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  1. A perfect example of stupid. Julia with Lightning would die easier than Julia with Resire -__- Lightning is better to use if you are in the arena or are attacking with no other enemies around. She would die easier, but with resire's low hit and Julia's low skill, I wouldn't want to put her on the front lines or near danger anyway.
  2. She also doesn't exist for two chapters, although Resire is sexy. >_> Personnally, I don't think resire is all that greeat. It has 70 hit and when combined with Julia's low accuracy, she could very easily miss and die, and a skill ring will only barely help increase her chances. I think she is better of with the lightning tome.
  3. You have to move slower for Arthur!Levin to keep up to unless you give him the leg ring. What's special about Arthur!Azel is that he can use magic, and thanks to a high magic growth, he can use it fairly well. He's also the best candidate for Bolganone in GEN 2. He's a great unit.
  4. Prepromotion Fee needs hero lance to reliable 1RKO I thought it was accepted she always gets it passed down for more kills. If near 50 she also has critical. Hero lance has inherent continue. Sure you could switch to something else, but...suddenly you risk not 1RKOing Why wouldn't they be? Your party is forced to split up some of the time. In the finale for example your high resistence units go to Edda and your low resistence units stay away unless they wanna fall asleep. I mean if you assume A rank in tactics which I consider to be the norm in efficiently finishing chapter which is just enough for you to carefully finish a chapter, you have to split up your team in some cases as well as have mounts rush past enemies and have foot units kill the said enemies. I'm afraid this isn't true. Fee [Levn] averages 17 res. The sleep staffing High Priests have 22 magic. Fee [Claude] has 23 resistence. @bold this is a problem with Fee [Levn] not Fee [Claude], does that mean you agree with me? Altena has A swords she has 11AS with most lances and I think 15AS with slim lance, She has a 27 Strength cap she will reach and continue and critical, how does she not ORKO nonbosses (oh yeah she's asleep because your priests only have 5 move and can't reach her). I'm not sure what to say about my grammatic errors except that I don't proofread my posts very much because it saves me time. I'm a chronic procrastinator and I post here to waste my time :P so I don't have to start homework. Taking 5 APs mean I shouldn't be procrastinating at all, but... I'm not talking about the high priests. I'm talking about the dark mages who have like, 16 mag. And I forgot Altena can use swords. My bad. Just because your priests have 5 mov, doesn't mean they will be out of range when using a projectile staff. And the fact that Fee would have the rest staff sill means that you are killing the dark mages slower since she will have to revive Altena. And at what you put in bold, Fee!Levin is more likely to be able to be afflicted by them than Fee!Claude, but it is still unlikely. Also, although Fee!Claude will still be killing with the Hero Lance, she is still essentially stuck to it if whe wants to kill with it. What if I want to give her a projectile weapon so I don't have to risk putting her into close combat and taking damage?
