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  1. .... Yeah, seems like it's best if I get my old account back. I'll try to do so. Meanwhile, know that I'm in the game.
  2. I know, does it make any difference whether I keep this account and delete the other? It is much easier for me and for the admins.
  3. I just messaged eclipse to see if it is posssible to delete my old account and keep this one. And I confirm.
  4. Problem is I think my last account uses an email that doesn't work anymore. I'm fine with the cops deleting my latter account and letting me stay with this one. Crissaegrim is a cooler nick and I got an animu avatar ready to Mafia.
  5. If I'm not Rapier then Rapier can counterclaim being Rapier instead.
  6. Rapier here. I had to erase cookies and I forgot my username/password. I'm not lying I swear
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