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  1. You missed recruiting the female sage by killing them and the dragon by not talking to them. Refer to the recruitment guide to figure out how to recruit everyone.
  2. Glad you like it! I really like the music I selected too, of course! In other news, V1.10 and V1.04 are finally ready. I'm sorry they both took so long to be officially released, but here they are. If you tried out V1.10/V1.11 beta, this V1.10 adds in some unit balance changes to units like Gerome and Mirielle and is compatible with old .savs. V1.04 is for people who were already playing on V1.03 or lower. This is the last update for those versions, so please finish your current runs and then play V1.10 for an future play throughs you may do. I will not be updating V1.04 again. Outside of balance changes and any bugs people find not listed in the readme, this will probably be the final major update. The only planned future releases/updates that will be included in future releases are balance updates, lunatic mode (don't expect this anytime soon), and possibly reverse mode. As always, the current link for public releases can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 Enjoy, and please report any bugs or balance feedback you have!
  3. Wait no further! To the best of my knowledge, SGW has our first LP by Cornchip. He seems to be a newer YouTuber on the scene, so he could use the support. I look forward to how he does and I hope you all do too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_treUaRxk0&list=PLlA6bN4Mby0Tht6-Xo8mDTnwgZSVhZW1_
  4. I have currently released a new updated beta patch on the SGW discord. Because it's not an official release, there is no update to the title/main link of the hack. If you want to play a more current version where the only main thing keeping the hack from a more public release is the issue of unit balancing, you can find this public beta on the discord.
  5. Thank you, I really appreciate all the support you've given over the years and I'm glad you've enjoyed the hacks I've made!
  6. I have another update for this patch I'm hoping to release this weekend, but otherwise I consider myself to be retired from the hacking community and have no plans to make any new hacks. This one already took enough time as is and I have other things in life I'd like to spend time on. Not to say the adventure wasn't fun, but it's time for me to rest.
  7. I thought I fixed the lance knight with the sword... I will look at it again. I don't want to nerf Lex, but removing canto+ from him doesn't sound like it would be too bad. Relina is a very powerful support unit with okay combat. How much HP did she have? Per your story spoiler, only the power up is temporary. There's a difficulty spike in chapter 2 when the enemies stop being nerfed, but some people have said chapter 3 is where things start to get much harder as opposed to chapter 2.
  8. Evan isn't a character who will see major nerfs. It's really only some of the flying units. The growth rates are just being lowered to better account for scrolls. That's what the overall nerfing will be. By snipers, you mean Bow Knights or in Nicole's case? I don't think I will change that or the two dancers. The nerfs are mostly going to be to growth rates to account for scrolls. There are some characters that were also regarded as having too good of base stats/skill sets, notably Jenna. It shouldn't make anyone that much worse, just help prevent steam rolling through the game.
  9. Gotcha. The next patch tries to address some of the potential difficulty issues by nerfing some overpowered units. There being too much money isn't one that I've fully explored, but I'll keep an eye out on feedback on this issue. The dragonvein bug is hopefully fixed. If you run into it, please let me know. I'm glad you've enjoyed this hack. It means a lot to me to see the people who have been following it for so long to be enjoying it now that it is released!
  10. That's what they are there for! So once you made use of capture and mercy, you felt the hack became too easy overall when compared to your first play through? Or was it just easy in general now? That is indeed a bug, thank you for informing me! You should be able to update your saves without issue. Levels do not reset on promotion in this hack. That is a bug and I will look into it. Magic swords can only be used by characters in classes with the magic trait and can use swords. Do you mean the class card or the animation? There will be no 2-10 range Ballistas. The master axe is in this hack. The latona stopped working for some reason and was removed. I'll see if there is more feedback in regards to this.
  11. SGW has now been updated to version 1.03. The change log can be found below: V1.03: -Fixed bug where gameover condition doesn't activate in chapter 14. -Fixed bug where dragonveins freeze on rare occaions -Fixed occasional bug where game would freeze due to arcthunder missing -Made improvements to Fire Dragon Animation -Fixed various palettes for enemy only classes and NPCs per recomendations -Fixed various typos -Added in various dialogue suggestions, including how class caps work the same as in FE4 -Made some fixes to certain cutscenes based on community feedback -Made preliminary and naive fix to issue with condition R text -Buffed all main dark magic tome hit rates by +10 -Fixed Wyvern Rider promotion to add +2 con -Buffed a recruitable Swordmaster's base speed by +4 (they join very late) -Correct Cerberus name -Fixed issues with enemy equipment in chapter 10 -Fixed magic growth rates of enemy classes -Fixed issue with 0% growths where scrolls still boosted growth rates -Fixed bug where vantage prevented the unit from getting a critical hit -Fixed bug in chapter 6 where you could still get a reward if the corresponding NPC died -Fixed bug where Stone worked on bosses -Fixed bug where chapter 7 wall had death quote There release is a bit premature as I wished to add in some extra balance changes, but due to the bugs I wanted to get this out ASAP. The next patch will have some balance changes for units currently considered to be too strong and some changes to help make the game mechanics more balanced. As always, any feedback on this subject is welcome and encouraged. As always, you can find the download link at the same URL it's always at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0
  12. Thank you, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Your review is exactly the kind of takeaway I hope people have from playing this hack, enjoying the fun and flexible gameplay, finding the music to be enjoyable, and recognizing that while the story isn't the best, there are some parts to it that can be enjoyable. Thank you for the kind remarks and if you have further suggestions please feel free to share them!