  5. As long as my first post was, there was more stuff that I wanted to add. Weapon system. All characters have set weapon levels until part 2 of the game. At part two of the game, you will gain 8 unlimited use weapons (one for each weapon type) that will allow you to raise a characters weapon level. Characters who have minor holy blood will be A ranked with their weapon type if they can use the weapon. If they have major holyblood, they will have A rank in that weapon if they are unpromoted, but S rank if they are promoted. Such major holy blood characters will come with a PRF weapon only they can use to raise their weapon level to S in part 1. Holy weapons are sadly(?) still just as broken as they were. To make up for this though, you can only use them for the last chapter of part 1, and have free use of them in part 2, where the enemies are MUCH MUCH stronger. They are all PRF weapons. In part 2, you will also find the holy weapons of the future. They are much weaker than the holy weapons of the past, but anyone who is S ranked with that weapon type can use them. There is no Part 1 Lopto tome for obvious reasons, but there is a part 2 Lopto tome. Since it is much weaker, like the other holy weapons, it has lost its abillity to reduce damage as greatly as it did in the past. Any one who is S ranked in dark magic will be able to use it in part 2 like every other part 2 holy weapon. Also, the Swanchika may not be a projectile weapon depending on whether I can get it to work properly or not as a projectile (for some odd reason, it is very difficult to get axe's to work as long range weapons). The Valkyrie stave no longer revives the dead, but will work as the Hammerne staff. It will have unlimited uses since there are no shops in part 2. There is no Part 2 Valkyrie staff. New Classes. There are going to be a couple new classes in this hack. Axe Armor (Uses Hector's animation. Like Lance armors, they will be called Armors) Rangers (Have more Strength and Defence than Nomad Troopers, but are slower and have less resistance. Uses the FE8 animation) Sword Bandit (Main characters class/Lord class. It's really just a Mercenary though......) Black Knight (Paladins with better caps, but can't use Axe's. Have 9 mov) Great Knights (Have more Str and Def than Paladins, but are slower, have worse Skl, and worse Res) Scientist (Cannot use weapons. Can only use Future weapons, which are PRF weapons. Future Weapons essentially deal OHKO to Human units, but Scientists have REALLY bad bases. Like, worse than FE7 prince bases. Are they friend or foe?) Future Soldiers (Similar to Scientists, except they have better bases and use weaker weapons. They won't be dealing OHKO's to human units. Are they friend or foe?) Thief Fighters (Essentially Rouges. Have better def and res than Assassins, but are weaker) Mageknight Master Knight (Use Ephraim's Great Lord animation. Can only use lances unlike the original FE4. They are essencially Black Knights who can't use swords, but have better caps and 10 move. They are NPC/Enemy only.) General's will hopefully be able to use Swords. Soon, I'll have mugs done for the Five previously mentioned characters. Thank you everyone for your input so far. @Blackbird: I believe I have answered your most of your questions in this post. Money will be communal. Weapons will have uses and you will need to buy. You only have unlimited repairs in part 2 since there are no shops. And they will be tradable amongst your army. I hope this has answered all of your questions.
  6. READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE ASKING ME ANYTHING THAT INVOLVES YOU NOT GETTING SOMETHING TO WORK! At long last..... I can finally release the DEMO Demo. It's called the DEMO Demo for two reasons. One: The difficulty is unexpectedly high and you are better off letting the NPC's do everything for the 1st and 2nd chapter. Two: The DEMO Demo isn't the actual start of the game. Anyways, here is the DEMO Demo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tqzhb8 It MUST be patched to a clean version of Fire Emblem (AKA FE7). Also, DO NOT HACK INTO THE ROM AFTER APPLYING THE PATCH! I am not responsible for anything that happens once you do. Please report any glitches you may find. Known Glitches: Right now there are 4 1. At the beginning of each chapter during the intro (except the prologue) there is some weird text glitch that doesn't really do anything besides possibly look ugly, but personally I think it makes for a semi nice aesthetic effect. 2. If you enter a village with a full inventory and have to discard an item, and you discard one(well you have to do so anyway), it causes things to become glitchy. So beware since this one can freeze the game. 3. If you skip the first conversation at the end of the first chapter, it can cause a glitch with the mugs. think I know why this happens and I'll look into fixing it. 4. If Yorek Dies, he comes back in the next chapter. Don't know why this happens yet. Only the second one can freeze the game as far as I know. Credits: The Creators of the actual original game(Nintendo, Intelligent Systems) for programing most things into the game. NintenLord: For his map array inserter and event assmbler. If it wasn't for this stuff, I couldn't have custom events. Xeld: For his FEditor and putting up with my annoying questions. Blazer: For teaching me about music hacking, his music patch, and his tutorial killer patch. Everyone who worked on Nightmare: There are to many different people to name and I'll have to go back and look at every editor I used so as to make a proper list. Anyone or anything I may have forgotten. