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  1. I think because is easier and some people are attached more to that particular series, after all there are many indie games that take elements from those games and converts them into their own, like Freedom Planet which, originally started as a Sonic fan game, but some people just want to focus on a pre-existent to add more content to it, to make something new based off that IP without necessarily being a new original title, like Pokemon Uranium or AM2R did, regardless, if someone is going to publish an indie game based on certain properties, they should be aware of Cease and Desists and such, so if you want to publish a game based of certain properties (not all, depends on the company, but in this case let's say Nintendo) it is better to publish it without advertising, complete, and then go off your way since once it is in the Internet, it cannot be stopped
  2. Yes, the Leak is totally real, In fact, there's an user on youtube uploading videos about the game, including the Gym Leaders and such, so yeah, it is legit.
  3. The highly anticipated rom-hack Pokemon Prism has been leaked on a 4chan board post, reportedly, through an user who talked with a hacker on IRC, this hacker had one of the final versions of the rom hack, and so, this anonymous user uploaded the rom hack on the Internet and is now available on multiple warez sites you could find on the Internet, this was after the recent news that was the DMCA notice that Nintendo imposed on the creator and lead developer of the game, Koolboyman. Who knows what action will Nintendo take for this. Sources: 4Chan, Pokemon Forums in general P.D: The version leaked is the 0.9.1 version, which is the version TPP played on the popular web streamer site "Twitch" although some users reported having an updated version of the game.
  4. I would like to know different points of view from the members around here, more specifically, their stances regarding the welfare of their lives and those around them, how do I explain it... I don't expect (as you say) groundshaking solutions that will change the state of our planet, but I want to discuss with people about how they feel about the current situation of our planet, and how should we deal with it in the future. While my posts do seem to bring a message, it is really not, this is just my stance based on the things I've read on the Internet and Books. All I want to know from people is about what do they think about their lives, what do they think about what humanity has done to reach the point we are now, and how we will deal with it in the future, I just want to know about how people feel about the role us humans has done during these millenniums, do they live in places where contamination is high or that methods to solve those kind of issues has ever taken a start? That's what I want to know. Essentially, it all amounts as what do they think about the responsibility it takes from being a human, and how earthly problems are related to it. I don't want to post in a blog kind of way about "I'll defend this point" I just want to know how much people care about the Earth's problems and how they correlate to their lives, somehow or other. Should I change the title to fit more with what I'm looking for, based on what I posted earlier, or just let it be? Sorry if I couldn't get my point across, but that's honestly what I wanted to know, if you don't feel this is the kind of thread worthy for a serious discussion, then I apologize, I explained my reasons earlier as to why I think how big is the responsibility of our acts, and how they lead to several problems (Diseases, Wars, Conflicts, etc.) and ultimately, the place where we live, our planet. But again, I want to know about what people think about that, if this is somehow an issue that can be solved in the long run or not? That's about it.
  5. Exactly what I posted, the biological state of the planet in the future, and how our actions will lead our planet in it, be it massive consume of resources, toxic wastes spread through out the nature and such, and how certain places on Earth would affect other territories as a domino effect. It is not a thread of Global Warming exclusively, rather, it compasses all the possibilities that could lead this planet to its doom or recovery, that's the objective of this thread, I did post this thread in the Serious Discussion because there are places on earth that are so contaminated (Like certain regions of China and India) that it affects the welfare of all the living beings in there, and due to the massive spread of industrialization and technologies that do exhaust some of the earth's resources and materials. I thought this was a good place to discuss it. If you don't feel this kind of thread should be in the Serious Discussion forum, I may request to move it somewhere else, but I believe that the welfare and the state of the Earth should belong in a Serious Discussion forum, because I noticed that things like War, Armed Conflicts, all of that affects our lives, be it directly or indirectly, and the Earth receives the negative toll from those actions. Again, if you don't feel this kind of thread should belong in here or its point is difficult to talk to, I'd prefer if it was closed, my apologies for not being clear enough.
