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  1. I don't know what telegram is but you can always message me here. As a small update, play testing progress is going well. Hardmode testing and supports are both halfway done. I don't think it'll be ready for a final release in May as I will be very busy this week, but the final release is getting closer and closer. If this isn't done by July at the latest, I'll be a bit sad.
  2. Small progress update: The next final draft version of the hack is done, however I haven't made any progress on new supports as of late. I had a very busy week. As such, I'm looking to recruit 2 more playtesters for this next round of testing. Please PM me if you wish to apply.
  3. I can't say. Right now, only two playtesters have finished, and I still have to do the rest of the supports, character endings, the final events of the hack, and the boss conversations that show up in the final chapter. There will probably also be a second round of beta testing based on feedback obtained in the first round.
  4. Yes, that's fine. You can make any recommendation you like such as something being too hard or easy. Finding bugs helps too. Yes, you are the last slot. Playtesting applications are now closed.
  5. The only thing you'll have to do for play testing is just play the game and offer recommendations. I'll send you both details this weekend. Still looking for two more people.
  6. You should probably look in the spriting thread for advice. I can't really help with this and I didn't make probably 95% of the graphics used in this hack. In other news, the "first draft" of all the gameplay for the hack is complete, and while there are still other things to do before the final release is ready, I'm ready to start recruiting new playtesters. I'm looking to recruit four additional playtesters. I still have some things to tidy up before the patch is ready, along with creating an instruction guide, so I won't send that until the weekend. Regardless, if you're interested in applying, feel free to do so. I will be accepting applicants on a first come first serve basis. The following are what still needs to be finished before the final release: * Fixing some spell resizing issues * Seeing if I can fix the bug with certain characters/classes being capturable when they shouldn’t be * Supports and endings * Final rounds of play testing and unit balance * Any further hardmode changes * Touching up the unsalvageable story so that it isn’t too long winded and at minimum flows properly without being too confusing (will change things based on playtesting feedback)
  7. Thanks! I hope you enjoy this much more than Corrupt Theocracy! I should have the final chapter finished this weeking with the completed release hopefully ready by next month.
  8. As mentioned before, not much to show off for the last three chapters because of spoilers. One left to go.
  9. I guess I had less story in mind for chapter 23 than I thought. At this pace, I may finish the bulk of the hack this month. For the last four chapters, because of stuff I don't want to spoiler, there isn't much I can think to show off. All I'll say is that chapter 23 is very familiar to people who've played a certain FE game.
  10. I don't think it should be an issue, but I am going to send you a PM with some other details just in case. I would encourage you to share that link in a sticky.
  11. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jiiTpNXgAlr4lZBh8d-nJFdO-Jus5VXV It's in the graphics -> battle animation -> infantry folder. It's one of the tier 3 classes there. That drive has pretty much every publicly available GBA animation in the community.
  12. Small update post: After months of adding in newly released features in the community, adding in the recent release of the February 2020 skill system, and rebalancing for capture, I am finally caught up to where I was before I started the whole refactoring process, meaning that of the 27 planned chapters, 23 are done. There are only four more chapters to go before the hack is finished, two of which I am hoping can be done quickly as one is small and the other is the final chapter. Once all the chapters are finished, I'll recruit for a final round of playtesting, work on the supports and endings while that is going on, and hopefully release this hack within the year. The end game is finally so close and it feels so good!
  13. And I was able to reach the goal I set for this weekend! I decided to add in two more chapters so the chapter flow of the game is Prologue, chapters 1-25, and then final. The two new chapters I'm adding are pretty small and short in some respects. This is one of the new chapters. It's now the first chapter of part 3, the new chapter 15: Until the next update!
  14. The next release will be the final one when the hack is finished. I don't know how long this will take given how long rebalancing has taken. In terms of chapter updates, the first 15 chapters have been rebalanced for capture, but only the first 6 have been balanced for hardmode. I'm hoping to have updates on the next completed chapter this weekend or next.
  15. Thank you for the continued support! I managed to add in pursuit critical. From the testing I've done so far, it seems to work. I don't believe it functions exactly as it did in FE5 as the formula is instead (crit*PCC) - Luk, but I can't really tell. I tested that it works with brave weapons, against units that don't counter attack, with Aether, Adept, astra, desperation, and assassinate as expected, so I hope it's a fun feature to have. Maybe I'll remake FE5 when this is finished...