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fire Emblem or it's properties and anything legally related to it and such. All things are owned by their respectful owners. What the DEMO Demo holds: The DEMO Demo is mostly meant for me to get feedback on what I should change. I already have an Idea on what I should change, but anything else anyone has to say would be greatly appreciated. The DEMO Demo holds Chapters 6-8 off the actual hack. But don't worry, the hack starts at the actual spot it is supposed to. Things that have not been edited yet: Certain characters do not have finished descriptions, and I need to work on fixing boss quotes, boss death quotes, and death quotes in general. But seriously, about the Yorek coming back each chapter thing, if anyone knows how to fix that or why it may be happening, please tell me. He replaces Oswin and he uses the same code every chapter to bring him up (Like everyone else) If you have an idea as to why this may be happening, please tell me. Right now, I think it is related to the fact that Oswin isn't supposed to appear in Lyn's story, but I'll have to look into that later. I apologize if the DEMO Demo seems like a piece of crap; it still needs to be worked on and tweaked. Oh, and for those who would like some sort of character guide, here is some sort of weird tier list I made. It only applies for this DEMO Demo, and not the actual hack: 3-13 Archer Tier -Milley -Olson -Moss High Tier -Dangelo -Broken Mid Tier -Orek -Joseph Low Tier -Orion -Yorek -Lily -Dawn (she may be a dancer, but she's only playable for one chapter and when you get to the chapter, you'll see why she is so bad) Remember, any advice you can give me is welcome. that is really the main purpose of this DEMO Demo, besides letting everyone see what I have done so far. Unless I get some major major complaints about the difficulty and people being incapable of beating the DEMO Demo, this is probably going to be the only version of the DEMO Demo I will release. The next demo will include the true part one along with all the corrections people suggest to me to make from the DEMO Demo. If you have any trouble patching the DEMO Demo (I didn't) then please ask me and I will help you out the best I can. I need to take a break so don't expect any updates for a while (like two weeks maybe, possibly less. I'll still be around, it's just I don't think I should work on the hack for a while after seeing how much I have been working on it as of late -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A while back on FEU, I tried to make a hack, but I got bored of it and stopped. Since then, I have been thinking about a new hack that i had in mind that sounded much more interesting unique and possibly challenging. Since I posted this on FEU and this forum also has a hack section, I figured why not show it here too. The story seems a bit odd and extreme for an FE game, so I want to get as much input/critsism as possible. I've recently started taking this Sci-Fi class, and one of the things that we talk about in that class is the Cyberpunk genre. I don't really understand it very well, but from what I can gather from what I've learnt, the genre generally has some very interesting plot ideas. So here is the basic background for the story. Fire Emblem: Bandits Reign takes place in an alternate universe on Jugdral (the FE4/FE5 continent), 150 years after the events of FE4. I will do my best to try not to have FE4 spoilers in the game, but there will be some. If you are capable of patching a hack to a rom, you can play the FE4 translation. I picked the FE4/FE5 universe becuase it is a universe that anyone can become easily familar with, it has an interesting history(story wise), and because of the holy blood/holy weapon system. The story works like this: About 8000 years into the future of where this game takes place, Man has lost all understanding of magic, has become MUCH weaker physically, and has lost all possible decendants of those with Holy blood. Even the location of the holy weapons is unknown to these people, and most think of them as myths while others think they had rusted away. To make up for this though, Man is now much further advanced in terms of using technology and exists in an age of peace. It was truly a utopia. This utopia is ruined though, when demons begin to appear out of no where, with no cause as to why in sight. Scientists were baffeled by the existance of such creatures, let alone how they came to be, while religious nuts and conspiritors ran through the streets say "As long as greed and Evil exists in the