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  1. This doesn't use IPS for patching, but UPS. Try patching with NUPS or use the mobile patch link in the OP and see if that changes anything.
  2. Hope everyone had a happy new year! SGW V1.52 is now out at the usual download spot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 Mobile patcher link: https://patches.emblemier.com/project/sungod/overview The change log is below: > V1.52: > > - Fixed various typos > - Added new class cards for female fighters, female warriors, ravagers, and angels > - Added boss conversations between the cav units and the boss of chapter 14 > - Added an extra conversation to the final map > - Attempted to remove ballista tiles from chapter 20 map > - Ricky can now use C rank staves and starts with a heal staff > - Gamble was changed to only lower hit by 20 and increase crit by 20 > - Boar tactics has been buffed so that on certain maps, unit gains +20 hit/crit and +2 Attack speed > - Chivalry now boosts atk, mag, def, and res +5 and AS +2 when foe HP is full > - Strong riposte now gives +3 atk/mag/def/res and +10 avoid when under attack > - Generic braves no longer have strong riposte and have pursuit instead > - Buffed Nicole's Str and skl growthes by 5% > - Buffed Derek's spd and def growthes by 10%, luk by 15% > - Buffed Nereid's HP growth by 30%, base str and con by 1, base def/res by 2, base mag by 5, sword rank boosted to B > - Buffed Oreades's base speed by 1 and base def by 2 > - Buffed Dullahan's res by 12 > - Buffed Jeff's HP by 10, speed by 4, but lowered luck by 7 > - Buffed secret character R's speed by 5 capping it (speed growth set to 0 as a result), buffed movement growth to 200% A lot of these are changes I wanted to make for V1.5, but forgot to do so... as such, this patch was released quite quickly. I have no other balance changes in mind for the foreseeable future, so the next patch should hopefully just be for the release of lunatic mode. Thank you all for your patience with lunatic mode and for putting up with all these updates for the past few months since the initial completed release. I hope you'll enjoy SGW in 2021 as well!
  3. Thanks for playing! V1.51 fixed up the promoted exp formula, so it should be easier to reach level 20 without being permanently stuck in tier 1 to do so. That bug with the unit spawning outside the map I'm assuming was Joe the lance armor? That bug has been fixed in later versions of the hack. Spending money on staffs/healing items seems to be what most people end up using money for. This hack is pretty generous in the amount of items it gives.
  4. We have our first 0% LP! Tez is doing a 0% growth rate LP that can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg7R_OIjbpo&list=PLR0kOFrq7gs1rc7hgDBd6b4mHNljUgHmV&index=1 While the prologue is pretty simple in 0% growths, the later chapters will be sure to be more exciting, so I look forward to his progress! And on that note, happy new year again everyone! I'm always happy to share LPs anyone wants to do and I look forward to any that start next year!
  5. My sincere apologies for the double post. There was a game breaking bug with V1.5 that has now been fixed. Please download V1.51 that fixes the bug at the usual link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 V1.51: - Fix game breaking bug with wind, blizzard, tornado, death, and jormungandr spells.
  6. Happy early new year! SGW V1.5 is now live at the usual link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 V1.5 has the most changes of any release so far and is the last release I will be making this year unless a game breaking bug is reported. As mentioned in the change log, there are minor graphical bugs with five spells after I performed a ROM rebuild to make more space be available to complete a few of the updates in this patch. As such, the next update I hope to release will fix these minor issues, but with how many other fixes this patch has (including to one game breaking bug) I didn't want to delay the release over something so small. The biggest changes to V1.5 is that you can capture more enemies, enemy leadership has typically been lowered, and promoted units gain even more exp than before. I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported and played SGW. It's been around half a year since the first release, and the feedback and support I've gotten on the hack and how to improve it has been overwhelming. I can never thank you all enough for taking the time to play this hack and provide feedback! It makes all the time I spent working on it more than worth it! This has been a challenging year for everyone in some way or form, so I hope SGW was able to provide even the smallest bit of joy to you during these troubled times! Here's to 2021! V1.5 change log below:
  7. He does have some good support conversations. I wish I did more with his character.
  8. SGW is now going to be available for download on the new Emblemier Patch up! browser tool. I recommend reading the thread on FEU about what it is, https://feuniverse.us/t/emblemier-patchup/9814 , but it is essentially a tool for patching your rom on your phone. So for mobile users trying to patch their ROM, try this site! It also features many other ROM hacks as well. Enjoy! https://patches.emblemier.com/project/sungod/overview
  9. Hey, thank you for the feedback! Yeah, there's not much that can be done about the story at this point. Given that you are only at chapter 3, some feedback I've gotten before is that it gets easier to understand as the hack goes on when everything starts to come together, so perhaps that will happen as you play on. In regards to inventory size, I can't increase it to being a size of 6 or more. I do not believe there is currently any hack that does this and it would not only be a major effort to accomplish, but one that I do not think I am able to do as there isn't enough RAM in this hacks case. Weapons sell for very little just like they did in Thracia. This was knowledge I assumed a player might perceive based on how much this hack draws from Thracia. As the torch staff isn't required to beat the chapter, I don't want to make it be a free item, but rather one you would buy to teach the player that the prep shop can have valuable items in it that make it worth going to every map. So I don't want to change this, but I understand the situation you ran into and appreciate the feedback. I agree that you are right about light getting hit as a bonus is a bit excessive, so I will change that. Thank you for the suggestions and sorry I can't implement all of them! Yes, this should be mentioned in the readme. I apologize if it isn't in the version you downloaded. This is a very recently discovered issue.
  10. Visual Boy Advance 1.80-Beta3 is the recommended one. Older versions have been reported to have compatibility issues.
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