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  1. Hi guys! I really like Gaiden's plot but the sprites are a bit old, so I tried to make the portraits of some characters from the first and the second chapter. They are the first sprites I ever made, but i hope you like them! Advices to improve their quality are welcome^^ The characters i made are: Alm, Luka, Gray, Robin, Cliff, Silk, Clair, Clive, Fols, Paison, Mycen, Celica, Mae, Boey, Jenny, Savor, Valbar, Kamui, Leo and three enemies: Slayder, Dozer and Dahha
  2. Thank You!!! It's the best FE Gaiden remix I ever listened to, and it's complete! I know that Gaiden's soundtrack is a bit old but the themes are really beautiful. I really love the village theme, Celica's map, the encounter theme and chapter 5 music^^ Now I'm trying to play them on my piano!
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