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  1. I think I just found another plot hole... if it has not been discovered yet. So we are told in-game that Nowi is like 1000 years old, and assuming that she looks like a 15 years old, we can say that 1 'human year' = 0.015 'manakete years' ; Now if you marry her you can get Nah, and she should have lived the same 'human' time as every other child. So why is she physically comparable to her mother?? Like should't she look like a few-months baby? My (possible/personnal) explications are : - The way Manaketes age gets slower as time passes. But then Tiki (who is around 2500 years) should look much older than she acually looks like in Awakening. - Manaketes are born as dragons (they come out of eggs and stuff), and they become able to take human shape when they get a little bit more mature, but that shape is that of a young boy/girl. Maybe they get human transformation after puberty (sounds weird though...). - The human shape depends on if the dragonstone (if the dragonstone is 'new', the Manakete will take the form of a young boy/girl, etc), and each Manakete has it's own dragonstone, which ages with him/her. Anyways, maybe it's related to some Manakete magic that we human's can't understand... or maybe I'm thinking about it too much.
  2. ==>Legionnary-->Veteran/Kaiser Legionnary:Swords, Armour, Move 5 LV1:Steadfast: Atk+2, Def+2 while not at full HP LV10:Warcraft: While on terrain other than plain, Hit+10 and Avoid+5 for unit and adjacent allies Veteran:Swords+Lances, Armour, Move 6 LV5:Tactical Advantage: While on a plain, Hit+15 and Crit+10 for allies within 3 spaces LV15:Leadership: While HP is at half or less, damage dealt +4 and damage received -4 for unit and allies within 2 spaces Kaiser:Swords+Axes, Armour, Horse, Move 7 LV5:Domination: When initiating attack, all stats +3 LV15:Superior Might: When the enemy is dealing more damage than the unit, damage dealt *1.5 ==>Stallon Rider-->Desert Trooper/Unicorn Knight Stallon Rider:Swords+Daggers, Horse, Move 7 LV1:Pure Blood: When facing a mounted unit, damage received -2 LV10:Pride: When HP is at half or less, always hit Desert Trooper:Daggers+Bows, Horse, Move 8 LV5:Sandstorm: Damage dealt +2 and Hit+20 for ranged attacks LV15:Survival: Damage received -2 and Avoid+20 for close attacks Unicorn Knight:Swords, Horse, Move 8 LV5:Fierce Strike: When initiating the attack, may perform a bonus follow-up attacks (trigger:(spd/2)%) LV15:Dazzling Light: When the unit takes out an enemy, all stats +1 and all enemies' stats-2 (for the next turn only) ==>Mentalist-->Illusionist/Astromancer Mentalist:Tomes+DarkMagic, Move 5 LV1:Forecast: Avoid +15 if the enemy is using magic LV10:Mindreading: Hit/Avoid-10 for all magic-using enemies within 3 spaces Illusionist:Tomes+DarkMagic, Move 6 LV5:Hypnosis: If the unit initiates the battle and doen't kill the enemy, enemy gets all stats -2 LV15:Dusk Aura: Damage dealt +4 and Avoid/Crit+20 after the first 13 turns and onwards Astromancer:Tomes, Move 6 LV5:Shooting Star: When under attack, may deal half the enemy's attack before the strike (Trigger: (Skl)%) LV15:Zodiac: Mag+5 and Res+5 for the first 12 turns ==>Scout-->Pathfinder/Wanderer Scout:Daggers, Move 6 LV1:Resourceful Work: When unit is fighting in terrain with terrain effect, enemy's Hit-10 LV10:Companionship: If an adjacent ally has this skill equiped, Str+2, Spd+2, Lck+2 Pathfinder:Daggers+Bows, Move 7 LV5:Recon Job: If there is no enemy on a 3 tiles radius, Movement +3 for this turn LV15:Beaten Tracks: When triggering the battle, enemy doesn't benefit of terrain bonuses Wanderer:Daggers+Swords, Move 6 LV5:Eye of Truth: May negades enemy's Def/Res (trigger: Skl/3 %) LV15:Redemption: When dealing a lethal strike, unit recovers the same amount of damage dealt to the enemy Any thoughts about those skills? I can't tell if they're OP or not...