  16. A brief update: Play testing is going well. Thanks to all the cool new stuff everyone in the community has created, I added in one new feature and one extra QOL feature thanks to their efforts: As you can see, fatigue has been added. Unlike in FE5 though, you get fatigued when your fatigue goes over your durability. I also added in the personal data patch. I added on to it a bit so that you can see what skills a unit will learn at higher levels. That's all for now.
  17. I'm currently redoing a lot of the chapters to balance out hard mode and capture and have not gotten to chapter 9 (currently on chapter 8). I will keep your comment in mind during testing of that chapter. In regards to the slow clear time, in the chapters where taking too long results in a gameover (I do not believe there are many of them) I will not change these limits as they are there for gameplay/story reasons. The game is designed to be beaten easily within the fast clear time without having to rely on rescue dropping or warp/rescue. The slow turn limits are designed in mind with turn counts that go well beyond how long it should take to finish the chapters.
  18. Sure! I'll PM you shortly with details. As two people have now applied, applications are closed.
  19. I shall be sending you the patch shortly, along with some other notes. I wanted to originally finish by February, but I will not reach that goal. The only thing I can say is that it should be finished this year. There will be 27 chapters total. At this moment, 22 of them are done.
  20. I just mentioned this to Ghast and I believe he will address the issue as he agreed that it was a good point, but it seems that the Resource Directory topic does not mention FEbuilder, which is why we occasionally see people still asking questions about FEditor on Serenes. I recommended that the links be removed and replaced with FEbuilder ones, among other things. I leave it to the mods to decide what is best for the forum based on the message I sent, but I hope it will lead to less people asking questions about FEditor.
  21. I’m looking to recruit two playtesters on a first come first serve basis as that’s probably the most fair way to do so. The only thing I would be requesting of any applicants at this time is to play the first six chapters first in normal mode, then in hard mode, and provide feedback on what they think is either fair/too hard/too easy. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I’d greatly appreciate the help. Anyone can apply. Applications are closed.
  22. Finally got around to finishing up incorporating new updates to the skill system and reorganizing the free space in my base rom. I have less than a MB left for any additional changes I may want from what is left. The pressure in some respects is real, but with only a few chapters left and supports, I think I should be fine. Anyway, here is a sneak peak of the updates I made and was able to incorporate: As you can see, the str/magic split has now been applied, in addition to there now being a movement growth as well. I thought about possibly adding in movement stars as well, but I ultimately decided against that addition given that there are two dancers available in the hack. I also added in capture. I will try my best to balance it, but my goal with adding in capture is that it's existence doesn't make people feel like they will always need to capture something. The last changes I want to note are some slight touch ups. The larger brown boxes of text I hope speed up the flow of the introduction scenes before some of the chapters. The weapon display was reverted back to a more proper one that actually displays weapon progress. I updated the minimug screen. While I don't show it here, I did fix the odd animation issue with the flux tome. I also completely redesigned the prologue. Because of the new changes to how the hack is structured thanks to the str/magic split, people will no longer be able to use their old save files. As such, I'm trying to make some chapters play differently to make the experience more fresh for the people who have been playing the hack so many times over the years. This is the third time I've said this, but I really hope this is the last time such a change will happen, especially since the only other release I plan to do is for the final version of the hack. The small updates to the early chapters I have planned don't make me think I will fail to reach my goal of releasing the hack in full next year, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to accomplish that goal by February anymore because of these updates. I can only say that this hack should definitely be finished next year. Happy holidays and thanks for the continued support!
  23. Thank you for the feedback! Any criticism is always important, and as a general tl;dr I have received criticism like yours before and am in the process of best figuring out how to address each point. There is indeed a very large cast of characters, and I am going to do my best to try and clean that up. To go through each point of criticism and attempt to respond: 1. There have been some issues with map changes. I am currently trying to address them. 2. I have not received this feedback before and will attempt to address it. Thank you! 3. I will try and make their hints more clear. 4. Making the script flow better is a current work in progress. I am glad you enjoyed the latter chapters more, but I am trying to improve upon everything in general for the final release. 5. Pandan and Mangs had access to special unreleased build for the demo. In the current release, the first scroll you get is the Baldo scroll Derek comes with in Chapter 7, but in the final release you will have the three that show up in both LPs at that point in the game. Thank you very much for your feedback, it was very helpful and informative!
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