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  1. Sounds like an interesting giveaway. Things like this that are exclusive to JP DS's make me feel less guilty about spending £150 on a new JP 3DS this time last year just so I could play FE 14 early.
  2. I'm personally quite happy with the results. Of course there will be several problems for the next few months/years, but that's true of most big decisions.
  3. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  4. I got: - Male Corrin - Oboro - Effie - Reina - Shigure - Rinkah - Mozu - Takumi - Kiragi - Benny - Setsuna - Xander - Shiro - Orochi - Felicia - Selena
  5. I've added all three characters to the list.
  6. I've added all of the above units to the first [email protected]: I'll try to remember to do that
  7. I've added her to the list.I'm almost certain somebody is going to choose Odin at some point, lol.
  8. As the title says, I'm doing a PMU run on revelations lunatic/classic. I have access to all DLC currently available on my JP copy of Fates apart from the Halloween and Child scramble ones. I will be using a Hoshido noble female avatar (boon and bane are up for debate though) and 15 other units. Feel free to choose S/A+ ranks for your chosen character if you want a certain class. Children are allowed too, but unless you specify who you want the mother (or father, in Shigure and M!Kana's case) to be, I will choose myself. This will be a no-grind run, although I will reset the chapter if a unit dies. Units: 1. Female Avatar (+lck,-res) @ Hoshido noble 2. Camilla @ Malig Knight 3. Hayato @ Oni Chieftain 4. Odin @ Adventurer 5. Laslow @ Lodestar 6. Takumi @ Wyvern Lord 7. Azura @ General 8. Benny @ Kinshi Knight 9. Nyx @ Master Ninja 10. Sakura @ Witch 11. Rinkah @ Berserker 12. Effie @ Strategist 13. Elise @ Priestess 14. Charlotte @ Sorcerer 15. Felicia @ Great Knight 16. Kagero @ Onmyoji
  9. I've added everyone so far. My friend code is: 1779 - 0504 - 3350 ------------------------- As I brought the JP version of the game August last year, I've already planned out all of my pairings. Luckily my favourite pairings give the child charactrs decent mods, so I can use them without screwing the kids over (For example: Silas x Hinoka, Takumi x Oboro and Ryoma x Kagero) Unfortunately, I also quite like pairings such as Benny x Azura. Oh well, as long as I have my Hinoka!Sophie I'll (probably) live.
  10. If your asset is hp, you will have a +str statue. If your flaw is hp, Kana will have a +str statue.
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