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  1. I don't believe I've gotten feedback about chapter 10 being too hard before. The fast clear is easier if you kill the bael. Yes. Progress is just very slow at the moment because of real life.
  2. No. I've had a very work heavy last two months, and the stuff I've mostly been working on is boring nightmare stuff for the new skills/classes, so I haven't had anything to show off. The current plan is to finish the updates, make some new changes to the flow of the game, and release a new 12 chapter patch.
  3. As someone who is running close to hitting the too much data issue, even at 32MB, it's something you're barely likely to hit unless you add in pretty much every spell and battle animation available in the community, which is what I did.
  4. Worst comes to worst, they just make axes only accessible to promoted classes. So Paladin's or Baron's get axes.
  5. Hopes: It isn't as faithful of a remake as possible like FE11 was and we get at least some new things, like new classes and axes users this time Fears: It's as bad as Shadow Dragon was in terms of being a remake.
  6. Given that you can revive a certain amount of characters in Gaiden, I wonder if casual mode would just give you an unlimited amount of revives instead.
  7. Alm looks pretty good, but the others are average, and Clive looks awful, more so due to him just having an ugly hairstyle and armor. Good enough overall.
  8. I think I'm going to vote for one from each game and count gen 1 and 2 of FE4 as two separate games. For FE1/11, I decided to go with Cain.
  9. Even if pair-up isn't in, bonuses from standing next to other units should stay. The dual system is easily in the top 5 best FE mechanics.
  10. The only reason it wouldn't be is if FE15 is actually Heroes, but we don't usually consider BS FE either (though IS does.)
  11. I'm just expecting Warriors and mobile news. Maybe they'll give localization details on the remaining Fates DLC. If FE15 does get announced, it'd be for the 3DS if it wasn't already announced, but I don't see them announcing another game so soon right next to two other games we know next to nothing about.
  12. Finally! I'm curious as to how all the characters will interact and what they'll be fighting over. Hoping we get beyond FE1/3/11/12/13/14 representation too, but I'm still happy regardless. Glad Chrom is definitely in this time!
  13. I can't believe it's been almost a year, and people are still trying to say that Myrmidon Odin is the best thing to do for Odin as opposed to just buying him Nosferatu given that it fixes his base stat issues in chapters 9 and 10 and doesn't gimp his speed like the hand axe/javelin do for Effie/Arthur, while also boosting his bulk. It's not like you're really ever short on funds in Conquest, especially in an efficient run where you'll get all the money chests. Mozu is the only unit who should be in bottom tier. She's only useful in chapter 10 (where everyone can be made to be useful and even Nyx is a better Archer than her in this chapter) if you give her a heart seal, and won't be able to catch up beyond that. As for Jakob 2 and Benny: While Jakob 2 is worse than Felicia 2, is there any real reason they should be a tier apart? What exactly does Felicia 2 really have over him that makes her so much better? Ranger support for Leo (and maybe Corrin or someone else who'd want it) or useless higher staff accuracy when Flora and Izana exist vs Jakob getting shelter and a child paralogue? Benny at base has a setup where if you remove def+2 and equip him with the beast killer, you can have Camilla fly him to a certain spot in the middle of chapter 14 that allows him to Attack stance kill all the Myrmidon and Pegasus that will try and kill him, all while not having to worry about the hexing rod screwing him over. This should get him a level up or possibly 2 before promotion all while clearing the center of the map, making it easier to get the money chest for a 3-4 turn clear (last I checked you can't get this chest in 2 turns?). It also nets him a C support with Camilla. Since Corrin is likely moving south to recruit Keaton, most other units that could probably replicate this same result I've found to be suspect to being killed because of the hexing rod. Silas or Jakob could probably do it, but I've never tried. His personal skill and high defense is also really useful in chapter 19 without much effort, and then he has his pair-up bonuses which aren't that bad for units with high speed like Selena, Peri, Camilla, or Charlotte. This alone sounds better than what Mozu is ever doing, and is probably pretty similar to what other units in Low tier do (though most of them are just pair-up bots and may not even have two chapters of combat usefulness other than Nyx and Laslow if you reclass him?).
  14. Updated skill list in the below spoiler (also updated on front page). I don't think I'll be adding in any other skills. Also, in case it isn't obvious, all these skills have been programmed, tested, and are working as expected (from what I could tell).
  15. You could always just hack the ROM with gameshark if you want to do this. Normal mode is pretty fair and leans more towards the easy side, while hard mode feels solid enough to give a good challenge.
  16. More classes for your female axe users to use at least, among other. The overall character count I plan to implement didn't grow as a result. If anything, it's shrunk since there were some late game characters I decided to remove.
  17. Since it's been almost a month, I figured I'd give a small update. I've been adding in some new classes and skills as of late. While I've finished chapter 20's events, I haven't started the text. As a result, I don't have any screen shots to show. Some of the new skills include skills from fates like Chivalry, Darting blow, and trample. As for new classes, lets just say there have been a lot of really great animations made over the past year. When I've finished re-working the classes and the hack is done being proof read up to chapter 17, that's when I'll release the next patch. I figure this will take 2-3 months.
  18. After some thought, I realized I couldn't avoid not having one more chapter, so there is now an extra chapter, and thus four left for me to make before the hack is done. This means that SGW will be 24 chapters total. Here are some chapter 19 screen shots. Images are a work in progress. This chapter's text really needs some touch-ups. The mission goal is also defeat the boss and not rout. In regards to the next beta, testing is still on going. I ran into a big bug that I would like fixed before the next release, but we'll see how things play out.
  19. You should be able to, but there might be some small issues with certain units stats and certain characters might have had their reclasses swapped (I don't think many have). Any characters that got HP buffs also wouldn't see these changes in their stats. Since it's been a year since the last patch, it might be for the best to start fresh since there have been quite a few tweaks, but an old .sav shouldn't cause any gamebreaking bugs. Between the next patch and the final patch, you should definitely be able to use the same .sav without issue. That much I'm actively working to make 100% sure of.
  20. Chapter 18 screens. EDIT: Chapter 18 is a seize mission. I need to update the mission window. With this, there are only four more chapters, endings, and supports to go before the hack is finally done. Beta testing is going very well. When my testers finish giving me all their feedback, I'll update the hack as such a release a patch that covers the first 3 parts of the game (Prologue to chapter 17). The last five chapters will be released after that in the fully completed hack. This last demo would get released in November at the earliest. In the meantime, updates will continue.
  21. You reached the end of the hack for the current public demo. 13 is the last chapter.
  22. I just tested all the public patches available along with the current dev copy, and did not run into this issue. Can you try applying this patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ae5bzls9x4cghz0/bugfix.ups?dl=0 to a clean rom and using the same .sav you were using? He should be able to use lances and I can't find anything that would prevent him from doing so.
  23. Great! That's three beta testers then. I'll be PMing you all shortly with instructions and the beta. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ae5bzls9x4cghz0/bugfix.ups?dl=0
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