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    Humble guy who loves good food and company, laughing and making people laugh and his regular dose of conversations on general world and social affairs and music, action-adventure, beat em up and rpg games. For Anime, Manga, Video Games, Music, and Movies I will put down a list ranging from 5-10. Will finishlist at later point for music and movies. So starting with Anime in no particular order-

    1)Neon Genesis Evangelion
    2)Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood
    3)Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
    4)Mobile Suit:Gundam Wing
    5)Inuyasha/Inuyasha:Kanketsu Hen
    6)DragonBall/Dragonball Z
    7)Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    9)Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion
    10)Samurai Champloo/Outlaw Star


    2)Magi: Labyrinth of Magic
    3)One-Punch Man
    4)Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul:Re
    10)One Piece

    Video games-
    1)Devil May Cry 3:Special Edition
    2) Streets of Rage 2
    3)Red Dead Redemption
    4)Fire Emblem-Blazing Sword
    5)Street Fighter Alpha 3
    6)Sonic and Knuckles/Sonic Adventure 2:Battle
    7)Legend of Zelda- Skyward Sword/Wind Waker/A Link To The Past,
    8)Super Mario-Mario Bros 3/Mario World/Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga,
    9)Final Fantasy VII/Metroid Prime
    10)Resident Evil 4

    Music (Hip Hop:Wu-Tang Clan,Ice-Cube, pre 2009 Busta Rhymes, Outkast, Fugees, LL Cool J, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, Missy Elliot, RnB: Usher, Musiq Soulchild, Tyrese, Mario, R-Kelly, Stone Mecca, Jazz/Blues, Pop, Rock, Old skool Garage and Grime, Techno/Dubstep,Gospel) Football, Poetry
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  1. I recently received the thumbs up to start collecting data for my dissertation and was wondering if anyone here is from the UK and would be up for filling in my survey? Should take no more than 10-15 minutes. Here it is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DCHYQ67 Ladies especially, don't be shy to fill this in so as to ensure fair distribution amongst the sexes! Any questions, let me know. Happy gaming and a good day/week to all!
  2. Was just wondering if anyone here still plays awakening and is up for playing wifi battles and exchanging friend codes?
  3. Cordelia, HP-37, Strength-16, Magic-5, Skill-21, Spd 19 (+2skill), Luck-14, Defence-16, Resistance-13 Sumia, HP-32 Strength-14, Magic-6 Skill-22, Speed-23(+2 skill) Luck-16, Defence-9, Resistance-15 In the end decided to go Falcon Knight Route for Cordelia and Dark Flier for Sumia based on their growths. Will reclass both of them once they get to level 15 to get galeforce and lancefaire respectively.
  4. Well she's been at level 20, and I just got Sumia to that level as well recently. as of now the differences are as follows HP-+5 in cordelia's favour Strength +2 in cordelia's favour Magic +1 in sumia's favour Skill +1 in sumia's favour Speed +6 in Sumia's favour Luck +2 in sumia's favour Defence +7 in Cordelia's favour Resistance +2 in Sumia's favour
  5. Didn't really feel the need, it more or less kind of happened because of battles with risen, me fighting some of the spot pass teams and the fact I desperately needed gold and wanted to explore the compatibility between units and the support bonuses they give each other. Also because I wanted to see how viable Donnel is as a unit for myself. Classic Hard Mode
  6. Because of the galeforce skill right? Which of the units above would you recommend promoting first considering where I'm at?
  7. Hi again So I'm making another post which will be more general and that I may update regularly. Still at chapter 9 and got a number of level 20 units or units who can be up for promotion. Personally I am someone who prefers to get units to promote when they have reached the highest level, but it seems you have to be a bit more open minded about that with this game due to prominence of skills and re-classing and the effects of the latter on stats and experience. So atm I have the following units up for possible promotion and just wondering who at the moment should be considered priority: Donnel (Mercenary lvl 12)- HP-44, Strength-Capped at 27, Magic-8, Skill-26, Spd-Capped at 25, Luck-Capped at 33, Defence-22, Resistance-8 Cordelia - HP-37, Strength-16, Magic-5, Skill-21, Spd 19 (+2skill), Luck-14, Defence-16, Resistance-13 Sumia lvl 15- HP-29, Strength-10, Magic-6, Skill-18, Spd-21 (+2skill), Luck-13, Defence-9, Resistance-12 Sully- HP-32, Strength-18, Magic-4, Skill-24, Spd-22, Luck-14, Defence-14, Resistance-8 Stahl - HP- 39, Strength-17, Magic-0, Skill-15, Spd-19, Luck-17, Defence-24, Resistance-4 