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  1. It's that time again. The time for more beta testing. If you wish to beta test, please reply saying that you would like to. I'm looking for 5 beta testers. Anyone who has beta tested before will get first priority, followed by people who have actually posted in the thread before, then by account age. The Beta is 18 chapters long (including the prologue) I'll send out beta patches tomorrow when I get the requested amount of people. The zip file I give you will have more details on what exactly needs to be tested and such. I am still undecided about releasing the next patch just yet. It is FEE3 season, so maybe I'd release something on the last day if beta testing goes well, but I'm leaning more towards just releasing one last final patch.
  2. I'm sorry that you lost your progress. I haven't tested this on GBA4iOS nor do I own an iPhone. I'm not really sure how I would even go about testing this. Can anyone else confirm if they've had an issue like this or can someone point me in the direction of where I might look to attempt to fix this? Otherwise the only thing I can say is that this hack is only tested to work on Visual Boy Advance and I can't say how it'll work on other emulators/cartridges.
  3. A small updates of fixes I've been making. In the prologue, Evan (the mage) no longer starts on a forest tile, making him less of an RNG risk. Because the hack is shorter, lots of characters are being slightly buffed or are getting their stats changed up as well. Chrysler and Germano are two such examples. I'm also making some dialogue fixes so the story flows better, but there won't be any major changes to the core tale or things like that.
  4. I must not have tested the ally with bael route of this chapter enough. The bug is fixed in the most up to date version of the hack I'm working on, but in older/the current publicly available version it still exists like how you ran into it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ae5bzls9x4cghz0/bugfix.ups?dl=0 Try that patch on a clean rom. I tested it and it worked without issue.
  5. I've never encountered a glitch like that during the chapter. Do you still have a .sav at that point?
  6. Lately I've just been rebalancing the whole hack due to it's shorter length. This mostly means certain characters will join at higher levels, but others got buffs in general to be more powerful(both early game mages for example). I've also been working on a stat page.
  7. Finally, an actual update. Chapter 17 is in progress, though there won't be much to show since it all enters spoiler territory. Decided after some thought that after this chapter is done, there will only be 5 more left instead of 6. I'm not sure if I'll release a new patch for FEE3 this year or just skip out on it and wait until the whole main game is done for the final patch. A new patch would add four more chapters and go to the end of part 3, with part 4 being the last part made of 5 chapters.
  8. I'm not really sure what the best way to go about making one is. There are lots of connections between characters, so even designing a family tree seems complicated. I'll see what I can do. In other new, I'm pretty much just working half an hour a day when I'm able too. I was hoping to at least have a screen shot ready so far of something, but right now all I've been doing is working on things like death and boss quotes for the rest of the game. Nothing of note to really show off...
  9. I have no real ideas for supports which contributes to the issue. Oreades was the only one because his supports would talk about his life pre-drunkeness. I wouldn't be against asking other people for help, but that wouldn't come until after the project is pretty much completed. I don't want to ask people to help me with something and then just not release anything.
  10. Damn, it really has been awhile. Fates ate up so much of my free time. I really need to get back to working on this. From the last patch, I've made three new chapters and want to make one more for the next one, finishing up with another 6 after that for the whole thing. I may have to scrap supports since I just don't have the time. I was able to work on this so fast at the start since it was all I was doing before I got a job, but now it's just hard to find the time to balance working on this, seeing my friends, and keeping up with the things that entertain me personally.
  11. Would dual attack/guard be difficult because of the extra animations needed? Shouldn't it be simple to add in all the other features if they're just extra routines you'd need to check for in the battle formula and variables to be added to a units character object? Though I have no idea how FEXNA is really programmed so for all I know it's more complicated than that.
  12. What do you mean by nearly unreadable? That the text is too small? Does the trial version (IIRC such a thing does exist?) give you a good idea of how much custom stuff you can do with the tool, such as add in entirely new mechanics that might not exist like pair-up?
  13. Nasu could be an interesting writer for a FE game, but I'd rather have Yasuhisa Hara, the Kingdom author, since I just think Kingdom would make for a good FE game. For artist though, I have no idea. Maybe Tetsuo Hara.
  14. I find Fates to be completely fine cost wise given how much content there is (I'm still playing it now and having tons of fun with it) but I'm not sure how I feel about multiple versions in the future. I don't mind them being split if ones meant to be an easier version for casuals and another is meant to be a more hardcore version but it's still an odd thing to think about.
  15. I'll try and have something ready by October. Though I'm not sure what to show that wasn't shown last year... Project: Sun God's Wrath Platform: FE8 Showing: Not sure yet
  16. Because OUGI and he breaks the game while still being such a badass that it's actually fun he's so OP.
  17. I don't use spotpass/my castle stuff, so he wouldn't be getting any of those critical boosting skills right away at least. The main issue I ran into with him was that once I got to chapter 13 it just became harder to use him when compared to everyone else I was using (Camilla, Corrin, Niles, Kaze, Luna, Leo, Marx, etc.) I could have tried pairing him with Charlotte from chapter 14+ I guess, but there were so many other easier options available. I want to play around with him more as a nostank->sorcerer and see how he'll do with Mjolnir instead though.
  18. In hard mode, I tried Samurai Odin and he didn't seem that good. He still wasn't that fast and his damage output was low. Bind is nice, but I didn't see any reason to use him when Selena existed. I've had better luck making him a nostank in the early chapters, but it's pretty expensive.
  19. Been playing way too much Fates (thanks to all those involved with the Translation patch!) lately and work has me swamped. I think I'm going to end up cutting down on my original goals for this hack (no two routes and maybe have the whole thing be ~4 chapters smaller) so that there can at least be some kind of final release in the future, but for now, don't expect another update until the spring or summer. I don't want to try and release a final product anytime after Fates.
  20. There are two nightmare modules for palettes. You need to use both of them, one for which palette they use and the other for their class. If you are already using both and are still running into an issue, check to see that the index in the palette modules you are using are correct for each unit.
  21. The new animations are pretty cool! I really liked your use of the sound effects.
  22. Sure, but it'll be a week before the patch is ready. And that makes the two beta testers I was looking for. Applications are closed.
  23. Originally the vanguard class was something Roa could promote into back when he was an Axe Fighter in an old build. Now, no one can promote into it, but two characters can reclass into it. Yang is one of them, the other hasn't shown up yet. The two classes are so similar that I don't know which one is really worth using more. Vanguard has one point more speed if you need it, but otherwise it's a left over class of Roa's, and Roa originally couldn't become a Hero.
  24. Sure thanks for offering to help! I don't have the patch ready yet (hoping by the end of the week) but the testing needed to be done shouldn't be too time consuming hopefully. It's purely game mechanic stuff so you won't have to worry about any edits to the text and can skip it all if you want.
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