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  1. Hey everyone were no lynching and I'm proving my role! Double win! ##Unvote: ##Vote: SB We need to make sure that I am leading SB by exactly one vote or else I die! We don't want that. This will force the deathproof SB to get lynched, cancelling it out.
  2. ##Unvote: ##Vote: Phoenix Came 48 Hours into the game with empty townreads and pushing Marth based on how he was responding to discord pms, there was a fuckton of marth content and it felt like scum staying afloat. Willing to consolidate on Athena, the fast read swapping looks really out of place in addition to SB's case. Marth lynch is bad and based on outdated info as I've said in discord. I don't personally see Elie scum. Evan bothers me with potential White Knighting of KTS and tunnelling on Elie, but the KTS interaction is a clusterfuck of nonsense to me and there are safer lynches today. He's also been at least active in pushing cases and not staying on the sidelines, which I would prefer over Phoenix's nothingness and Athena's defensiveness / waffling. Dyachei bothered me early game but has stepped it up, not getting many pings there anymore. I'm going to start collecting claims after D1 ends and attempt to bring some order into this game, I think this day has suffered from being fractured by playstyle differences as well as the split between NOC / OC. I think i've personally been talking to a wider amount of the player base along with my role being likely to be town, so we're gonna lead this bitch and see what happens.
  3. Who wants to claim to a POSER when you claim to the real Brooklyn herself?? Someone vote me so I can start winning this game.
  4. in. To anyone new / not in server, I'm Brooklyn nice to meet you~ I used to go by Lord Gaius on this site but i recently came out as Trans, would prefer if you could use she / her pronouns please. Thats all, looking forward to finally catching an (official) SFMM!
  5. I'm pretty demotivated to play because every time I sub into a game I just get mislynched. I'm paperblade town bookie, if I predict correctly I get a vig shot. This is why i was alluding to SK kill on Shinori earlier. I'll try and do some reads later, not feeling up to it right now.
  6. This makes me what to townread Kaoz, I can't see scum coming into the game with one of their first posts and setting up lynches on two of their buddies.
  7. At the moment the biggest scumread from my reread is JB as well, and I would gladly consolidate there, but like Fable said we already have adequate pressure so I think my vote is best served moved onto the Walrein wagon right now. Anyway I could see potential JB and Mack / Nightmare scum scum interactions, nightmare seemed to read JB out of necessity instead of any real conviction due to his gigantic number of town / null reads, and if JB is parked on scum early it'll look better for him if Nightmare were to flip. Mack subbing in seemed to have taken some of the pressure off the nightmare slot but those interactions still seem fishy.
  8. I also want to believe that it was more like a SK than a vig on Shinori. Walrein has flaked end of phase both day and seems to always be in positions where you can't draw any serious interactions between him except for those early ones with Via which a lot of people seemed to townread for, and I'm worried that Walrein has gained towncred because of how people trust Via. Agree with what Fable is saying here. ##Vote Walrein:
  9. Is it possible that Satsuma would hard in on their buddy like this? I'm skeptical but I could see new scum looking at Shinori in a good spot and finding him a good person to attach to. Then again i'm not sure they would park together like this. Would appreciate feedback on this.
  10. Anyone wanna claim that? (I am almost finished reading up to where I subbed in)
  11. Alright let's see what we have here. Again this seems like the hardest fuckin bus of all time if Kirsche is scum, and what I mentioned before about their disparity in cases. Fable doesn't bother me, Bibbon does, I wouldn't be surprised if she turned up scum. If I had to pick out the scum on the Bart lynch it would be JB / Nightmare as my top two priorities. Refa has made me worried going through the voting patterns. He usually ends up near the back end of wagons that turn up and i'm worried he could potentially be scum coasting, am gonna keep a closer eye out on him continuing on plus look at him / junko in particular. EOD 1 Reads: Town: Weapons, Marth (role + think cases on him are bad, explained earlier), Kirsche Lean Town: Athena, Fable, SnikeSatsuma, Shinori, Via Null: Zeus (Vig this), Walrein, Fenrir, BBM, Elieson Not quite scum but am getting weird feelings about: Refa Lean Scum: Eclipse, Bibbon Scum: JB, Nightmare Turbo: Reinfleche Getting Lunch /class, will continue to the point I sub to, hopefully finishing before phase starts, have class too so we'll see. Thanks again caffeinator you're a lifesaver. One more thing I want to mention to dispel Lyncher vibes that Snike may have been getting. I disagreed with Junko / Kirsche lynches, and had only read / interpreted early day one content at that point. Clipsey bothered me the most with my limited info, and i wanted to push something I had more conviction in to flip scum.
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