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  1. A brief update: Play testing is going well. Thanks to all the cool new stuff everyone in the community has created, I added in one new feature and one extra QOL feature thanks to their efforts: As you can see, fatigue has been added. Unlike in FE5 though, you get fatigued when your fatigue goes over your durability. I also added in the personal data patch. I added on to it a bit so that you can see what skills a unit will learn at higher levels. That's all for now.
  2. I'm currently redoing a lot of the chapters to balance out hard mode and capture and have not gotten to chapter 9 (currently on chapter 8). I will keep your comment in mind during testing of that chapter. In regards to the slow clear time, in the chapters where taking too long results in a gameover (I do not believe there are many of them) I will not change these limits as they are there for gameplay/story reasons. The game is designed to be beaten easily within the fast clear time without having to rely on rescue dropping or warp/rescue. The slow turn limits are designed in mind with turn counts that go well beyond how long it should take to finish the chapters.
  3. Sure! I'll PM you shortly with details. As two people have now applied, applications are closed.
  4. I shall be sending you the patch shortly, along with some other notes. I wanted to originally finish by February, but I will not reach that goal. The only thing I can say is that it should be finished this year. There will be 27 chapters total. At this moment, 22 of them are done.
  5. I just mentioned this to Ghast and I believe he will address the issue as he agreed that it was a good point, but it seems that the Resource Directory topic does not mention FEbuilder, which is why we occasionally see people still asking questions about FEditor on Serenes. I recommended that the links be removed and replaced with FEbuilder ones, among other things. I leave it to the mods to decide what is best for the forum based on the message I sent, but I hope it will lead to less people asking questions about FEditor.
  6. I’m looking to recruit two playtesters on a first come first serve basis as that’s probably the most fair way to do so. The only thing I would be requesting of any applicants at this time is to play the first six chapters first in normal mode, then in hard mode, and provide feedback on what they think is either fair/too hard/too easy. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I’d greatly appreciate the help. Anyone can apply. Applications are closed.
  7. Finally got around to finishing up incorporating new updates to the skill system and reorganizing the free space in my base rom. I have less than a MB left for any additional changes I may want from what is left. The pressure in some respects is real, but with only a few chapters left and supports, I think I should be fine. Anyway, here is a sneak peak of the updates I made and was able to incorporate: As you can see, the str/magic split has now been applied, in addition to there now being a movement growth as well. I thought about possibly adding in movement stars as well, but I ultimately decided against that addition given that there are two dancers available in the hack. I also added in capture. I will try my best to balance it, but my goal with adding in capture is that it's existence doesn't make people feel like they will always need to capture something. The last changes I want to note are some slight touch ups. The larger brown boxes of text I hope speed up the flow of the introduction scenes before some of the chapters. The weapon display was reverted back to a more proper one that actually displays weapon progress. I updated the minimug screen. While I don't show it here, I did fix the odd animation issue with the flux tome. I also completely redesigned the prologue. Because of the new changes to how the hack is structured thanks to the str/magic split, people will no longer be able to use their old save files. As such, I'm trying to make some chapters play differently to make the experience more fresh for the people who have been playing the hack so many times over the years. This is the third time I've said this, but I really hope this is the last time such a change will happen, especially since the only other release I plan to do is for the final version of the hack. The small updates to the early chapters I have planned don't make me think I will fail to reach my goal of releasing the hack in full next year, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to accomplish that goal by February anymore because of these updates. I can only say that this hack should definitely be finished next year. Happy holidays and thanks for the continued support!
  8. Thank you for the feedback! Any criticism is always important, and as a general tl;dr I have received criticism like yours before and am in the process of best figuring out how to address each point. There is indeed a very large cast of characters, and I am going to do my best to try and clean that up. To go through each point of criticism and attempt to respond: 1. There have been some issues with map changes. I am currently trying to address them. 2. I have not received this feedback before and will attempt to address it. Thank you! 3. I will try and make their hints more clear. 4. Making the script flow better is a current work in progress. I am glad you enjoyed the latter chapters more, but I am trying to improve upon everything in general for the final release. 5. Pandan and Mangs had access to special unreleased build for the demo. In the current release, the first scroll you get is the Baldo scroll Derek comes with in Chapter 7, but in the final release you will have the three that show up in both LPs at that point in the game. Thank you very much for your feedback, it was very helpful and informative!
