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  1. i never use butter the word itself just sounds weird maybe i'd use ghee for certain recipes but usually i just stick with olive oil
  2. ya grill got her hair straightened for the first time after a haircut then it went back to being wavy after a shower
  3. Sounds like the opposite of what it's supposed to be doing :P
  4. how often do you get your hair cut? maybe the prices balance out if you cut your hair more often. i usually cut my hair every 10 weeks or so
  5. who knows lol it's never been a big deal for me. maybe i'd be more interested if i liked someone to begin with thus far i haven't really had crushes on too many people my entire life
  6. yeah i don't see it being the most important thing in a relationship but i guess im not too interested in sex to begin with
  7. coffee sux i know a lot of ppl like its smell but i think the smell is horrendous. it's another reason why i cant drink it tea is master race esp bitter melon tea
  8. they're pretty expensive. i usually have to pay $60+ for them at least i dont get my hair cut nearly as often but hey i only spent $51 yesterday (including tip). that's a first!
  9. i c i dunno. i feel like practicing having sex at the start of marriage is fine for me. i also hope i wouldn't marry someone i despised! the sex stuff seems like no big deal to me. if we're both bad and we'll stick together as a married couple until the end of our lives, then that's fine with me *shrug*
  10. why do people do voice to text when you can just call i mean you're already talking to begin with calling is master race
  11. what's the difference? i'm pretty much abstinent because i don't want sex until i get married. is that different from abstinence?
  12. literally never drank a cup of coffee my entire life i've had probbaly two sips at most
  13. Yeah, I wish I knew that too. I heard it from multiple electrologists and read on many different articles online. I'm not sure if that applies to eyebrows as much as it does to facial hair, though I only shave my eyebrows anyway :PPPPPPpPppppPppp
  14. I know plucking isn't good if you want to go for electrolysis. Plucking stimulates hair growth more because the body sends more blood to that area, or something. I'd imagine waxing would have the same effect if you wanted to get permanent hair removal. Plucking is probably why my facial hair took so long to get rid of... Also I tried a homemade wax before too and it hurt
  15. grad school sux @Interdimensional Observer real world is probably bad too tho just graduated a few months ago! im still looking for jobs
  16. at least u know what to pour on ur enemies now
  17. Yeah, it's definitely worth it. I just have to make sacrifices with my money and not use it on other things that I want. You should definitely look into it. I probably won't do it on my legs at the moment because zapping those hairs would take forever. I never have to shave my underarms anymore, at least :D There are still some hairs from time to time, but it's not that visible.
  18. It's expensive and time-consuming. I've used literally thousands of dollars over the course of two years. At least this is mostly done... Just like my wallet! Ha ha!
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