I have it on my personal YouTube channel.
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