  9. I'm well behind in my monthly updates here, so I figured I'd share some incomplete screens of chapter 21 to make up for being late. The chapter is about 90% done. When I finish this chapter, I'm probably going to do some ROM cleanup so that I actually know what's in my base ROM (other than graphics and music, I no longer really remember honestly) and then I'll see about adding in the strength/magic split, some of the other cool recently released hacks like holy blood, and some more hybrid classes/branching promotion.
  10. Wasn't able to fully reach my goal for the month, but chapter 20 is about 75% complete. Still have lots of balancing to do. And apparently there's an odd issue with the female Valkyrie lance animation? Haven't heard anything about it before, but I'll see what I can do.
  11. A bit behind where I wanted to be, but chapter 19 is done. Still hoping I can get chapter 20 finished this month, but we'll see. Five more chapters to go and this will finally be done.
  12. Some very very initial thoughts on Maddening mode with BL that I'm hoping people will point out ways to improve upon: Chapter 1: Without trying to rig anything other than some ~70+ hit rates, so far the best I've been able to beat this chapter in is 9 turns. If I were to give out points to who I thought were the best units for this chapter, I'd say: Felix, Dimiti, Mercedes, Dedue, Byleth - 2 Everyone else - 1 Dimitri because of tempest lance and Felix because of his personal skill are your most powerful units in this map. Felix is especially useful because Edelgard can't ORKO him at base, something only Dedue is also capable of because of his personal skill. Dedue's personal skill, high base attack, and smash make him very useful for bow chip damage and taking hits. Mercedes is your healer. Byleth's usefulness in this map will slightly vary depending on if they can get a point of speed. With a point of speed, Edelgard is no longer able to ORKO them, making them a much more flexible unit in terms of what they can do. Otherwise, Felix can replicate everything Blyeth does in this map by nature of being faster at base. While Felix's crest is nice, it wasn't necessary for the TC I got. Based on the strategy I used, if Byleth doesn't get that point of speed, I don't think it's worth trying to swap out either Dedue or Felix for this map. If Byleth does get that point of speed, you could probably replace Felix or Dedue for anyone else with my strategy. Assuming everyone's at base, my strategy was (assuming base stats): Turn 1: Byleth with an axe lures in Lorenz, while Felix with a bow lures in Dorthea. Turn 2: Byleth kills Dorthea. If Felix's crest didn't activate, he needs to use Wrath Strike. Mercedes chips Lorenz with an Iron bow so Dimitri can finish him with Tempest Lance. Dedue and Felix kill Ignatz. Turn 3: Felix lures in Hubert. Turn 4: Dimitri kills Hubert out of Edelgard's range with a bow. Dedue waits so that he can survive a round of combat from Edelgard and trades Dimitri his iron lance. Felix moves next to Dedue on a forest tile forming a line where Edelgard and Ferdinand can only attack one unit each. Turn 5: Chip Edelgard and Ferdinand with bow attacks and then finish them off with combat arts. Mercedes lures in Manuela. Turn 6+: Pick off one by one Manuela, Claude, Hilda, and Hanneman. Dedue lured Claude away from everyone else in my case. Smart vulnerary use is key. If I'm willing to let someone die or did better positioning from turn 6 on, I wouldn't be surprised if that saves a turn, but otherwise I think I'd need to rig a smash crit somewhere, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
  13. 1. All Advanced physical infantry get 6 mov, not just Assassin and Brawler (Grappler?). 2. Wyvern classes have the same speed penalties to stats and growths as Paladins. 3. Mounted units can't use infantry battalions, just flying and mounted.
  14. No, I just finished all routes of Three Houses this week. Next weekend, as this weekend I am busy, I'm hoping to finish up the previous chapter I was trying to finish before 3H came out and update the animation for Astrea's promotion.