  13. Thank you for waiting for so long for the final release! I hope you enjoy it and look forward to what your final thoughts are!
  14. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Good luck! I'm glad you enjoyed it! There are different endings, but they all point towards the same conclusion. I tried to not make the story be too wordy, but it seems that was ultimately unavoidable despite my best efforts. Your ideas for the weapon mentioned in your spoiler is interesting, but sadly there is no way to implement such a mechanic. If I could, I would after such a recommendation! I wish you luck on your second playthrough and I hope you find the mechanics you didn't use as much add to your enjoyment in a second run!
  15. As I said on FEU, I remember that! Glad to have you back after so long, bro! I hope you enjoy SGW and thanks for waiting so long! I hope you find it to be a worthy sequel!
  16. Update: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 based on some requests/bugs found: Adds: A 0% growth patch Fixes: 1. Sound kill when the inferno spell misses 2. The enemy Treant class should now be weak to monster slaying weapons 3. The issue with Demon King HP should now be resolved EDIT: A further update to version 1.02 has been released. It fixes the following: 1. Some typos 2. A bug in chapter 8 where killing any monster enemy would cause Dartanion to leave. Only killing the Cerberus should result in this. The download link is the same as before.
  17. I'm looking forward too it! Thank you for your continued support throughout the project's lifetime! Thank you! I hope you enjoy the final release!
  18. It's time. The genesis of how this hack came to be is so old, I don't even remember most of it now. If you were to ask why I made a sequel to Corrupt Theocrary, my only answer at this point would be "because I said I would and it's what I wanted to do for the two people I knew that LP'd that hack." Corrupt Theocracy was a hack I made in the summer of 2010, taking a break once the school year started, only to finish the supports during winter break. It took less than three months to make, and its quality shows as a result. Sun God's Wrath, however, took much longer. Originally starting off as Sun God's Challenge, I worked on that for about a year and a half (longer if you count the planning that took place during CT) before just giving up on the project and moving on to other things in life. After seeing Siggy LP CT and then TheMoniker, three years since giving up on SGC, in 2015 I decided to go back to work on Sun God's Challenge, but I tried to change things up from the original, put more effort into it, and make something more unique. The result is this hack, Sun God's Wrath. I worked on SGW with a pretty dedicated passion from 2015 until about late 2016, taking another break as a result of real life stuff being more fun to do. I picked up the project again in 2017, this time adding in and working with the skill system. Doing this effectively made me rebuild the entire hack, causing further delays. For the 2018 - early 2019 period, the majority of time I spent working on this project was just on revising and refining different things about the early game. When I decided to add in fatigue and capture, that only added further overhead. It wasn't until 2019 that I had finally gotten back to the point I was at in 2017 because of the revising and real world things I was balancing at the same time. From there, I would typically spend about a month at a time working on a new chapter, with the hack finally being "completed" around April 2020. From there it was just finishing the supports and game play balance, until we reached today, July 18th 2020, where the hack was finally finished. If I didn't decide to add in the skill system, fatigue, capture, and all the other features, this hack could've been finished a lot sooner, but I don't think it would have been anywhere near the same level as it is now. Sun God's Wrath is an odd hack. It's the sequel to something with an undefendable story and poorly though out gameplay. It makes you wonder where or what can really be done in a world with such limited world building, setting, and conflict. In truth, if I were to make a new hack from the start, I would've tried to do something more like the manga "Kingdom", but I tried to take what I could and make the best story that I thought was possible, while adding in some fun levity in between. I don't think the story of SGW is ultimately very good. I think there are parts that might be enjoyable and it isn't Fates bad or boring enough to make you not want to play, but there's better stuff out there. The one thing about the story I am proud of is the effort that my playtesters, especially Lonely Voxel, Legend Of Loog, and Ryn (not the FETuber) put into helping to make sure the dialogue was grammatically correct. Any errors you'll see in the text are because of things either they didn't find or were added in after by me. They did a great job, and I'm proud to have worked together with them. While the story isn't anything to write home about, I think the gameplay is much better and more engaging. There are tons of new class, skills, spell animations, and features to this hack that give the player quite a bit of flexibility in how you may want to play. There are over 50 playable characters, so it is even iron man friendly. I also really like the music I selected, but I understand if others don't. As I finish up my thoughts, a question that remains on my mind is "did I work on this hack myself or with a team"? The answer to such a question is neither. This hack came about thanks to the efforts of tons of people in the community, whether that be everyone making new battle or spell sprites, music, maps, or mugs, to all those involved in FEBuilder (7743 is a true gift to our community) and the skill system, to the countless people on YouTube providing live Fire Emblem feedback. The credits are massive for a reason. So while I made the events, wrote the script, and created some of the mugs/maps/music/animations, myself, the overwhelming majority of things put into this hack was made by the community, and I couldn't