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  1. Gonna be starting up my Path of Radiance Hard Mode run in like 15ish minutes If yall want to see me struggle against the RNG, here you go. https://www.twitch.tv/slaveblade
  2. Happy birthday, Joey! :D I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Creating stuff is the best part, just try to keep a clear focus on things (Past experience etc)
  4. I think i'm done here, yo. Gonna stop playing lazy and just sorta cut off now. Thankfully my characters are easy to write out if you want, but hey, do what you will with em. Don't particularly care at this rate. Good luck to the denizens here.
  5. She wasn't alright. As if it wasn't obvious from every other thing going on, she did elect to answer Aneda's question and it stung her into silence. Her grip tightened for only a moment as Tia leaned in, not wanting to crush the poor girl's shoulders. Even if the rider wanted to console her and tell her everything was going to be alright, Aneda couldn't find the voice for it through the rushes of anger and muddled fury with confusion.
  6. Aneda rushed to help Tia, helping the poor girl balance by grabbing her by the shoulders. "Are you alright?!" she asked barely below a shout, knowing the obvious answer she'd get. She couldn't help the slight shaking that overcame her, nervousness seeping into her being at the display of outright unnecessary punishment. Looking back to the knight, she scowled, nothing really else she could do here. That familiar helpless feeling sank in again and made her reach a new level of frustration that brought a tear to her eye, forcing her scowl to the ground with a deep heaving breath. God dammit...
  7. Resting just outside the entrance and letting out a massive sigh which she seemed to have been holding in for the duration, she could finally somewhat de-stress herself and catch her breath. Leaning against the wall almost made her want to fall asleep and the yawning wasn't helping her out. I should've just stayed in bed... I think I made things worse by going with everyone here. I don't even know what's going on with Tia there but gods it didn't look good and now that's on me, isn't it? No... she knew better. She told herself, not entirely believing it but it was better than wallowing. She also felt that people would somehow try to convince her differently if she were to mention it and just thinking about that disagreement tired her out mentally, slumping further against the wall. With the armored knight's current hold on Tia, Aneda still wanted to try and punch the guy but it would ultimately end terribly for both of them if she did and that made her furious. The mage said she would give up her magic, which earned her a worried glance. They're really doing this... Why?! More helpless frustration piled on top of the rider as she continued to worry. Aneda could only see things ending worse if she tried to actively stop, and things were already stupid to begin with. Life choices, this was not one of her good ones...
  8. Ultimatum issued, Aneda had many misgivings with it but there didn't seem to be any opening for her to say anything. That wouldn't stop her though, "Can we not do this, please? This can't be a logical step in chastising or punishing someone, even if this is her house or whatever." The yelling and seeing a choked Tia gave Mushirah a good scare, having to walk by the scene on her way out. It felt automatic for her to simply ignore Tia and keep on walking, though she did have to cover the side of her face to block it all out, drawing an extremely disapproving glare from Aneda who thought maybe Mushirah might help out but ended up just going past. The Pegasus rider stammered, trying to call out to her in her anger but it always came back to her just being more and more frustrated with this knight thing right in front of her.
  9. Casting a sideways glance to the floor, Mushirah groaned. It all still sounded so superficial to her, simply a means to the others end with the thin veil of not having a visible leash. "I'm sorry, I just don't feel comfortable accepting anything regarding an exchange here. I feel like I've overstayed my welcome here as well, so... I think I'll just take my leave now. Sorry for wasting your time, everyone." She made a quick bowing motion to Nyx before turning and making her way out of that room and cautiously wondering what was going on in the outer chambers. Aneda gulped, wondering why things had to get so... violent so quickly. "Look, I know she's being incredibly insensitive, and really I should have seen that coming but can you not do something so drastic? If she didn't get the message then, I'm five hundred percent sure she gets the message now..." She couldn't help but feel tense now, but ultimately she didn't feel at too much risk. Honestly, she didn't have much to lose here if things went south.
  10. Thinking it through for a good few moments, Mushirah shrugged and sighed, "When you get down to it, it's not going to be you with the fake arm, so I highly doubt someone would check in with you unless I'm wrong?" She glanced at Nyx for some form of affirmation on this, turning right back to Eva, "Even then, I'd feel extremely uncomfortable for you taking a deal I turned down for being so, in my eyes, loaded in my honor." Shaking her head, Mushirah was just feeling worse in general. She didn't like being so negative to someone's good will. Aneda poked Tia in the forehead, frowning a little. "Relax, I'm sure she has... reasons for the way she's doing things. Vasili are... hard to comprehend I guess. Of all the ones I've met they just seem arrogant in general. I suppose being around for so long will make even the most level headed get warped, but then again I'm only 26 years old so what kinda shit do I know?"
  11. Mushirah wasn't sure what was going on. Why is she bargaining with Nyx now? To apologize to me? I don't want... anything to do with Nyx, ugh what is she doing? Maybe there's something else to this? She was a bag of confusion, disinterest, mild annoyance and perhaps a hint of remorse, but ultimately she was just sort of... fed up with the proceedings. She wanted free things just like the next person, but she also felt bad about potentially purposefully wasting Eva's time and effort. "I personally... don't see how this would help out unless I'm missing something, but if you want to do it, go ahead. I can't physically stop you." She had a fairly blank expression but it could be taken for some form of annoyed, though she'd never admit it. Meanwhile, Aneda took the mage away, wanting to stay away from whats going on almost as much as Tia it seemed.
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