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  1. To answer the question, my initial understanding of what the showing is supposed to be was a Nintendo Direct, but at this time I don't have anything conclusive enough to determine how exactly that will play out. It may or may not, I don't know right now. If you happen to come across any older claims from me indicating otherwise, I would suggest not relying on them so much. But yes, multiple sources have told me that Nintendo will deliver additional news about Nintendo Labo next month. I continue to stand by this. The last three points in no way influenced how I was left to believe there's supposed to be a Nintendo Direct in February though, because they only occurred to me after the fact. I think there's decent reason to have hope for another one soon, but at the moment I don't have enough to say for sure either way. I already have been, but it's easier said than done. Unfortunately, even with that, many other people (mainly on Twitter, not specifically anyone here) are inclined to infer their own conclusions from the simplest things I say under the impression that I'm constantly trying to tease things, when the reality is that I'm not and have only made two or so posts where I explicitly made it clear I was sharing my findings. I've more or less exhausted what I can say about it all at this time, so I don't plan on saying much more for a while, until next time. That said, I will continue in my efforts to be careful about what I say and how. Just as I was able to say previously that FE Switch wouldn't be at one event or another, I think I should eventually be able to detail which one it will be at when the time comes, and hopefully more if I'm permitted. As far as I know, the game's always been under heavy lock and key, so as I said before, do take great caution with any supposed leaks that come about, especially those that share a lot of information about its contents.
  2. For the record, it's not possible to have a Lilith deck because she only has a cost 2 card. She could potentially supplement some other character deck who depends on orb flips like the royals, but you can't really use Lilith like you would other characters because her one card isn't designed to be centered around others.
  3. Nah, I think that just means how Feh is able to deliver news about FE Heroes through Feh Channel in the first place. She always refers to it as having gathered sensitive information from the developers, which should be where the name Eavesdropping Owl comes from. Like I said before, I really don't think they will have a surprise reveal of FE Switch through Feh Channel, but I do think it may be possible that they could potentially announce FE Heroes news which could also pertain to FE Switch through a future Feh Channel, like some kind of pre-release promotion. The actual reveal of FE Switch being its own thing outside of FE Heroes is what I believe will turn out to be the case.
  4. Maybe, though I'm not so sure about that. With the original Choose Your Legends event from last year, they announced the final results only one week after the poll closed. I find it hard to believe they would wait a month later to announce the results of this new poll, but I guess they could if they really wanted to. Either way, I do think something will eventually come of Eavesdropping Owl next month and we'll learn even more about interesting things soon. Hopefully FE Switch can be among that as well.
  5. You're not wrong, but to be clear, I don't meant to say FE Switch wouldn't be like FE Awakening or FE Fates, which took like five to seven months to release. I'm only saying it wouldn't make as much sense to release FE Switch after a relatively shorter amount of time compared to those two, like FE Echoes which took only three. To show FE Switch for the first time in the summer then to release it in the fall doesn't suit the kind of game we're talking about here, especially compared to how Nintendo has been showing off their other key titles for Switch. My point is that it is safer to bet it'll be revealed sooner than E3.
  6. I would advise against inferring too much from that phrasing. It was always my impression from the FE Direct that it was just a metaphor meant to indicate the new game would take place in a different setting, or if nothing else, that it would be a story to tell in the distant future. I think it's worth considering the possibility that FE Switch could revisit an existing world, but it's important to understand that we don't really have enough to say it won't take place in a new setting either.