  15. Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying the hack! Two of the bugs you mention I believe should have been fixed in the most recent patch. If this is still not the case, I will double check this weekend (in addition to the other bug mentioned in the thread). I have never experienced the Joanne bug before. I will take a look at it. In terms of pricing, I felt some items may be too cheap, but I rarely found the need to buy any. In regards to magic users, because of all the new spells added in the hack, I wanted to add in a bunch of people that could use them. I also put in a bunch of them because I wanted to make the hack easier to iron man so people can just feel comfortable playing through and not worrying too much about losing a unit.
  16. Sorry for the delayed reply. I didn't like any ideas I had about how to implement third tier magic using classes, so I just left it at two. I don't want to spend any more time working on new classes. I just want to finish the events and supports. Then I'll be able to finally release a complete product.
  17. Thank you for spreading awareness about this hack. I picked black eagles as I just decided who ever I rolled in Heroes would be the route I pick, and I got Edelgard.
  18. Happy Three Houses release date everyone! Probably not the best time to add a patch update, but I have added an updated patch that fixes the following three issues: 1. The game no longer freezes if Sniper!Nicole attacks at 1 range (she is the only archer with point blank) 2. The game no longer freezes if a female war cleric uses a magic animation 3. The conversation between the general and Astrea in chapter 9 should no longer freeze the game As always, please let me know if you find any bugs or have other feedback. In terms of progress, I'm hoping to still get at least 1 chapter finished a month. You can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vza5pj0oh0p0nou/v4.1.zip?dl=0
  19. The next patch will be the final one. The contents that will be added are as follows: 1. Possibly swapping around some skills and making new ones available 2. Making some scrolls available earlier in the game, such as the Odo scroll to help boost skill growth (thanks @SaintSassy for your feedback in giving me this idea) 3. Add in any other balance recommendations 4. Anima magic triangle will be added in 5. Movement stars ala FE5 may be added in, I might make a poll on this 6. Supports will be completed (NOTE: No supports will have three conversations. They will only have one or two) 7. Either Six or Seven additional chapters. It depends on how I feel the pacing of the story is going and how long it takes for me to make each chapter. I don't expect to release this next patch until December at the earliest.
  20. It's just how I balanced/designed them. Charles learns three skills that boost his accuracy and Artemis learns two of them in addition to being able to use high accuracy wind magic. I'll double check on that and maybe make them buyable in the chapter 17 shop. Glad you enjoyed it! The next patch will be the last one, so it'll be awhile.
  21. I can't view your images. If you're visiting one house and that's causing a completely different one to close, that is a bug. I'll take a look at it later, but that isn't something I've ever experienced before. Characters learn new skills at the following levels (NOTE Not all characters get 6 skills in total): Level 5 or 8 Level 10 Tier 1: Level 15 and 20 Tier 2: Level 20 and 25 Tier 3 (Physical units only): Level 25 and 30 The tier level skills are always the same based on the unit's class just learned at a later level the higher the tier they are in ala Pokemon. Shamans now promote to Druids once again. The Mage Fighter class was removed. What chapter were you up to when you made this comment? I believe you only are able to get 5 or 6 guiding rings in the entire patch. Thanks! I hope you're enjoying the new update!
  22. Version 4 patch is ready. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u594nizr0c57315/v4.zip?dl=0 This is version 4 of this hack. It is 19 chapters long (prologue - chapter 18) and there are no gaiden chapters. Outside of bug fixes, the next major patch will be the last one, finishing up the hack and adding in supports. I don't expect to release this patch until around December at the earliest as I don't want to release the final patch during "Three Houses Season" so to say. Please make sure to read the README and the credits. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Not sure what else to add, but any constructive feed back is welcome.
  23. Happy 4th of July everyone. All the chapters for the next patch are now finished. I just need to do one last debug run, clean up some things here and there, and it should be good to go. If by chance I finish before the 7th, I will release the next patch early, however I make no promises. Outside of one unforseen bug (which I don't see happening but I'm going to test again to make sure I killed it) I should still hit the projected release date.
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