hearts of men they will return!" Such was an impossibility though, given the utopian society the people lived in. Since Man had lived in a utopian society for so long, they had no way weapons to use initially along with warriors to use them, and suffered heavy casualties. Even with the new advanced weapons they had created as the war raged on, only the weaker demons could be defeated by them, as the stronger ones were immune due to an odd dark aura that surrounded them. The most dangerous of these demons were the Four blood hounds, lead by a demon that was even more powerfull than the hounds. Supposedlly, there was an even stronger demon than that one. Man was at a loss. They had discovered that the only way to defeat the demons with these powerfull auras was to actuall enter the aura itself and combat the demon, but no man was strong, skilled or fast enough to combat them at such close range. Things started to look even worse when the demons started using mans weapons against them. All hope had seemed lost..... but then, someone found a solution. Man thought that if these monsters should exist, then so should the holy weapons. Man already knew that the people of their time would not be able to use them, but perhaps people of another time could. As such, man made a time machine and sent about 30 soldiers 8000 years into the past. Little did they know was that one of the four demon hounds, Henshin , had the abillity to morph into the shape of other beings, and went back into the past with them, in addition to notifying his piers about the current situation. As a result, in the future, humans had become all but extinct as the only ones left alive were those who were forced to serve the demons. The 30 humans who went back in time, ended up being spared by Henshin, but at a price. Since the humans didn't realize that he was a demon they had put their trust in him. Being the pursuasive person he was, he managed to trick and confuse the soldiers into working for him by telling them about how instead of trying to fix their destroyed time, they just take over and rule this time. When they all agreed with Henshin, he relayed the message back to their "superiors" who in turn sent more soldiers(demons in disguise) and weapons to help take over this new time. This was 100 years before the start of our story. 50 years later, Jugdral is now in much worse shape. Most of the continent has become mishapen due to the future "humans" weapons, and laboritories where unspeakable experiments were being performed to find out the secrets of holy blood. As for the decendents of the holy warriors, they have the power to stand up to the demons, but lack the power to fight the futuristic weapons they hold. Because of these weapons, Grandbell has been all but abandoned, with most of the contries armies hideing in Silesia, Issac, and Southern New Thracia. The Agustrian Cross Knights were also forced to retreat to Silesia, while The Lance Ritter and Thracian Dragon Knights were forced to retreat to the southern part of New Thracia. Because of the shape of this new Jugdral, bandits have become prevalent once more. And that is where our main characters come in..... Orion He is the Protagonist of the story who is suffereing from Amnesia. He is a SwordBandit (essentially a mercenary with a different class name), and third in command of the Zolde Bandits. Age Unknown, but appears to be about 17. Dangelo Leader of the Zolde bandits. A beserker, and the Jeigan of this game. He greatly enjoys the company of women. Age: 42 Milley One of the women Dangelo has captured. The mother of Joseph, the bastard son of her and Dangelo. She was once a member of the royal Tordo family, and as such, has minor Tordo blood. She was deeply in love with a man that Dangelo killed. She does not love Joseph, nor does she recognize him as her son. Age: 34 Joseph Dangelo and Milley's son. A bandit who is second in command of the Zolde Bandits. He is just like his father. Has minor Tordo blood, and does not care that his mother despises his very existance. Age: 20 Broken HE IZ TEH MOZ BRO-KAN CHARAMACURE EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has godly bases and growthes. He is a lvl 1 Swordmaster. A member of the Zolde bandits. Don't use him too much okay? There are many other important characters to the story, along with more members of the Zolde bandits, but these are the most important characters for now. As you should probably already be able to tell, this game will be rated pg-13 to R due to the graphic nature of the story, but relax. Unlike most cyberpunk stories, there are no sex scenes. Though there is implied rape and sex and stuff. This will be an FE7 hack split into two parts: "The Past" and "The Future." It will be 27 chapters long, including the prolouge and final. There may be gaiden chapters. "The Past" is the first 21 chapters, while "The Future" is the last 6. Most characters carry over from the past to the present, and I say most because you get to pick which ones you bring to the future, but lose the ones you don't bring for the rest of the game. I only plan to introduce 3 