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  1. It's not balanced. I might not ever really balance it if it's challenging and there's nothing unfair to it. Chapters fully ported over: 2/25 Chapters completed: 19/25
  2. I'm pretty sure there is a list of how to recruit everyone in the first post. Secret shops are found on the same tile any unit with a member card starts from. I thought I made the Download come with growth rates. Regardless, the next release (whenever that may be) will have that patch that lets you view your characters growth rates in game. The next update is going to be the first six chapters of the game with the new skill system stuff in place. Awhile back, I decided I'd try and remake some of the hack, but after not being able to work on this for so long and having other stuff I wanted to do, I realized that wasn't feasible, so I just went back to porting over what I had already done with some new tweaks and updates. I think in terms of current progress I'm at: Chapters fully ported over: 1/25 Chapters completed: 19/25 Miscellaneous other stuff I need to do: Port over a bunch of unit palettes Rework supports Work on supports (I think in the final version, I'm just going to have one support conversation per pair. It's too much work otherwise and I really don't have the will power to do more than that.) I think that's everything. Don't need to make anymore maps, animations, mugs, skills, etc. When I'm done porting everything, maybe I'll ask for some help getting this hack done since I'm just so close to finishing. We'll see.
  3. The current demo is up to the same point, and the next patch will be something slightly different. I can only really work an hour a day, so progress is slow. However, since I'm finally working on the chapters again, I'm hoping progress will speed up and I'll be able to release a new demo before the end of the year.
  4. Congrats! Hope to hear you in the Switch FE or elsewhere in the future!
  5. This looks really cool! Great work so far, and I'm looking forward to how this comes along!
  6. One of the comments about how they really wanted to recreate certain famous scenes from the series really makes me think that Wyrs is going to be in the game.
  7. She's not a favorite character of mine, but I like her. She did pretty well in the Heroes poll IIRC.
  8. Thanks! I didn't make the skill patch, so I recommend asking Circleseverywhere for more specific information on how he went about creating it. Thanks! The readme should have been included in the download. And yeah, the front page will be updates once version 2 of the hack is ready.
  9. When you only work an hour a day, you really don't make as much progress as you'd like to. With all the updates to the new skill patch, I incorporated them into SGW and made the necessary changes for them to work as desired. I have yet to test that growth scrolls do boost your con growth, but I assume that it will work. While it is hard to tell, class growths still get added into the units' overall growths as before. Also, in regards to the possibility of there being an anima magic triangle again, I'm not skilled enough to add in two whole new weapon types, nor do I really know where in the ram to store them, let alone the time to try if I ever want to finish this, so instead there will be a pseudo anima magic triangle. If you use a wind tome vs a thunder tome, or a fire tome vs a thunder tome, there will be some kind of weapon triangle effect, but all the weapons will still be part of the anima weapon type and there won't be a display notification that the triangle effect is in place. Please keep in mind that all images are demos, hence sieze being spelled wrong, and are not meant to reflect the final product. The master knight class is in the game though, with the same given base weapon levels. As far as what I am currently working on, I am in the process of reporting all the spells for use in the new spell animation inserter, thus making them build file compatible and solving quite a few glitches.
  10. I don't think it really helps out all that much in the long run since her bulk isn't good enough for a class like wyvern, but it isn't a terrible idea.
  11. It would make the most sense for FE4 to be next, otherwise FE6.
  12. Sorry for being so inactive lately. To be honest, I was enjoying BotW(amazing game), among others, and haven't gotten too much done. I'm looking for some assistance with cleaning up mugs. What this would mean is that I'd send you a sheet of all the mugs in the hack, you'd pick the ones you think need work, and fix them up, make a new one, or recommend that I use a different mug that you may know of that would work just the same and I'll ask for permission to use it. If you'd like to help, please PM me. Thanks!
  13. Not in the most recent patch, but in regards to my current dev copy, then yes. 17 of the 24 planned chapters are done once I account for the three I've decided to perform updates too.
  14. I don't believe I've gotten feedback about chapter 10 being too hard before. The fast clear is easier if you kill the bael. Yes. Progress is just very slow at the moment because of real life.
  15. No. I've had a very work heavy last two months, and the stuff I've mostly been working on is boring nightmare stuff for the new skills/classes, so I haven't had anything to show off. The current plan is to finish the updates, make some new changes to the flow of the game, and release a new 12 chapter patch.
  16. As someone who is running close to hitting the too much data issue, even at 32MB, it's something you're barely likely to hit unless you add in pretty much every spell and battle animation available in the community, which is what I did.
  17. Worst comes to worst, they just make axes only accessible to promoted classes. So Paladin's or Baron's get axes.
  18. Hopes: It isn't as faithful of a remake as possible like FE11 was and we get at least some new things, like new classes and axes users this time Fears: It's as bad as Shadow Dragon was in terms of being a remake.
  19. Given that you can revive a certain amount of characters in Gaiden, I wonder if casual mode would just give you an unlimited amount of revives instead.
  20. Alm looks pretty good, but the others are average, and Clive looks awful, more so due to him just having an ugly hairstyle and armor. Good enough overall.
  21. I think I'm going to vote for one from each game and count gen 1 and 2 of FE4 as two separate games. For FE1/11, I decided to go with Cain.
  22. Even if pair-up isn't in, bonuses from standing next to other units should stay. The dual system is easily in the top 5 best FE mechanics.
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