  6. I'm the kind of person who isn't very optimistic about the world affairs, anytime something serious happens I'm like "Ok, so what's next?" Either is an international political problem or an economic problem that affects most countries and such. Is not that I'm unaware nor naive about these kind of news, is just that my line of thinking is on a bigger scale so I can make it look like these problems aren't particularly notorious, example: "Oh, so the stock market has fallen again, what a surprise, is not like is impossible that is gonna recover in the future or something" see? My worries for these problems are low, all the members of the human species are eventually going to die, that's an undeniable fact that no one has ever refuted. But there is something that could concern me, in some ways or others, and that is the state of our planet in several years. Let us be real folks, in light of seemingly bad news about the mismanagement of resources and the massive consume of objects that use damaging gas to the Ozone, our planet may not be suited or just straight habitable for living organisms in the future, I've read some postulations and theories about how our world will see an increase of the normal temperature, ranging those from the 89 Celsius to 92 in 2100 alone, if we keep our way of living like it is, now, this is just one of the several claims that I have read on the Internet, others postulate that a "Planet Cleaning Time" will make the zones around the Tropic of Capricorn and Cancer totally devastated, with drowned cities and terrain due to the melting of all the ice stored in both the North & South Pole. The zones on earth that will likely not be affected by the "PCT" (Planet Cleaning Time for further use of abbreviations) are those from the Tropics. That can be proven by comparing the amount of variety and the state of biological resources from those zones compared to the ones around the Capricorn and Cancer tropics, or that's how the postulation goes if my memory does not fails me. So far I have seen some credible situations that may arise assuming that our "modern" society keeps like this, but I don't know how exactly our values and beliefs are going to change over time, or what we will end up using that may actually not compromise the state of Earth in the future. As before, my views about things about the World aren't certainly my forte nor interest, but I believe that once we reach the point where everything becomes not possible to solve, that's the point where I believe is gonna take more than just effort and determination to escape from that spiral of everlasting problems.
  7. *Fixed some small mistakes, and maybe some incorrect "literal" translations from my part. Hope that wasn't too hard to read, I'm kinda new when it comes to translations so, yeah, did the best that I could in the morning.
  8. I have some experience translating articles, so let me try doing a translation. That's the gist of it, I hope my translation did a job in making this easier to read for people who don't understand Spanish.
  9. So a couple of months ago I finally beat FE Conquest, Birthright, and Revelations, when I reached the end of the game, I had a bittersweet taste towards how the game progressed up to that point, specifically speaking, about how some plot-points were left un-answered or how some things confused me or that I couldn't get a proper explanation of the event itself, the things that left me like that are listed below: 1 - What was the point of children? seriously, what was the point of children in terms of plot?, I'm sure some of you know that in previous FE games, children had much more relevance to the plot, especially in FE4, but in this game, it seems that the only role they fulfill is "extra units that will make harder settings more manageable", outside of DLC, they feel more like filler units, of course, powerful filler units if used properly, but they don't add any relevance to the main plot at all, so why have them there? 2 - Valla is the "forgotten kingdom" so naturally, any mention of it outside of that place will result in a curse that will kill the user, but during both Conquest and Birthright is shown that Azura gave slight details of the kingdom with her signature song (with some payback of course, but only until the end of the game where she dies in Birthright and Conquest), so, if you can say details in a way it doesn't refer to "Valla" itself, rather, something like the forgotten kingdom of "Villa, Vulla, Vella" etc. With all of this in account, wouldn't Corrin have had a much easier time explaining it to its allies and relatives in Revelations than "There's a hidden thing I want to show you in the Bottomless Canyon"?. 3 - the Last thing that left me confused is with the children's growth, and I believe, this is the most confusing aspect I have seen in this game, so, once you have paired up two units with an S support your unit will get married or engaged with another unit, specifically, a male and female unit (not counting in here the S supports with same genders) you produce a child, and this child is sent to an Outrealm or Pocket Dimension where time flows differently than the real time. So is kinda like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in DBZ, but instead of being a room solely designed to train people, this is a "dimension" or place where you can put your children, you let them grow by themselves and that's it, my concerns with this is the way how everything flies so quickly to the point that you can get a Paralogue to get your children all grown up, level 10 with inherited skills, now, this thing didn't bother me in Awakening nor FE4, the first game due to the characters not getting pregnant with the baby born (Except for Chrom) rather, they are your children that come from the future. And the second one due to the need of children for an actual army (Blame Arvis for the lack of 1st generation units), but in this game, it seems that the woman in charge of the children went from. a) Getting pregnant b) Raising the child for 9 months c) Put said kid in this special dimension. d) Wait until said child is totally grown up Oh, did i forgot that your units were in war?, not only that, who was in charge of this place?, I don't think the parents were there all the time to look over the kids, so, who was in charge of not only the place, but also the beings inside that place?, that's about the things that struck me the most with this game, otherwise, is fine to me.