  7. Within the context of the video, Feh presents Eavesdropping Owl as a special skill she has, one for gathering information. If you see it that way, then its effect suggests she'll provide more information about FE Heroes through another Feh Channel when the cooldown drops from 100 to 0. If we assume it's going down by 1 per day starting from the date of the latest Feh Channel, then it would indeed land on February 22. However, there appears to be some mixed interpretation as to what Feh meant when she literally said she'd work hard on reducing the countdown. Some people choose to believe Feh meant her Eavesdropping Owl cooldown would get reduced just as the other special skills were (meaning Eavesdropping Owl could trigger sooner than 100 days), but it's also possible she is simply referring to her daily efforts to reduce the countdown number starting from 100. Personally, I think it's probably a significant fact that Feh specifically said she'd reduce the countdown as opposed to the cooldown, and the next Feh Channel will likely air on the 22nd. Either way, there likely will be some big news for FE Heroes next month, given that's the first year anniversary. As for the relationship between this and FE Switch, it's hard to say they could be in any way related, but at this point I don't think it's impossible either. There's always a chance FE Heroes could have some sort of tie-in with FE Switch long before release. I really don't believe they would actually reveal FE Switch in a Feh Channel though. It just doesn't seem appropriate to me.
  8. I don't think you really understand what I'm saying here. FE Switch isn't the kind of game they'd want to announce so closely to its release and can't be compared to the latest Pokémon games. They're on different levels of marketability. Like, there's a reason why a game such as FE Echoes was announced and released in a shorter time frame than other games in the series. Because it's not a major title that was projected to sell as much. Same with Pokémon USUM. Fire Emblem making its debut on the latest Nintendo home console with a brand new title is a huge deal to them, so logically they should handle its marketing accordingly by showing it off sooner. Revealing the game during the summer then releasing it in the fall makes little sense in comparison.
  9. Thanks, I was actually not aware of this. I really don't think the FE Switch reveal will be at this E3 though, since I feel that would end up too close to when it's supposed to release. I find it makes a lot more sense logistically to reveal it earlier in the year, then show it at E3 again later.
  10. FE Fates had already been shown off in two Nintendo Directs before being featured at E3. To say it was announced there is pretty misleading. There's never been precedent of Nintendo using E3 to reveal a Fire Emblem game, and I don't believe this will be different with FE Switch either.
  11. This is actually what I've been referring to, yes. Apologies for giving the impression it was a literal Direct or that this would be happening at a later time. Technically speaking my information is still right, as this is essentially a video presentation like a Direct and it happens on the 18th in Japan time (where I got my info from). This won't pertain to Fire Emblem and is more for casual audiences. You'll see what I mean soon. They'll provide another look at this next month.
  12. It'd be interesting to see them go over an entire year without providing a real update about FE Switch. I feel that alone sends the message that they're working really hard on it and know fans have high expectations. After all, it's the first Fire Emblem on home consoles in a decade. A lot has changed since then, so the jump is sure to be huge. The day they'll be ready to talk about it is going to be a very important one.
  13. Some of my information has recently been updated, so I thought it would be important to share that here. Feel free to relay this to other topics. In particular, what I'd like to provide a tip about is that, despite what I've been suggesting before, the next Nintendo Direct happening in a few days will not feature FE Switch either. It'll be for other things and is meant to be another small one. However, I did manage to find out that the next big Direct is due for February, and as an educated guess, I'd wager that's when they'll probably reveal FE Switch after all. It would mean that the trend of Fire Emblem games getting shown off in January would break, but oh well. Hopefully this information will be considered if or when any new rumors pop up soon.
  14. I personally don't keep track of this so I can't give a solid answer, but I have noticed a number of people regularly bring this up a few days before a Nintendo Direct happens. An example would be this post on Twitter which mentions the empty space, only to be confirmed a few days later when a Nintendo Direct for Dragon Quest XI debuted. So there is precedent.
  15. Thanks, it's appreciated. I did get involved here already knowing the risks it could entail, but even in the worst case scenario, I'm not particularly interested in concerning myself over what others think of me. I've been in the know for a while, but I think these blatantly false rumors that have popped up lately are getting a little out of hand, so I've chosen to step up to help elucidate what should actually be anticipated. To be clear, I honestly don't know that much about the new Fire Emblem, and I don't expect myself to learn much else in advance, but for the time being, I do think people should still be on their toes for news soon, and should try to be more dismissive about rumors in general.
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