more characters in "The Future" part of the game, so if everything goes according to plan, in "The Future" you will be able to pick between 24 characters compared to the 50 I plan to have exist in "The Past". I will do my best to limit the mandatory characters you have to bring to "The Future". Skills will not be implemanted in this game, with the exceptions of critical, dance/play, and Lethality. Holy blood is implemented in that characters with minor holy blood will be A ranked with the weapon of the holy blood if they can use said weapon type. Being S ranked with certain weapon types only exists for certain characters. Holy weapons are all PRF weapons, though if there are two characters with Major Holy Blood, then both will be able to use said weapons as the weapons will be able to be traded. There will also be no Str/Mag split. The following pairings from FE4 are assumed as canon for this story (Includes both Gen 1 and Gen 2) and mentions all the children the characters had as a couple (some new children have been added for certain couples). These don't have any major impact on the story other than explaining why certain characters have certain holy blood. New child characters do have a minor impact on the story though. Both children and sub characters exist. Gen 1 Sigurd/Diadora - Celice Alvis/Diadora - Julius and Julia Cuan/Ethlin - Leaf and Altena Jamuka/Adean - Lester and Rana Holyn/Aira - Skasher and Lakche Beowolf/Lachesis - Delmud Fin/Lachesis - Nanna and Eltshan(born after the war) Claude/Sylvia - Corple and Leen Levin/Sylvia - Fury(born after the war) Levin/Fury - Sety and Fee Lex/Ethina - Amid and Linda (neir blood not inherited for either child) Azel/Tiltyu - Arthur and Tinny Noish/Briggid - Faval and Patty After the war, Fin eventually found Lachesis and the two got back together and had a child. Before Levin left Jugdral, he found Sylvia, and both expressed how they missed Fury and Claude now that they were dead. They stayed together for a bit, had a child, but then left her with Fee and both left to explore they world. Gen 2 Celice/Tinny Skasher/Rana Roddlevan/Mana Johalva/Lakche Johan/Radney Arthur/Fee Amid/Femina Corple/Patty Lester/Daisy Aless/Leen Leaf/Nanna I apologize if the Gen 2 pairings aren't to your liking, but this is what they are. All characters not listed do not fall in love with other FE4 characters, but do fall in love, if that makes you feel better. Maybe. FE5 characters with Holyblood also fall in love and have children, but I don't feel like mentioning them. Various Armies and The classes that represent them: Barhara - Holy Guard Army Leader Class: Lord Knight Soldiers: Master Knight Chalphy - Gruenen Ritter Army Leader Class: Paladin/Troubadour Soldiers: Social Knights and Troubadours Jungby - Beige Ritter Army Leader Class - Ranger Soldiers - Arch Knights (If I get permission to use the animation, otherwise Nomads) Velthomer - Roten Ritter Army Leader Class - Mage Knight Soldiers - Mage Freege - Gelp Ritter Army Leader Class - Mage Knight Soldiers - Mage Dozel - Grauen Ritter Army Leader Class - Great Knight Soldiers - Warriors Edda - No army. Protected by Chalphy's Gruenen Ritter Issac - No formal Army Title. Soldiers - Swordmasters and Hero's Agustria - Cross Knights Army Leader Class - Black Knight (Essentially a paladin that can't use Axe's, but has better caps and 9 mov) Soldiers - Social Knights Verdane - Bandguard Army Leader Class - Sniper Soldiers - Fighters and Archers Silesia - Wind Mage Army and Angelic Guard Angelic Guard Army Leader Class - Falcon Knight Soldiers - Pegasus Knights Wind Mage Army Army Leader Class - Sage Soldiers - Mage New Thracia - Lance Ritter and Thracian Dragon Knights Lance Ritter Army Leader Class - Paladin Soldiers - Social Knight Thracian Dragon Knights Army Leader Class - Dragon Master Soldiers - Dragon Knights Triva about the game: - Holy blood growth bonuses will be implemented, so characters who have a certain holy blood will have at the least the growthes their blood gives them. For example, If a character has minor Tordo blood, the minimum their growths can be are HP:20% Str:0% Skl:30% Spd:0% Luk:0% Def:0% Res:0% Since there is no Str/Mag split, characters who recieve bonuses from mag when they don't use magic will instead recieve havle of the bonus for their HP while the other halve will go to res. For magic units who are given blood that boosts str, half of the bonus will go to HP will the other half will go to Def. For example, a Mercenary with minor Narga/Heim blood would have the minimum growths of HP:30% Str:0% Skl:0% Spd:0% Luk:0% Def:0% Res:30% - The growths of characters who's parents are also in the game will be treated as Children growthes were. For example, Joseph's growthes are equal to his Fathers plus half his mothers plus holy blood bonuses, though his mother is not a playable character. - Decedants of characters from FE4/FE5 recieve the Holy Blood that hey should from their ancestors, and there growths are somewhat affected by their ancestors. For example, Celice's decendants will have good defence in addition the their Holy Blood bonuses.