  10. Oh, that is usually the way i do so, mostly to understand the world from each entry and its characters, but as i said earlier to him, he can start with any of the games in any order, all of them are essentially stand-alone titles anyway, with references to the prequels, i mostly said this to understand them better in the sequels, but is not a "must" to do so the way i do, sorry if that wasn't clear enough.
  11. Yes!, definitely, although, it depends of the game you wanna play, or in this case the sub-series, there are only 5 of them that were brought overseas, chronologically they are: Iris > Mana > Arland > Dusk > Mysterious (neither the Salburg nor the Gramnad series are available on english, so you have to start with Iris). The games are mostly about collecting elements or items in order to craft them and make your own customs, that's what you use in the rest of the game, you also get recipes for items, stat-up items or elemental damage, etc. is so varied, these kind of games are mostly about item managing and exploring, the artwork and sprites are beautiful, very well done and unique, specially the first games, it is a very charming series of games that i would recommend. The story varies depending on the series you first picked, in Atelier Ayesha you control a character called Ayesha (title drop) whose sole objective is (not much of a spoiler since this is mentioned in the beginning, but still let it there), the game has systematic objectives that advances through the story, but again, given the main reason of the mc, the story will only end until you make your own choices and reach the end. In the sequel Atelier Escha & Logy you can control two characters, who are trying to find the events that imbued "The Dusk" as you travel through the game, the rest of the games are like that, you try to find secrets and plot important details and as you progress, you will see what the world hides, each series has its own world and all the sequels are featured in the same world as the sub-series, but there are things you can find between the entries, as well references to other Gust games as well. So. where to start?, I'd recommend Atelier Mana since i'm playing it again and is a blast to play through, and since this is the first games that was released overseas as well all the titles after this one, you will understand more the references that later series will refer to this one, but you can start with anything, just as long that it is the first entry of a series (Eternal Mana, Alchemists of Al-Revis, Rorona, Ayeshie, Sophie) so you can understand the sequels of each sub-series. So yeah, is a series about fusing items, creating them with elements, using them in battle, so strategies are a lot for all the games, the range of difficulty is usually between easy - medium, but this depends mostly by how well you manage the stuff in your bag, and how well your characters are trained, so yeah, that's about all i can say about this.
  12. Again, these were thoughts i had with the game, if people find it biased or not, is up to them, I wasn't going to bash the game or say how much it sucks, i just wanted to be clear with these things that, couldn't even let me sleep!, so, I just make all of that long post, just to be freed of all the things i had with the game, I appreciate your concern about how i start a Thread, but this is my way to do so, is up to people to interpret how i write these posts, "Is this guy doing it for attention?" or "Is this guy doing it because he legitimately had problems with this game?" things like that. Thanks for your nice answer, i'm gonna put my response in a spoiler, to not drag this for too long. Seems that i'll still have problems with the game regardless, i appreciate what you tried to show me though.
