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  1. The link to the patch is in the first post, along with instructions on how to patch (or at least in the download). Also, minor update: I decided to remove reclassing and replace it with third tiers instead (Magic classes only have two tiers however). I didn't feel reclassing was very well balanced, especially when I tried to introduce third tiers into that system, and I wanted to consolidate the available classes. Below is what classes will be available as playable classes: Generic Classes: Deserter (Lance) -> Ronin(Sword, Lance, Bow, Axe) -> Watchmen(Sword, Lance, Bow, Axe) - Male only. The armored class line, gives full access to physical weapon triangle and high defense at the cost of some move. Knight (Only one of Sword/Lance/Axe) -> Paladin(Sword, Lance, Axe) -> Great Knight/Master Knight (Sword, Lance, Axe) - Male only. The mounted horse class line, promoting from Paladin gives the option of the high defense Great Knight Class or the boosted mobility Master Knight class. Wyvern Rider(Lance, Axe) -> Wyvern Knight (Lance, Axe) -> Wyvern Master(Sword, Lance, Axe) - Male Only. The flying wyvern class, boasts defense over resistance. Pegasus Knight(Lance, Sword) -> Falco Knight(Lance, Sword) -> Seraph Knight (Lance, Sword, Staff) - Female only. The flying pegasus class, boasts resistance over defense. Mercenary (Sword) -> Hero (Sword, Axe) -> Brave (Sword, Axe) - Male and Female. A bulky infantry class. Slightly faster than their soldier line counter part, but with less bulk. Soldier(Lance) -> Halberdier(Lance) -> Spartan/Valkyrie (Lance, Sword) - Male and Female. A bulky infantry class. Slightly more bulky than their mercenary line counter part, but slower. Fighter(Axe) -> Warrior (Axe, Bow) -> Tribesman (Axe, Bow) - Male and Female. A class with high power that eventually gains a mount. Low defense, but high con and HP. Bandit (Axe) -> Berserker (Axe) -> Warlord (Sword, Axe) - Male and Female. A class with high power and speed that forgoes skill and resistance. Archer (Bow) -> Sniper (Bow) -> Marksman (Bow) - Male and Female. Masters of the bow, this class has high power, accuracy, and speed. Myrmidon (Sword) -> Swordmaster (Sword) -> Trueblade (Sword) - Male and Female. Masters of the sword, this class has high speed and avoid. Mage (Magic) -> Mage Knight (Magic, Staff - C) - Male and female. A magic class that gains a mount on promotion. Bishop (Light Magic, Staff - B) -> Saint (Light Magic, Staff - S) - Male and female. A magic class that is the master of the staff weapon type. Can only use light magic. Shaman (Dark Magic) -> Mage Fighter (Sword, Magic) - Male and female. A magic class that boasts high power but low defenses. Druid (Dark Magic, Staff - B) -> Necromancer (Magic, Staff - A) - Male and female. A magic class that boasts high power, but low speed. Arcanist (Magic, Staff - E) -> Geomancer (Magic, Staff - B) Male and female. A magic class that boasts high defense. Cleric (Anima Magic, Staff - D) -> Warpriest/Cleric (Anima and Light Magic, Axe, Staff - B) Cleric is female only. Warpriest is male and female. A magic class that boasts high defense. Any character that joins in a class not listed above is the only character of that class line you get. I'm currently back to work on the project, so hopefully I'll have a release of some kind next month. However something else I want to note is that I decided to shorten the length of the hack by two chapters. This would mean I only have to create three more for the hack to be finished. I am doing this because I think if I don't, this may never get done.
  2. The project isn't dead, however I'm focused on other things right now. I lead a pretty busy life, and the primary reason I made so much progress before was because I was on vacation. As far as when to expect the next update, I have no idea other than to say sometime this year.
  3. I'll double check again before the next release, but this will/should always be the case when it comes to secret shops.
  4. Bug found and fixed. New update here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wae8661y13uzbn/v3.4.zip?dl=0
  5. Can you please provide a .sav for the chapter 14 glitch? I did not run into it during my testing. The chapter 12/13 issue is just a balancing issue, other than the boss convo one.
  6. I tried to address this in this new patch! As for the heal staff issue, that will require more time to think over how to balance them. Version 3.3 is here. This patch addresses the following: 1. Updates some of Oreades' skills so that there is more incentive to use him (Notably he can steal now, however he only gets the updated skills if you restart/haven't recruited him when he shows up) 2. Fixes the reinforcement bug 3. Tried to address the chapter 4 steal issue 4. Adds two new chapters (that have actually never been released publicly, even back when I was really working on this three years ago) The two new chapters haven't been play tested too much, so I'm sorry if they are too easy or buggy. You can find the patch here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1r149fvvd6jyx6/v3.3.zip?dl=0
  7. Yeah, the staff cost bothers me a bit too, but you can buy heal staves in the supply armory. I think I'll readjust the costs so that every E rank weapon costs 500G. Mend will probably be expensive though. I used to have "red text" to support references to characters from the previous game with a supporting lore file, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to connect things. I may write up some new kind of lore documentation again at some point, I'm not sure.