  3. I already did this test on another website (#GameTheory), and got INTJ, but with this one I got INFP... I think I agree with the latter the best. THE MEDIATOR: Diplomat - Constant Impovement.
  4. Basically, I can't push myself to chose between (mainly) Astra and Luna; I limit my units to two proc skills (as 3 or more are a waste since the skill with the lowest activation priority will have a very low activation rate), and one of these two skills is generaly Sol... Units like MU, Chrom or Lucina get Ignis/Aether respectively, but as for the others... Luna has a higher activation rate, but is only useful when you barely do any damage; Astra on one hand, has a lower activation rate, is useful in most of the situations except when you do but little damage; on the other hand, it reduces Sol's activation rate... Maybe I could use Lifetaker/Renewal instead of Sol, but Sol is definitely better. Most of the time my units end up having Sol and Astra (except for Chrom!Inigo, I wanted to give him """Sol+Luna=Aether""" just for the heck of it ^^" ) Help?
  5. I also think that Elise being 18 isn't very likely to be true, given her physical apperarence (~10 YO) and her overall behavior (although we can suppose that she intendedly acts like a child, as it is implied by Leo, which seems plausable given Birthright's final events...); as Res said, we don't know for sure the Nohrian legal adult age. While I think that Elise may really be a child/teen in the Japanese version, I think she's at least 16 in the localisation. Her physical apparence (and her voice) doesn't help though... Regardless, Sakura is definetly older than Elise.
  6. Well, Leo clearly states that Elise is an adult, which is kind of a relief, but a bit disturbing as well... So, assuming Elise is 18, Leo should be around 20, Kamui/Corrin in the early 20's, Camilla in the mid 20's, and Xander in the late 20's. It should be the same for the Hoshidan Royals. Just my guess though... Silas should be 20/21. Benny should be 27/28. I like to think that Gunter should be in his 50's, and I like the idea of him and Reina being old rival (Gunter was the one who caused Reina's scars and vice versa -the idea isn't mine, but I can't find the post of the guy who wrote it in the first place...), so Reina should also be in her late 40's/early 50's.
  7. Gryffindor, beech wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ½" and reasonably supple flexibility.
  8. As hard as I wish Scarlet!Ryoma was a thing, it isn't... :( Considering Hana, Rinkah, Mozu, Oboro, and Kagero: -->Kagero!Shiro has the best HP, Str and Res growths, with decent growths all around except for Skill (37% whereas Shiro's base is 40% and Ryoma's is 50%) which is kind of saddening. -->Oboro doesn't seem to be the optimal mother for Shiro, as she merely gives him HP and Def (...and I prefer going for Takumi+Oboro ^^) -->Hana gives the best Spd, and great Skl, but drops Shiro's Def (33% :/ ) -->Rinkah gives him the worst HP and Str growths out of the lot, but the best Skl and Def, so my opinion on her is kind of shared (plus I intended to give her to Hinata) -->Mozu seems to be the best out of the lot even without Aptitude (on par with Rinkah's Skl, Kagero's HP, Hana's Spd, and gives the best luck growth), but Mozu!Ryoma means no MLG Midori... As some pointed out, Rinkah!Shiro's stats are pretty high despite all, but as Thane said, Mozu!Shiro appears to be the best Shiro. I might just choose one wife for each playthrough though...
  9. Topic ^^ I intended to pair Ryoma with Hana, but you know how Hana is (one hit KO), and I'm afraid it'll reduct Shiro's ability to tank... Kagero seems to be a good choice, but I was thinking of going for Saizo+Kagero; Mozu = Aptitude = OP, but I was thinking of Aptitude Midori; Halp!
  10. OOOOH totally forgot about that class bonus part and the caps... it wasn't as simple as I figured ... Sorry about that...
