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  1. Sat down and finally drew something that I ended up liking. [spoiler=Incomprehensible Thing] [spoiler=a e s t h e t i c] Old doodle. I liked the texture background. Shades of blue/beige somehow became one of my go-to color schemes lol I'll get to some more FE fanart sometime soon. :)
  2. The snail's motives were complex.
  3. Been a while since I've posted here, and I concur, 1998 Snake is best Snake! :u [spoiler=Old illustration that I never got around to posting] [spoiler=Quick sketch] I finally drew Sigurd! Or at least, modern Sigurd. I think?
  4. RPGs, specifically JRPGs/action RPGs, are where I excel, I think. Everything else I'm downright terrible, but I try. It took me like 16 hours to beat the first MGS and the other games are painful for me to sneak my way through. Then I have 0 intuition when it comes to action and fighting games. :<
  5. 1 - Squirtle/Charmander 2 - Cyndaquil 3 - Torchic 4 - Turtwig 5 - Snivy 6 - Fennekin So fire for me, then. :D
  6. I saw that your avatar was Jonathan so I felt inclined to post. SMT IV is my fave. Anyways, welcome!
  7. I usually hand over Henry to Maribelle because I like Brady as a magic unit and he becomes Kanji Tatsumi in the process But I can see why people would choose Lon'qu for the speed
  8. 1. The Real Folk Blues; mainly the second part because the raid was, like, the best part of the whole series for me. 2. Mushroom Samba, because everybody completely wasted on shrooms was hilarious. 3. Toys in the Attic: The conclusion was pretty funny; nice parody of Alien lol 4. Pierrot Le Fou: Kept me on edge the entire time; Mad Pierrot was genuinely unnerving 5. Speak Like a Child: Faye's tape at the end actually made me cry a little bit.
  9. Sneak peek, because I see it misspelled more often than not Also: Double cringe if "cinnamon roll" is used in the same sentence
  10. It's a pink blob with a smiley face; basically the only reason why I love Ditto so much. Minimalism. Gameplay wise, it's the go-to eugenics 'mon. Plus it's capable of screwing up the metagame because Impostor. Love Ditto.
  11. Probably my favorite track from any game, ever.
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