  13. Y'know, i like life, i like to play videogames, i really enjoy them!, I do always recognize that a new JRPG most probably puts me in a good mood, I do not have a thing for WRPG's, i think they can (or are) pretty good by themselves, but let's cut out the crap, i'm gonna be a little more direct this time, recently, there's this game called Undertale, where, i know, it's the one game the entire internet adores, it's the one game everyone is gonna lose their shit for it, it's that game where it's popularity so high, that i don't know exactly what are the limits this game will, or can have. Usually, I do not want to share thoughts regarding this game, not because i'm a Silent Hater or something, hell, i don't hate this game by per se, is just that, whenever i would like to talk about this game, calmly, with a person, is pretty much impossible without them going "AND YOU REMEMBER THAT BLABLABLABLA!!!", I have been pointed that this game has the Steven Universe Syndrome, it's a good piece of media, with a shitty and overhyped community, and because talking about the flaws this game may or may not have is like heresy in the name of the gaming community. Okay, first of all, this is a videogame, not the second coming of Jesus, second, I do think that if a group of people have the rights to talk positively about a game, another group might think on the contrary, and thirdly, because is a game is so beloved inside a big group of people, that doesn't mean it guarantees no criticisms towards the other kind of people who may not like this game for several reasons, some people may experience Hype Backlash with this game (For more information, consult on TV Tropes). Usually i chicken out, and i don't talk about this game, but i wondered myself "For how long will i keep these thoughts only on my head" so i thought that it might be a little healthier to actually express what i feel about this game, take note, this is not a review nor this is a general description about the game from, what i gathered, these are just some of the problems i encountered with this game, this is all personal opinion, so you may agree or not with me, depending in how you interpret my point of view, in the end, the only truth is that... we don't know it. Now, going back to the game itself, i won't talk about the graphics or the music, which were pretty cool parts of the game i can admit, rather, mechanics of the plot and gameplay that, just don't mix well in a video logical sense of point, i'm gonna separate them each: 1 - The talking option: Ah yes, the talking option, in this game, you can use it to interact with enemies, if done right, you could escape enemies, escape from some bosses, or make them more aggressive towards you depending in how you say the things or not, apparently, this was inspired by the negotiation method of the original SMT for the Super Famicom, even by Fox words, he admitted that he created this system based on that. Okay, it's all dandy and fine, but there's a problem, this system just plain doesn't work or fit for this kind of game, if not, at all, why you might ask?, well, if the Author of this game himself talked about SMT, and how he was "inspired" to take this mechanic in his game, might as well compare it to this game right now, the main difference between the negotiation method of SMT and the talking method were the reasons behind it. In SMT, Demons ally with 3 of these paths (Neutral, Chaos and Law), each one represents a "Side" to fight in a big ass long war between Demons, this is the common staple of the SMT games, as in, all the games, you have to choose which side you have to pick from, when you confront Demons in this game, the Negotiation method is a way to make them attracted for you, in order to join your army, this system works here for several reasons, first, that each demon is unique and based on a character from religions. Each demon isn't there to just fuck around (Most of the times....), they are in a war with different sides fighting for "X" or "Y", each one is based on a real fictional character from a religion, you get to know them, you get to know their backstory, you get to know how they are, their relationships with other demons, the way they work here, is correct because what are they doing, makes sense in a Gameplay stand of point. In Undertale, it doesn't, mostly because of one simple flaw, one simple flaw that really fucks with the method, most of the enemies are based from things you would expect in Earthbound, so basically, what this game tried to do was a mix between SMT and Earthbound, all the enemies here are based on one or two gimmicks they have to "identify" them, and since in this game it seems that there is the path of "Fucking kill everything" or "Let's just make peace with everyone", the talking method doesn't work in that regard. Because, just think about it, each enemy only has some lines of dialogue, to put you an example, "X" enemy looks fat and sweaty, so he might not like to run or doing sports, and instead, eat sweets or something, you just say something that he or she agrees with you, and they run off, leaving you without any point of experience, this doesn't make too much sense, because you think "Then, what is the point of all this, if i could just run and leave the bastard alone?". Take into account that we don't have any sort of backstory for most common enemies in Undertale, many things in this game are pretty ambiguous, and some others just plain unexplained, so, why does this system exists?, from what i read, it was to make bonds with the enemies, as everything has a heart and shit, according to most descriptions of the game, and according to Toriel, one of the characters from this game. This, is kinda nonsensical, demons in SMT don't react to one gimmick, one joke, or things like it, hell, even "cute" demons might have other kinds of personality, this is explained as i said before, each demon is based on multiple religions or mythologies, you had a reward which was recruiting them to fight whatever side you wanted to fight, here, there is no reward in befriending enemies, otherwise in getting a Steam Trophy, or getting the Pacific Run or whatever. The only reward is in befriending bosses, which is, okay i guess, some of them change elements of the story, but the game doesn't explain you shit when you try to use the talking method, and they respond with "Too enraged, too sad, too confused, etc." to actually respond, no, supposedly, you have to keep on pressing the same "talk" button until they respond another thing, so basically, this game is expecting me to do the same shit, to get another result, that's some cryptic and unexplained bullshit right there. 