reach this point without everyone involved. I am truly grateful and proud to be a member of this community, and I hope that the people whose work shows up in this hack take pride in that as well. I tried my best to incorporate everything that I could. Beyond the community, I also had a team of dedicated playtesters. Without Momo, I wouldn't have been able to set up the discord that we used for testing and will continue to use going forward. Legend Of Loog and Lonely Voxel really went the extra mile in helping to edit SGW, and I'm forever grateful to them for it. Without the feedback of Just Someone/Fantasy Violin, Zephyeroth, judge09, elec96, and Nasura, this hack would be in a much worse state than it is. In addition to all the others who helped test and play this thing, even way back in the day, it was a pleasure working with you all and I hope you're reading this knowing that we finally did it. This hack is finally done. In closing, I want to give some special thanks to some members of the community. Mageknight404, if not for your YouTube videos way back in the day of your FE404 hack, I wouldn't have ever found this community. To Nintenlord, Hextator, and Zalhman, you paved the way forward in helping grow the more technical parts of the hacking community, and this hack wouldn't have been possible without the work you did. To Arch, thank you for all the work you've done in growing and leading the community. I wouldn't be here without the tutorials you wrote. To Blazer, your ultimate tutorial and personal guidance on things you provided me WAY in the past also made this possible. To Siggy and TheMoniker, again, this wouldn't have reached this point without the inspiration that you gave me to continue, especially to TheMoniker who essentially created a repository of the whole script of CT. To Mekkah and Mangs, the tons of live play and feedback you created is a true treasure trove for people looking to make and understand FE games, and nothing can change that. While some of you are still active in the community, where ever all of you are, I hope you are one day able to see this hack and maybe even play it. If you have fun doing so, then that would be all I could ask for. But enough from me. You can find the first final release here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck6l6c5ri3fwhon/SGW_Complete.zip?dl=0 The discord, which includes various guides, can be found here: https://discord.gg/TbxxXMy Enjoy and thank you for all your support over the years!
  19. This is the final update before the complete release. Gameplay wise, I consider all balance changes to have been complete. The only things remaining before the final release are as follows: 1. Fixing any last minute feedback from playtesters 2. Doing one last round of tests to make sure all events work 3. Some very minor cosmetic changes 4. Making a character guide. When the final release is ready, I'll take my time to make my big "this is what the journey has been like post" to reflect on the whole thing. In conclusion, expect the final release sometime this weekend, Friday at the earliest.
  20. 27 in total with no gaiden chapters. It's the latest publicly available version. At this point, you might be better off waiting for the final release. We're doing the final playtest now and then it'll be ready. I wanted to have it ready before July 4th, but that isn't looking to be likely at this rate.
  21. I'm not sure that's doable anymore in this hack given some of the modifications I made, so there will be no post game. Just normal and hard mode along with a separate lunatic mode patch that will be released a little later.
  22. 1. There is a playable Dragoon, but don't expect too much from this. 2. There is no post game.
  23. Glad you like it! Supports are finally finished. They just need to be proof read. If anyone would like to help with that effort, it would be greatly appreciated All that's left before the final release is ready are as follows: 1. Finish the character endings 2. Editing of the supports and endings 3. Some last tweaks to the overall gameplay for hard mode 4. Any remaining graphical tweaks 5. Implement any playtester feedback I am also going to make a lunatic mode patch, but if the normal/hard mode patch is ready to go before the lunatic mode one is ready, that patch will be released first. The lunatic mode patch will essentially just remove changes that were recommended to me by some of my play testers to help make the hack easier. The features of the lunatic mode patch will be as follows: 1. Only one gameplay mode. 2. Units will have less durability (used for determining fatigue deployment) 3. Less gems and thus money will be available. 4. Enemy stats, weapons, and skills will be greatly altered That's all for this update. The final release is getting closer each day.
  24. I hope so! Thank you for your continued support! Because I also haven't updated the thread in awhile, I figured I'd give another "bigger" update after a month. Currently, 237/358 supports are finished and no endings are done. Two playtesters have finished hard mode and there are recommendations of theirs that I need to implement to help balance certain units. I am awaiting other recommendations from other players, but we continue to find bugs and typos and are making good progress. A June final release is looking more and more likely with July being the latest. It's just a matter of finishing supports, endings, and doing the final tweaks for hard mode. I am also currently debating whether or not to release two final patches. One final patch would contain normal and hard mode, while the second patch would contain lunatic mode. Lunatic mode would be quite a bit different than normal and hard mode/the first patch, being more resource intensive, nerfing supports, and giving enemies more tools (weapons/skills) for them to fight with. If I do make a lunatic patch, it would be released after the first patch ala Three Houses. And when I say more skills, I don't mean expect to see vantage+wrath enemies, but rather more enemies with skills like Hit+20 or Lull X. I will conclude saying SGW is about 95% done.
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