  8. Updated OP with updated character recruitment guide as stated I would last week. On the other side of the update front: Chapters fully ported over: 15/25 - 3 more before next patch Chapters completed: 19/25
  9. This issue should now be fixed in the following patch. V3.2 changes: Fixes Lily's default skills to prevent aether freeze bug Fixes promotion bug Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kr8mvyoc10cw845/3.2.zip?dl=0
  10. The bug seems to be related to characters in classes that don't have a third promotion option glitching out and being unable to promote (characters with only one promotion option can promote safely as well). I will upload either a fixed or not ideal solution for this issue tomorrow.
  11. A clean version of the US release of Sacred Stones. This should fix it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rf1eq6ynwnf3iea/3.1.zip?dl=0 Apply to clean rom. Bug fixes: Fixes issue in chapter 10 Fixes some reinforcements in chapter 13
  12. Okay, I lied. Patch version 3 is now available: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cbzsm57wne4a7v7/v3.zip?dl=0 Due to the changes made, it is best that you start over from the beginning. This will be the last time for any patch you will ever need to do this outside of some grievous change. This patch allows for play of 14 chapters, the prologue - chapter 13. There are no gaiden chapters. Character recruitment requirements will be posted next sunday. Please report any bugs not found in the readme here. And as a word of advice, while the hack isn't too challenging (hard mode may be), I recommend Iron manning this hack at all times. You get plenty of characters and there is no need to stress yourself out over whether you should reset or not.
  13. Did you try starting the game? I didn't change the title screen. There shouldn't be any bugs with the most recent version.
  14. I haven't had the will power/desire to really work on it lately. I think I finished half of chapter 12 and then got distracted by playing other games, work, and other general life things. It's not dead, just going slow.
  15. V2 Released - 6 chapters Chapters fully ported over: 12/25 - 2 more before next patch Chapters completed: 19/25
  16. Yes, and the next patch will be until chapter 13. I've been really busy lately, so I haven't been able to get much work done.
  17. I don't see why you'd need permission or want to torture yourself playing Corrupt Theocracy, but sure go for it. Also, please PM me questions about Corrupt Theocracy. This isn't a thread for it, even if the two are related.
  18. Glad you like it! Real life has been pretty rough this past week. Didn't have much time to work on anything, so I won't be able to reach my initial goal for the anniversary. Sorry! V2 Released - 6 chapters Chapters fully ported over: 11/25 - 3 more before next patch Chapters completed: 19/25
  19. I don't really have much to update with since the screens are typically the same as the ones posted in the thread before. I added and moved around some classes, so when the next patch is released, it's probably for the best to start over, but this won't be 100% necessary (the biggest change is that Yin starts off in Tier 3 now as far as I remember). At the pace I'm going, I'm not sure if I'll be able to reach my release goal for next month, but I'll try. V2 Released - 6 chapters Chapters fully ported over: 10/25 - 4 more before next patch Chapters completed: 19/25
  20. Chapter 5, where you face the dragons, is the last chapter of the current patch. My goal is to have the next patch (up to chapter 13) ready by April 14th, the anniversary of the thread. V2 Released - 6 chapters Chapters fully ported over: 9/25 - 5 more before next patch Chapters completed: 19/25
  21. Glad you like it! She isn't available in the current patch and won't be until V2.2. In the old patch, you recruit her automatically if you do not kill Dario in chapter 9. If you do kill Dario, you recruit Clea instead. Current progress: V2 Released - 6 chapters Chapters fully ported over: 8/25 Chapters completed: 19/25
  22. SGW V2 Release one is finally here. It contains the first six chapters, the prologue through chapter 5. Patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1l7yal0tiq07x7t/SGW_V2.zip?dl=0 Please let me know if you find any bugs not mentioned in the readme. Hopefully I'll be able to get the next few chapters ported over quickly for the next release. Screens:
  23. Glad you liked it and thank you for the feed back. I believe the issues you've brought up in the FOW chapter have been addressed. As for the bugs, they should all be fixed but probably not the HP one. Bosses are meant to have infinite uses in their weapons. I'll keep your chapter 10 criticism in mind when I revisit it. Progress update: Chapters fully ported over: 4/25 Chapters completed: 19/25
  24. Roa is a shaman in the current unreleased build and has been for awhile, so I wouldn't remember.
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