  7. Is it ok if I say that we should really talk about Fee prepromotion because they all are the same basically except Fee [Noish] who rocks. But what if they aren't in range? Mounted units do unfortunately have the problem of running away. While the priests can heal people like Lachke and Shannan. Non Nanna [Azel] kinda sucks at healing. Fee with a Libro is comparable to Nanna with mend. Fee with recover is also nice too, libro means if Fee is flying solo she can still assist the group. If we use their level 30 stats for the finale (since the conversation occurs at the end of chapter 10 and you aren't really needing her for combat much more in that chapter since all that is basically left is Alvis). Fee [Levn] admittedly does 1RKO the mages in the finale barely, unfortunately she is also suspectible to the status staves, whereas Fee [Claude] isn't (also borderline resistence). The thing is Fee [Claude] problem is fixed by a power ring, Fee [Levn] is fixed by a barrier ring. They don't really ORKO anything, but mages with the silver lance and pursuit, but everything with the hero lance. Critical allows Fee to have around 20ish percent more chance to kill, but I'm sure at least some weapons that have critical by now can be given to Fee [Claude] too (It is the Finale after all). Most characters can actually promote by chapter 9 if you pass away the elite ring effieciently. Some personal experience, but everyone except for Leaf, Tinny, Faval, and Nanna promoted in my AAAA ranked run at the start of chapter 9 so it is definitely possible (yes even Patty). Next you argue that they will target Altena. However, they will also target Fee [Levn] too since she is also suspectible to status staves. 2 sleeped characters is not good. If they are flying off alone, Tinny and Sety can't reach them. One who uses restore while the other attacks is a better situation. Plus, Fee can heal Altena without being right next to her. BTW if any form of Fee with silver can ORKO, Altena will definitely ORKO enemies. While Fee [Levn] wins Offensively in the Finale, Fee [Claude] wins with her long range staff utility that covers a rediculous range. Its hard to say, but I feel since they are the same except for the last chapter, but Fee [Claude] is more helpful longer, I feel like Fee [Claude] is better, barely though since they are so similar. Not all prepromotion Fees are similar. Claude!Fee only has pusuit. Levin!Fee has continue and critical. Additionally, Levin!Fee has better growths and bases in most stats reaching Claude!Fee's average lvl 30 spd at lvl 21. The +5 Str convo doesn't occur at the end of Chp 10. It occurs in the middle. That allows her to fight the dark mages and Alvis army. And with the +5 str convo bonus, the only non boss enemies Fee should have trouble one rounding are the Freege Barons and the Dark warlords. Also, this isn't a Ranked run, and even if it was, you should never split your army in a way that it would be out of range of all of your healers. That is just using poor and risky strategy. There is no reason as to why your healers should be out of range of almost any unit. Fee levin shouldn't be affected by the status stave wielding dark mages on the final chapter. Even without the barrier ring, she generally has enough resistance. And should she even be afflicted with sleep, who ever has the rest staff will still be able to heal both of them on one turn since your dancer is more likey to be near that person than Fee!Claude should she have the rest staff. Also, I think the AI is more likely to silence Fee!Levin should she be able to afflict a status on her since the AI is more programed to silence enemies who can use magic and will be affected by it. The reason why Altena doesn't ORKO certain dark mages is because Lances are heavy, and since they have no weapons, they have pretty good AS (even though they can't attack) so Altena may not ORKO them. Also, I hope I do not offend you in asking this, but is english not your first language by chance? You seem to have a habit of making gramatical mistakes that can make your arguments confusing. I can still understand them, but they could use some polishing up is all I'm trying to say. That, or your really tired.
