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  1. I got it to work, holy crap was that frustrating.
  2. Everytime I try to run the LevelEditor, I get this error message: "Traceback (most recent call last): File "*****", line 4, in <module> from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QGraphicsView, QGraphicsScene, QDockWidget, QMainWindow, QErrorMessage, QFileDialog, QInputDialog, QMessageBox ImportError: No module named PyQt5.QtWidgets" I have python and pygame both installed?
  3. Thank you for all the tips/technical information so far! It's definitely a very rough demo since I'm still learning how to use the program so far, but I appreciate it! -The invisible item drop issue will be taken care of, as I agree I don't like not knowing what a unit will drop. -The boss dialog repeating I wasn't sure how to take care of right away, I haven't really thought much about what to do about it though, if you have suggestions? -Bishops are the Light magic users, and upon promotion rather than use healing items, they instead gain half of the 4 magic elements that Mages have access to (Fire And Ice). Don't worry, a dedicated healer (Priest) will be recruitable in Chapter 2, but she's not in plain view, so to speak. You also get a small window of chance to recruit a rather silly, but lore-wise, important optional Jeigan-type in Chapter 2 as well (Not Jarmil, either). He'll be necessary for at least one Gaiden chapter in the future. -On the weapon triangle advantage: Yes, if you do have a script for that and it will make the weapon triangle benefits more clear, please do! Magic also, specifically, has it's own counter system that is somewhat in place already. When I have more time I might include a quick document/info section for players to check relevant FE mechanics that are present in this game, so it's a bit easier to learn. I do like to surprise and confuse when I can, though. -I might just be dumb, but I don't know how to get the game to change filter for night, or grey-scale (if that's even possible)... I think I just don't understand what the program is saying when I look at those options. -Each book is about 25 chapters as of right now. Chapters 4-22 all also have a unlock-able Gaiden chapters (very limited units, small map, great rewards like promotion items that you can't acquire in any other method, and in general are not easy) that involve 1-2 specific characters, and expand on their backgrounds. -Yes, all the maps are meant to large and intimidating/slightly non-linear in that way. For example, there is an optional mini-boss that spawns with 2 archers in the Prologue if you choose to open to the gate near the top (not the one behind the boss) named Rasmus: He will only spawn under that condition. There is also a hidden elixir in that first map if you stand on a particular tile, and a very early secret tile that gives you a doorkey - right at the start of the level. Also, if you had played to Turn 40 on the Prologue, Count Heider himself spawns, and is a promoted unit that gradually hunts you down a la Blacknight FE9. This is meant to surprise players who might feel too comfortable exploring the large mansion, and this would remind them that is, in fact, a rescue - and you don't have unlimited time to just dilly dally around the mansion. -The hint to go south involves Magnus visiting an open house that only he is suppose to be able to visit. Drops lore hints to a group that becomes important starting in Chapter 4 and on. I thought it would be entertaining/frustrating if players would all go south, just for Iemke, a somewhat useful unit at this point (you have so few, you can be picky, and you'll need as many as you can get because the Chapters don't get smaller - not until the Gaidens, anyway) goes and either steals exp, or dies. -The Speed bonus for Lone is pretty much a placeholder, I'm not entirely sure what to do with her to give her something a bit more interesting besides basic thief-isms, though her lore and Gaiden chapter are more interesting then she is particular useful... until she promotes that is, as you can imagine. The hard part about unlocking that Gaiden chapter, is you have to level her up, which will feel counter-productive to most people, since she won't be obviously strong and directly useful in combat; makes the gaiden more difficult to access, which in my head seems entertaining. I'm excited to continue working on this, and will take your advice as well. Thank you, again!
  4. Much appreciated! Yes, the file-size is because the whole soundtrack of both games is included at the moment... since I'm not yet sure which tracks I will need and don't need. As a side-note, I know the looping for SRPG Studio is a bit odd (or its the files themselves just having blank space, I haven't really looked) and will not restart the track right away for whatever reason. Your game is certainly an inspiration for using SRPG Studio, because I saw an actual successful demonstration of the tools. I admire how much you've actually completed, a testament to your work ethic. The file-size is obnoxious and a hindrance , but there's nothing else, not even the custom pictures I've inserted, that seem to explain the large filesize, despite small game so far. I will continue working on it out of passion as I had, and if you have any leads into how I can reduce that size, other than messing around to find the best way to compress the music files, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll add some screenshots, too. Thank you.
  5. Endless Tales Book 1: A Nobody's Tale Current Status: Demo v. 1 (Prologue, Ch 1, Ch 2, and Intro to Ch 3) "In her song... these visions... no... the truth... come to me. Does she know this is happening? Is it actually happening? I see his face in these visions... I see her... I can't help but want to hear that song... More and more..." Created in SRPG Studio; this is a story that has been in the works for months, has finally begun the process of being made into a playable game. While not officially titled "Fire Emblem", the heart of that franchise is deeply embedded in the game... and I've even included the Fire Emblem itself, as part of the narrative eventually (which is why you will see "Fire Emblem" appear in places within the game, particularly in the opening cut-scene" This demo is specifically to decide if it's worth continuing, and if there's any interest in what I've constructed yet far. It's far from complete, but can be considered a "pilot" of sorts, for the full game I want to make. Let me know all issues, suggestions, questions, and concerns. Thank you! Credits: -Custom World Map generated by Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator -All character portraits were created using TheFlyingMinotaur's Character Creator (link is down below) -All music created by Yuki Tsujiyoko, from FE 4 and 5. -Additional weapon art and icons by Briver, and found on SteamWorkshop. -Made by me (Imperade or Athomus as I call myself here... Long time lurker, I've been lukring the FE boards since the old FESS forum days). Features/Notes: Screenshots: Link to game: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DPi5MoyGO4oMQ0_zxqTye_t3YZEBu2Rl https://www.dropbox.com/s/5y9rd7yiuwp3m4s/A Nobody's Tale (DemoOne).rar?dl=0 Saved in .rar format.
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