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  1. I've recruited her, but she isn't on the ministry map (I want to train)
  2. Keep in mind there are a good number of people that don't do apo. They run the campaign, maybe 2-3 times while owning the game. These are the folks that will need the most help, so knowing what are good setups for that (if they select optimize for campaign) is important too.
  3. As a few of you know, I'm developing a web tool to assist in planning who marries who, and what skills to pass down to your children, and what class / skills everyone should take to fit your play style. The page is coming along pretty well, and I'm nearly done with this pass of bug fixes. This brings me to the point where I am planning the next development stage, which is "skill and equipment suggestions" for the characters you plan to front line. So, this is where I'm asking for help. Some of you have absolutely no use for this tool. you know the game in and out, and have built every possible combo a dozen times over. help! So, without further adeu, here is what I'm asking for. List the combinations of skills you find to be the most brutal. You don't need to use all 5 skills for a character, just list the individual combo's that make it particularly brutal. The things below should be indicated. combo uberness: it's nifty. but it isn't anything special. better than picking 2 random skills.... barely. works okay together. for example, "+2 skill" boosting 3 skill based abilities. works very well together, or incredibly powerful all on it's own. (galeforce, rally spectrum, etc.) Nearly over powered: you get the idea. this combo won't auto win for you, but is very powerful. broken. This combination makes a unit omnipotent. Combo requirements: any stats that have to be at least a certain number for the combination to be useful. any skills that are mandatory for the combination to function, not just recommended. Lastly, Stat thresholds What is the minimum useful atk power? magic attack power? Defense? resistance? what speed is necessary for not getting doubled? for getting double on them? You should understand how it will work. A user will stat what area of the game they wish to be optimal for. weather it be farming apo, end game lunatic+, classic end game, etc. Then, the engine will make highlight options that would be at least acceptable to their goal. So for any combination, or stat requirement, please state to what ends your configuration is. I do not know the game well enough to populate these things on my own with any completeness. The tool will be as good and complete as the information I have to fill it. credit will be given on the page to significant contributors when it is complete.
  4. I think he's saying he liked the simplicity, the lack of the need to over think things, or to plan 3 chapters ahead character growth. While this game allows ypu to do all that in spades, on allowable starting difficulties, you don't HAVE to.
  5. don't read strategies. don't read spoilers. Just play the game and enjoy it. at least for your first playthrough. Then you wont want to do all that extra stuff you don't like, because unless you get dlc, the basic game is no different than other ones in the series.
  6. Added touch screen support for the drag and drop functions. To do list: A: configure to allow display of selecting a skill to pass as inheritance, - mark inheritable skills that the child can not learn on their own. A: display skills the child inherited on the final screen. A. display children of the unions to the final screen. A. fix bug with the fathers inheritable classes for their children. B: add support for Avatar. C: add additional page allowing you to select your active team, their pairings, and display their stats both with and without support of their pair, and their equipment, with a link back to the lineage page to show how you got there. Is there anything else people would like to see on the page?
  7. hrm. I googled manakete apo, and there are videos' on google of 4 manakete tanking it. he's taking 0-1 damage from the archers. 76 def, + 20 from pairing, +, +8 from rally, +2 from stat skill and +2 from def skill, would be 108 defense. 96 atk cutting my def in half would give me 54, taking 38 damage. so you could take two hits before needing heals. Add bowbreaker and aegis though, and you could take alot more. What am I missing?
  8. I actually don't have that dlc yet. why would the bow be particularly effective against a manakete?
  9. So, I've been considering making a couple heavily defensive units. I was considering pairing nawi with kellam, and then pairing nah with a defense + luck- avatar. This would give me a 47 def 43 res Nah, + stone for a total of: Def +13, Res +9 yielding 60/52. Which is pretty good, I'm sure we've all done that. But then adding the avatar to the equation... I would get morgan as a 51/45 base manakete, + stone for 13 def and 9 res.... would put him at 64/54...... Would anything actually be able to hurt her with melee? Add in limit breaker... and she hits 74/64 (def / resist) but I don't know if that would even be necessary for melee? though I suppose being practically immune to magic wouldn't hurt either...
  10. Added a mouseover tooltip for classes, and prettied up the pages a bit. There was a reported bug for classes from the father not displaying. This does matter for a few cases, like where the father is granting a female class a gender specific class. until it is remedied, you'll still have to reference serene forest's wiki. It should be fixed by tonight.
  11. It's still a question of if you want to invest all that time farming weapons/ money... Personally, I hate having to do it.
  12. Perhaps. this might evolve into that one day, but it's not what I built it for. all three pages are up now. I changed the link on the main page, because somehow I linked to the 2nd page initially. If you submit the form on the 2nd page, it will take you to a 3rd page now that will let you either link your build, or save (by saving the link) your build. Eventually it will save skills you have selected as inheritance as well. http://irodemine.com/EMS/fe1.php
  13. mr robot is a calculator. The problem with applying it to a game like this, is that you're not dealing with limited supply. The "optimal build" whatever that may be is readily obtainable by anyone with the game. The optimal build with dlc is readily available for anyone with the dlc. The nice part about this game is that you can beat it with a variety of setups. It would be nice to be able to set weighted values to things yourself, and have it auto populate how to get the most of what you want though. (like galeforce, sol's, or max skill, etc).
  14. Oh good heavens no. You're talking to someone that has never read a walkthrough for a game in my life. Our guild in wow has done all major content without looking anything up first. I believe that ruins the fun of a game. "look ma', I can read instructions!" No, this tool is to help you plan what you want yourself, and make it easier to graphically show other people what you mean. I've played through a couple times where I screwed myself out of a galeforce, (once two of them). Not to mention a variety of less critical but uber skills. This is to help you make your plans for your next playthrough.
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