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  1. I personally much prefer the Tellius style of promotion, where units had one specific class line and auto-promoted at level 21, where master seals are really just available to promote a unite early if need be. I think one thing that would be cool to see to appease newer fans who like the options is the idea of other promotion seals that for the most part are limited in number like the elysian whip, hero's crest, guiding ring, etc, that could serve as a replacement for parallel seals. These could either be used as a master seal to promote early, or a parallel seal to take an already promoted unit to a different class. Basically, these seals would take a compatible unit and just open up the alternate class branch for the first class. i.e. A pegasus knight would normally just auto promote to falcon knight at level 21, but giving them a seal would allow them to reclassify into say a kinshi knight. I think that this would preserve unit variety in your army while still allowing for some degree of flexibility, which hopefully could be a happy medium between the styles of reclassing that have been prevalent throughout the series.
  2. My list for things that I would like to see change is long, mostly due to how much I love the Tellius games. I think for a lot of the mechanics, they wouldn't necessarily have to return at the expense of newer popular mechanics, but I think it would be cool to see new and old mechanics fuse together. Things I would like to return: Light magic Support affinities (I also think affinities could work within the context of pair up, since pair up is most likely returning) Affinities really add an extra dynamic to characters; while a unit might not have necessarily have the best stats, if they have a good affinity, they're still a viable character and it affects the strategy of the map. Shapeshifters that have something to set them apart from being strong units with no weapon variety (like laguz or something else entirely) Base conversations Auto promote at level 21 Weapon specific knights/cavaliers that gain a choosable weapon upon leveling up Multi-dimensional side characters (personal motivations etc.) Multiple protagonists (or at least a story that doesn't only follow the battles of one character) A story and setting that makes your small group you control seem like a small aspect of the strategy in a war and less like the entire war itself (see Radiant Dawn) Occult skills that can only be used in one class (but still some skills that can be carried across classes) Weapon weight based on strength or some new attribute that increases as the character levels up Weapon durability Limited grinding Character recruitment difficulty like in blazing sword Canto Rescue Shove Ledges Separate magic triangle and traditional weapons triangle Specific magic specialists like thunder mage, fire mage, etc. like in tellius games
  3. Personally, I'm not too big on the idea of having an avatar be in this next game, but I'm also pretty resigned to the fact that it's an inevitability. I'm pretty sure IS is pretty satisfied with their formula that they have going, and as much as I would love to return back to the days of the Tellius games, I know that's pretty unrealistic. That said, I think that there are definitely ways to make the idea of an avatar character work, but IS has always seemed a little too scared to go all the way and they try to find a middle ground, which ultimately makes the whole idea not work. I think that the most important thing is that if you're designing the avatar to be an empty slate to function as a self-insert character, then they can't play a huge role in the plot, because at that point they can't really be relatable anyways. This is especially true if they're royalty, because I doubt that the number of people who can empathize with such characters make up a majority of FE players. Robin actually did a pretty decent job at it for the first half of Awakening, because he was (to the player's knowledge anyways) a commoner who just happened to become a small side role in the story (I do think that reducing his role in the plot even more would've been better). Of course with the second half of the game his character became.... less than stellar. Corrin was just plain crap, as an unrelatable royal with no personality and nothing to really empathize with. But I digress...... I think there are two possible solutions to make the avatar interesting. One would be to have them be a main character but give them a three-dimensional personality just as you would any other good character, while at the same time giving them the normal customization options. The second, and I think, the best, is to reduce their role to the point at which they don't particularly impact the main plot itself while still allowing the player to imagine their own personality. Having a character that doesn't speak at all often times is much more relatable than a character who speaks but is bland. And maybe, as a side role, it would make more sense for IS to allow the player to make dialogue choices in situations like support conversations, so that they can quite literally CREATE their own avatar's personality into someone that they can wholeheartedly relate to. If they were a side character, their personality would be much more flexible and they could have a much broader moral compass than if they were the main lord.
  4. As long as there is actually a difference between standard attacks and crits/skills, I'll be happy. I don't expect the quality to be as good as the gba games, but PoR and RD did a pretty good job at animating skills and crits too, so it isn't impossible to make crits look good in 3D. It doesn't have to be spectacular, just something to differentiate it from a normal attack.