Kellam- HP-36, Strength-22, Magic-1, Skill-18, Spd-10, Luck-6, Defence 21 (+2 skill), Resistance-11 Lon'qu Lvl 17-HP-31, Strength-16, Magic-2, Skill-20, Spd-26, Luck-14, Defence-8, Resistance-5 Chrom lvl 17- HP-34, Strength-16, Magic-3, Skill-18, Spd-19, Luck-18, Defence-17 Robin- HP-33, Strength-16, Magic-21, Skill-12, Spd-18, Luck-9, Defence-13, Resistance-10 Ricken- HP-34, Strength-4, Magic-15, Skill-15, Spd,13, Luck-20, Defence-13, Resistance-10 I currently have 2 Master Seals and 1 Second Seal. I have already decided to make Sully a Paladin, Stahl a Great Knight, Donnel a Hero and Ricken a Dark Knight in any case, with Lon'qu probably becoming a Swordmaster. And I would think Kellam probably would be better as a General. Don't know what to make of Cordelia and Sumia.
  8. Do you think I should have waited till he was level 30 or it's fine as it is right now?
  9. Yeah it's funny because at first it seemed like Ricken was going to turn out alot better as he had higher stats in magic, skill, luck and speed after I raised him to catch up with her but then towards the end it seems the rng played in miriel's favour lol. Would you say I missed much not waiting till reaching level 15 then? I've noticed this game plus fates have allowed for higher caps now for all stats so what would you consider high luck? At the moment these are his stats as a level 1 mercenary before I forget:Strength-18, Magic-4,Skill-16,Speed-17, Luck-22,Defence-16,Resistance-6 So pretty similar to what other forums have said generally then. My gut feeling was literally telling me to go for dark knight as soon as I saw her defence jump from 12 to 17, making her very durable on the physical and magical side of things. What would you suggest for Ricken? And also I ended up pairing Miriel with Stahl not knowing she would get married at S rank. What can I expect from their child/children?
  10. Hi guys, So I just got Fire Emblem Awakening a few days ago after taking advantage of a sale offer for 27.99 and I have to say I am really enjoying the game so far. Been playing it on Classic Hard mode, and taking advantage of the Bonus Teams you can fight through the StreetPass features so a fair number of my units are fairly op (in my eyes anyway lol) at the point I'm at which is Chapter 9. I just wanted to query you on the following: 1) What is the maximum level Donnel can reach as a villager? 2) What class(es) are ideal for Miriel? I raised Donnel up to level 12 however based on stuff I have read from other forums and guides decided to re-class him as a mercenary. With regards to Miriel she currently has the following stats at lvl 20: Strength-5 Magic-16(18 when you include Magic +2 skill) Skill-16 Spd-19 Luck-15 Def-10 Res-14 I also have read from other forums on the net etc that Ricken is considered better in some areas including magic and defence however in my case they are not far apart barring speed (12), luck (19) and res (9), without about a difference of 1 between magic and strength in miriel's favour and 2 for skill again in miriel's favour, with Ricken being at level 19 himself. Thanks for any help offered.
  11. No worries. I found out there are 2 other methods you can use to get Bael's to spawn after chapter 11. Regarding your view on being able to rng abuse on the GBA games, I can tell you from experience that it isn't the case for Sacred Stones. I wouldn't mind showing you the stats of my team along with explanations and links to guides which detail how to effectively RNG abuse and get the best stats possible for characters.
  12. Does anyone know an easy way to get Bael's to spawn on Zaha woods after the 11th chapter onwards on the world map? Thanks for any help rendered in advance
  13. I hear you on that. I myself had to use Percival as well for two levels of the Sacae section. Ironically for me Zeiss turned out a bit better than Miledy so used him more. True on the versality and strength. Tbh I think I got a little lucky with my Bors, the only issues he really had were skill and resistance. Even his speed was reasonable.
  14. So in the end decided to dump Barth due to him having next to no improvement stats wise after 5 lvls minus 3 points in strength and 2 points in defence (what a regretful waste of experience smh). Suffice to say Bors has turned out alright with the following stats as a lvl 2 General Str-17 Skill-10 Speed-14 (inclusive of 1 speedwing) Luck-11 Def-21 Res-3 (Will consider getting 2 or 3 talismans to improve this) Move-7 (inclusive of 1 boots) I forgot to add another major reason why I wanted a general was due to me going through the Sacae route (on hard mode I might add) which apparently is merciless if you don't have units with decent defence or speed, with me lacking a little in the former.
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