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  1. Well that was... a thing. The humor was too vulgar and not clever enough for my taste, and the level design in chapter 2 shows more of Marc's... overzealous design choices for better or for worse. But overall, a lot of care was put into this hack, and it's quite solid. I enjoyed it overall. ... And thus, the end of an era. Was nice to be back here again to see you do your thing, TheMoniker. Your screenshot LPs were easily one of the best parts of my senior year of high school, with a new update every day right as I settled in at home. Coming back here was a real nostalgia trip. Thanks for everything you've done, man.
  2. Damn, it's been a long time since I've been here. This brings back memories. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.
  3. I'm looking for a specific set of skills: Female!Kana: Aegis, Pavise, Lethality, Quixotic Anna: Aegis, Pavise, Lethality North American region only.
  4. I see.Well, this personal skill idea could still work regardless. "Large Ham" Increases Rally range to 3 and stat bonuses are increased by 50%.
  5. Question: Are there rally skills in the gane?
  6. Uh-oh.I take it we're not ending RFIV on a high note, but rather a *makes fart noise with tongue*?
  7. I'd be down for seeing a full-fledged hack based entirely on this gimmick.
  8. Allright, in that case I have an idea for a mid-to-late-game character: Vito Class: Sage Personal Skill: Blue Magic- Allows this unit to attack with Monster Weapons and Dragonstones. Growths: HP: 25% Mag: 40% Skill: 30% Spd: 65% Luck: 40% Def: 80% Res: 80% And have some growths for my other characters! Silver: HP: 30% Str: 70% Skill: 40% Spd: 90% Luck: 30% Def: 30% Res: 10% Bogan: HP: 85% Str: 55% Skill: 25% Spd: 40% Luk: 15% Def: 45% Res: 35%
  9. Question: Are there gonna be monster enemies in the game?
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