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  1. lol I've watched both trailers so many times and still never noticed this. That symbol definitely looks like some sort of support increase. I guess this means that training/teaching students can also increase their support level with Byleth? That doesn't sound good for people who aren't a fan of this whole student/teacher relationship stuff.
  2. Wow! It's amazing what a difference that makes. I didn't even think Chinatsu's eyes were that weird until seeing your edits side by side with them lol, especially Ashe. Good job though, your versions have so much more depth and life to them^^ I'm a woman and I find Claude to be pretty appealing. Everyone has different tastes and preferences no matter their sexuality, you know?
  3. Out of the characters we've seen so far, the only one with a darker skin tone is Claude, which is kinda disappointing. I like Claude from what I've seen of him so far, but it would be nice to have more characters with varied races. The characters overall kinda don't stand apart much and I think having some different races would've helped design-wise as well as for representation. But obviously it's not like we've seen all of the characters in the game yet so hopefully there'll be at least one or two more. (I mean, even more than that would be ideal, but I know not to get my hopes up lol) I think it would be good to have maybe at least 1 gay character and 1+ bi character per gender. I also think IS and Nintendo know that they would receive some amount of backlash if there weren't any LGBT+ characters in Three Houses since they were included in Fates. The more queer characters, the better, to me, but I think we can expect at least two. I've seen people complain about potentially missing out on a child character but 1) as many people have already mentioned, adoptions/surrogates are a thing (and also magic) and 2) there may not even be a second gen in three houses, so I don't think that's really a viable excuse to not include gay/bi characters in this game. Another point I've seen people try to make is that straight people won't like that they can't romance a character that is gay and not bi, but honestly while I enjoy the matchmaking aspects of FE it's not the end of the world to have a character that can't be romanced by the avatar. In fact, I think it would be a good thing. Other games, such as Stardew Valley, have regular villagers that are not romance-able, and it's something I think FE would benefit from (not having the world revolve around the avatar so much). As for supports, hopefully they'll focus on quality over quantity, especially after Fates. I'll remain optimistic for now.
  4. The standout designs that I like the best so far (aside from the main characters) are Petra, Hilda, Ashe, Raphael and Mercedes. I like Dorothea a lot as well but her hat looks a bit too modern and out of place in the setting. And I don't get the Ferdinand hate lol I think he looks fine. I'm also not super fond of female Byleth's outfit compared to her male counterpart. Overall I think I need to see more of the characters' personalities before I can choose which house I'd go with first. (I may not decide until I actually play the game lol)
  5. No problem! And yeah, that sounds pretty plausible. I wonder how closely connected to the church our main characters are and why they might use a church as their base of operations.
  6. If the story does involve going against the church, one thing that I thought was interesting was that the "home base"/MyCastle type area that we see Byleth running around in looks very church-like: The inside even has the pews and the altar and everything. Not sure what it means for the story though. Maybe you start off the game on the same side as the church?
  7. So, for the other characters that have shown up in the trailer besides our main four (Edel, Dimitri, Claude, Byleth), there's Dragon Goddess Lady: And Sleeping Loli: I feel like she's probably a descendant of hers or something. They look similar enough. Then there's Whip-Sword Guy: and the Important looking Priestess(?) Lady: who, if we're going with the whole "church is evil" plot line, she might be the villain, and maybe the old guy will play a role similar to Gunter in Fates. Or, maybe he's a bad guy too, and he works under the Priestess lady as some kind of Holy Knight. The flower in her hair also appears to be the same as the goddess' which is a nice little design element. Then we have Hilda and Mercedes: Design-wise they look fine, if not a bit bland. There's these four guys who are very in the background so it's kinda hard to get the details: but they look alright I guess. Mustached Mage dude looks cool. The white/gray haired guy looks reminiscent of Robin and Henry to me, but I feel like personality-wise, he'll probably be nothing like them. The other two are just meh. And can't forget Random Mage Girl: such a great design. So beautiful and detailed. (jk)
  8. This is so good! You're awesome for making this and I'll probably listen to it on repeat
  9. What are your thoughts on the characters we've seen so far? Do you like the designs/art style? What do you think their personalities will be? What are your hopes for any yet to be revealed characters? Personally I really like the art style and the designs we've seen so far! Though, Claude is my favourite. #TeamClaude I like Edelgard and Byleth as well and I don't even dislike Dimitri's design :P As for the other characters I have high hopes! Or at least high optimism. The consensus seems to be that the character artist is Kurahana Chinatsu who designed the characters for Uta no Prince-sama. I'm a fan of her art but I do wonder how varied her designs can actually get in terms of differing body types. I'm excited to find out though.
  10. #TeamClaude :P I really do like his design though. Makes me excited to see more characters.
  11. I totally agree! Just thought it was something of note.
  12. We didn't get any of that in the first Fates teaser either, so I guess we'll have to wait and see :P I agree that this one looks a lot less fanservicey so far though.
  13. The "I will return here someday, my teacher. Promise me that you won't forget me," bit at the end of the trailer leads me to believe that if Teacher is in fact the Avatar, they might be more plot relevant than what most people seem to want.
  14. I feel like I finally have my thoughts together after watching the trailer a million times. Since the title is "Three Houses" it seems to me like Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude are probably part of noble families within the same kingdom? Maybe they are royalty in different kingdoms, but that's just what it seems like to me. As for their designs and the art overall so far, I really like it! I think the lack of colour (the mostly black clothing) at least in these three characters is probably purposefully done to make their primary colours stand out (red for Edelgard, blue for Dimitri and Yellow for Claude.) Maybe it's their house colours? Also, some of those cutscenes looked really choppy and laggy but some of them looked smooth? The 3D exploration of the MyCastle/base area looked really good though! And this thing definitely looks like some kind of possessed iron maiden: Reminds me of The Mouth of Truth showing up in Fates as the Stoneborn. The history nerd in me loves little things like this. (also Claude looks beautiful and I love him already)
  15. I said yes to both, but I'd like them to be improved upon. For the avatar- as most people have said, less plot relevance is probably a good idea, though I don't think it's likely. In general I enjoy having an avatar in games but not if the plot and characters have to suffer for it. More customisation is always good too. Dare I say, some skin tone options? If Pokemon can do it so can FE. As for S supports, I think what's really needed is quality over quantity and not the other way around. If there are less supports, that's fine as long as the ones that are there make sense and are written well. More variety would be welcome too (more platonic supports as well as romantic ones). And when it comes to romantic supports, if they developed more naturally from c to s that'd be great. (Also no more avatar-sexual characters k thx)
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