2 - The Puzzles: Okay, this is just... strange, most puzzles are basically things easy to solve, and some others require pixel perfect accuracy in doing some things "Like walking through a specific path without falling" in order to go to another area, others might include agreeing with a character in the overworld, with, whatever they says and so on, i just don't get this part, why are they like this?, was this added to make a little more of gameplay time?, the game isn't that long compared to most RPG's anyway, so, why were these parts made like this?. 3 - Some parts of the story: There are many times in this game where i said to myself "Why?", multiple times, and it seems that, even from some hardcore fans of this game, this is a part that might fail, as i said before, this game has plenty of ambiguous things to think about it, but the part that it doesn't, fit to me is the Story, in this case, you awake from a cave, ah ha, you encounter a flower thing, that lures you into thinking that is good, when you find that it's not, and then Toriel comes and saves the day. Then she treats you like a child, I haven't had any problems with her until i reached her house, and i discovered that there is a world beyond her house, that many things are evil and want to kill you, lalala, okay, first, Why didn't she told me anything about this on first hand?, if she was going to protect me, at least fill me with the details in time, secondly, if you're gonna invite me to your house, and make a living and anything good for me, then be direct, with me, don't just go around until the last moment when you decide to fight me. And from Toriel's Fight and onwards, i just lost hope with this game, Why was she so cryptic about the cave thing without explaining more things in detail?, I know what you may say, she did this because she didn't wanted to see more people to die in there, but that's just nonsense, are you expecting me to believe, that a human would not have the brains and line of thinking to say "Hey, i should get out of this someday!", and instead, just having a fantasy world with strawberries and flowers, fricking Goat. This pretty much covers the entire things about what i think of this game, i also noticed that this game had, quite some jokes referencing modern times, i don't know about you guys, but as any other game, in some time the hype will be lost, the only thing that will keep this game alive is through the Test of Time, and once people puts the hype sunglasses off, and see how this game suffers (or at least some, depending on their perspective), i'm sure this is gonna be looked upon more realistically and objectively than right now. Hell, even the Game Awards seem to not take quite the hype train with this game, Rocket Launcher and Witcher 3 took all of the categories where Undertale was, as the best Indie (Rocket Launcher) and best rpg (Witcher 3) of the year, now that i have this thing off my head, i can finally relax a little bit, again, i don't think this is a bad game, hell, i think this game is pretty damn enjoyable by itself, but for me, is only enjoyable if i overlook these cryptic things that, really bothers me, and puts me off to ever play the game again, i might give it a re-try once everyone tits are calmed, but for now, I just wanted to say all that i wanted in this post, I didn't meant to sound offensive and rude towards anyone who likes this game, I just posted what i thought, so, no hard feelings, as long as we can keep a normal and civilized topic, gladly, I'll respond with what i can, just don't take too seriously this post, as this is, again, all of my opinion.
  14. If i remember, when i played Smash Bros, i didn't know most of the half roster in there, only some things like your typical Mario, Zelda, Pikachu, heck, i didn't even knew who Kirby was until later, either way, i wasn't too interested in Smash Bros back then, so my interest regarding the series faded, now, years later, i started to discover more youtubers who talked or wrote more about games, and one of those who picked my attention was this one guy called whoisthisgit, a British Guy who talks about, certain kinds of topics. Now i don't remember exactly how i first discovered him, i think it was with a Creepy Bad Endings video, which, i didn't recalled too much what was the first one, but anyway, the dude likes FE a lot, and in some of his videos, he starts to talks about Fire Emblem 4, 6, 7 and 8 respectively, at that time, my interest and knowledge with the series was 0, i got some other games to play so i didn't bothered with FE, until i decided to pick one to start, i decided to do it with FE3 which was, kinda hard for me back then since it didn't have tutorials or some things, so i basically backed off (I also let Shiina die, btw, one of the most crucial characters for this game). And then i went with FE7, and that's where everything started, i learned more about the series in general, i discovered games like Tear Ring Saga and other games like it's type, such as Langrisser, as of now, my interest about the series is pretty, variable, i sometimes get in the FE mood, other times i just get tired of it and i want to move on, etc. It's not the kind of game i would be playing 24/7, and is not exactly addicting for me, but is a good entertainment, and for me, that's more than enough.
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