  5. So it's basically confirmed that weapons have infinite uses in at least one version of the game. I don't really like this, and also can't really see IS completely getting rid of something that has been a part of the entire series. I was thinking that either weapons will have infinite uses on casual mode or easy mode, or it will be a feature exclusive to one of the game's versions. Then on higher difficulties or classic mode, weapons will have a set number of uses again. Thoguhts?
  6. What I meant was that archers as a separate class may be gone. I think that thieves, since the use bows could promote to either assassins (who would gain access to swords/knives) or snipers, which i'm guessing was the unit on the boxart. So the sniper on the cover wouldn't necessarily be a promoted archer, but a promoted thief instead.
  7. I think it's pretty cool that thieves use bows now, and it makes a lot more sense when compared with them carrying a large sword. bows are stealthier and i think it suits their class very well. However I would be really disappointed if archers are completely gone from this game, although it does make sense. I wouldn't like it, but i could definitely see it happen and i could grudgingly accept it
  8. So it seems that the character who was speculated to be a shapeshifter has close ties with snakes judging from their name. i think this is pretty cool
  9. One thing I think would be cool that would also limit in-game grinding would be to have a sense of time. Running to and from various continents when the world is about to end doesn't make much sense, and detracts from the sense of urgency In the story. So what I was thinking is that before certain missions, you would be allowed a certain number of turns to grind. You would have a set number of battles you can enter before a chapter, and once you run out of time, you would have to proceed with the story. If you don't use all of your turns to grind then they will stack with the next ones you receive. So there would also be some strategy in deciding when to grind. Of course, for chapters that happen immediately one after another there will be no grinding time regardless of how much time you have. This would maintain a sense of urgency and I think would help the setting feel more realistic. They could also make the amount of grinding time a reward for doing well in battle, similar to how bonus experience was awarded in fe 9 and 10. The more turns you take the less time you will have to grind, for example. Of course, after you beat the game you will have all the time to grind that you want, for the people that enjoyed creating perfect units in awakening. This way, both sides of the grinding debate would be fairly satisfied and they would have a cool new game mechanic to boot. Just a thought I had, but I think it could work really well.
  10. I dunno. The hair color seems really off for the unit using fans to be the taguel girl. I was actually thinking that the character using the fans might be some new kind of dancer, just based off of the clothing. I could definitely see the other unit being the same though.
  11. I just didn't really like the way they were used in the game. The whole beast stone thing just didn't do it for me, there was no variety at all. Maybe if they explained their backstory a bit more than "Yeah my race died. So I'm special. Please use me," I wouldn't mind it as much, but thats really all there was to them. And I guess the bunnies just didn't do it for me, I would've much preferred something that actually hunts and kills in the wild.
  12. I wonder about those two units that look a bit like war clerics. I'm guessing one is a war cleric and the other one is a bishop, but who knows. Maybe it's a completely new class. Also to me the taguel thing looks a bit different. Especially with the way the body is designed, and the ears are a bit differently shaped. Maybe it's just me.
  13. Personally I loved weight, because it added another element of strategy and difficulty into the games. My favorite of the weight systems was definitely the one used in Tellius. It just makes more sense to me that as you get physically stronger, you can hold heavier things. And for mages and units with naturally low strength, they could just make the tomes and such have lower weights. The issue I had with Con in the gba games was how it never had the chance to increase, so certain units were basically screwed over for the entire game. If Con could increase, I would definitely like it a lot more, possibly more than the Tellius games'. So rather than just have an old system return exactly as it used to be, I'd really like to see something like in the gba games with an independent stat that dictates the amount of weight a unit can hold. However, I think that stat should have a low chance of being able to increase, like maybe a 10%-20% growth rate for every unit.
  14. DON'T SAY IT THERE'S STILL HOPE!!!!!!!!!!! Anything but taguel would be fine.
  15. While it would be really cool, I doubt we'll be seeing different animations between classes. That being said, I'd really love to see at least SOME difference when they use skills. Especially Aether. Aether in Awakening was one of the most disappointing things I saw in that game, especially because of how cool I remembered it to be in PoR. I'm not expecting it to be at the same level, but I'd like them to do something at least a little different. And those GBA crits were just awesome and I'd love it if there was something that came a little close to that in fe14.
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