  11. Thank you anyway ^^ So you're going to train every couple of parents to give the children acceptable stats? Are you still going to use the parents after you get all the OP children x)?
  12. Actually calculating stats can be very easy using Excel ^^ (it takes up to 5 mins), so you're not the one that do the calculations, you just input the required stuff that you can find on SF :D .
  13. Alright, I fixed Choey's class, here are the stats ^^ : HP:57 / Str:27 / Mag:12 / Skl:30 / Spd:30 / Lck:32 / Def:26 / Res:22 I don't know why that would help, given that you actually grinded for Chrom and Chloey, so I guess you're not playing a normal playthrough, therefore you could just beat Chapter 13, then grind for Lucina... your choice though :) Oh you're right, my bad, even though it doesn't affect stats calculations ^^
  14. Just made the calculations assuming that Chrom's current class is Great Lord and Choey's is Grandmaster (if not, just tell me, I'll recalculate): Lucina's stats (Lord LV12): HP:58 / Str:25 / Mag:12 / Skl:29 / Spd: 29 / Lck:32 / Def:27 / Res:22 I hope that was useful ^^
  15. I've already tried all of that :( Some people in teh Youtube comments say that I should continue trying until I get the homebrew, but I already 5/6 times...
  16. Hey guys, So I wanted to put on some emulator on my old 3DS (I foolishly upgraded to 10.5), so I searched for a tutoriall on how to put Homebrew Launcher; I did everything sey said I should, but when I launch the browser as indicated, the bottom screen freezes on orange and then it closes ("An error has occuerd. Please save tour data in any software currently in use, then restart the system."). Morover I once got the homebrew launcher with anither method (using Youtube for 3DS) but it no longer works :/. Please help!
  17. Maybe, but I don't think that Mag is what Lucina needs... she's more of a physical unit, so Avatar/Olivia/Sumia are actually better for her (I've heard that Sully screws up Lucina).
  18. I'd recommend Ricken!Brady, for a full-magic pairing; Brady could have DG+ for the support, GF, Luna, Renewal, Tomefaire if you're going for a Sage Brady, which is optimal for your +Mag Morgan. Brady shouldn't come from Chrom as Maribelle!Lucina isa waste... Morgan could have Shadowgift, GF, Ignis, Tomefaire, Luna if you want to be more offensive, Lifetaker/Renewal if you're more the tanking units type, regardless give him a forged Nosferatu.
  19. Yes, she gets the first class of her husband, and if she already has acces to that first class, she gets the second class... so in this case she gets Spellcaster ^^ Even in the case of Azura? I knew the thing about F!Kamui passing Dark Prince(ss), but I'm pretty sure Azura can't pass Songstress (two dancers=infinite dance loop) Well, Matoi would have acces to Pegasus Warrior, Samurai, Dark Mage, Spellcaster, and Shigure would have acces to Pegasus Warrior, Troubadour, Spellcaster, Samurai.These are good classes to have, but if you're going for a Dark Mage army... :D
  20. How many Marriage/Buddy seals can we get on Conquest? on Brightright? I, too, need to know thid for scientific purpose ^^.
  21. XD I meant as buddies ^^ I think Leo needs more Skill than Speed, and as for Foleo, he needs both Skill AND Speed x) thankfully he has amazing Mag/Res... ...And I do think that Leo needs more offensive skills (Vengeance is the only in-battle skill he gets without marriage/buddy seals, and Vengeance implies that he takes damage from the enemy, which isn't so great). Yeah, I also noticed the red hair thing ^^... I think I'll be going with Luna!Marx (don't really have a choice if I want to give Flannel a good wife AKA Charlotte).
  22. Yeah, I know that DLC is needed for grinding, and I will eventually play IK, but I prefer not to play with DLCs whan I'm playing, unless I want to buid a PVP team :). BTW is Leon!Odin a good pairing in your opinion? Odin gives Swordmaster (which Leon only needs for Flowing strike, Vantage and Astra as he lacks of offensive skills), and I could'nt find an acceptable wife for Leon aside the Avatar and Nyx (but she's not what Leon really needs).
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