  8. Tinny and Sety don't walk over mountain peaks too. Fee can. constant 8 move lets you access anyone to heal in almost all situations. Is the combat gap really that big? IF they keep the Hero Lance they always one round, If Fee is given a silver lance she still one rounds. What does Altenna have to do with anything? I'm confused FE4 lets you save anytime as long as you don't move your units at the start of a turn. I think the reason Arthur is so high is because he is the first Holy weapon user, has 2 range and can easily promote by chapter 8. His position in chapter 7 lets him kill Istor without having to wait for Shannan and he can reach Blume faster than Aless so the move advantage is negated for the chapter. Seems like high tier for me. He will always OHKO if below half health, and continue+Crit+Holsety is reliable KINDA, I've had times he failed to ORKO too, but...I kinda agree with you though, but I think he wins due to availibility. Being on mountain peaks=being out of enemy range. Libro users are most likely always out of enemy range and have better magic than Fee, and in the case of Sety and Tinny, they may be on the front lines dealing some nice damage. Fee!Claude needs continue to activate to one round with the silver lance on most occasions and although she will one round with the hero lance, she may take damage during the turn she attacks with it since she won't kill the enemy in the first two attacks with out critical. Fee!Levin has the +5 str bonus not too long after Fee will start to have trouble one rounding enemies with the silver lance, along with continue before promotion and critical. Your looking too much into what happens after promotion. Think about what happens before promotion too, as the only units who will probably promote before chapter 9 are Johan/Johalva along with anyone with Elite, a bonus Fee is unlikely to have. About Altena: Inorder to kill most of the annoying longrange darkmages/status mages on the final chp, you need to make use of Altena and Fee. The AI will pretty much always put Altena to sleep since she has the Gae Bolg. If Fee has rest, that means you have to rely on Altena killing enemies she may not even one round.
  9. No, he doesn't. Shanan and Sety outdo him. If Corple!Levin exists, Sety won't have more avoid than him. But what staves can Fee!Claude really even make use of that would make her that much better? The only B ranked staves I would think of giving her are recover, libro(physics), and rest. With relive, Fee will still heal around 50HP, so recover isn't really that much better. Libro and rest are both ranged staves, and most of your magic units will have better magic than her and are generally pretty close to your units so that extra mov isn't really helping, esspecially when you consider the fact that Sety and Tinny have better mov than her on roads, if not the same, so the advantage of having libro isn't all that great. That just leaves rest, which is occasionally a bad staff for her to have (having two units able to kill dark mages on the final is better than having only one since the AI generally targets Altena for obvious reasons). The only real advantage she has with the staves is being able to hide and use them, but most of your staff users are already away from combat if they are using such staves. Fee!Levin beats out Fee!claude greatly in combat, esspecially with the +5 str bonus, and heals about 50 hp with relieve anyway, so she is already a pretty good healer. The staff advantage Fee!Claude has really isn't that big a deal compared to the huge gap in combat that Fee!Levin creates. Also, just because you can reset to a turn earlier doesn't mean that your going to save the person from dying again, let alone save someone else. And one of the most agrevating things in Fire Emblem is having to reset back to the begining of the chapter, esspecially when say your Fin!Nanna just gained two level ups in a row where her mag grew or something. And you don't have to be a sacrificail lamb to make use of the valkyrie staff. Someone could get RNG screwed and die or someone could miss a certain aspect when they end their turn/their turn doesn't workout as well as it could have, and someone dies. The Valkyrie staff adds the comfort off knowing you don't have to worry about that happening to an extent. Also, prepromotion Corple!Claude is pretty much always > Corple!Levin. Since the Reserve staff is passed down to him, that's an extra 10 uses of the reserve staff and potentially saves us some money since, as a healer, Corple doesn't really need to promote. Additionally, it allows him to use the valkyrie staff, which has some great benefits as I explained above. Also, I'm starting to think that Arthur!Levin shouldn't be at the very top of this tier. I'm going to try and make an argument to probably get him to go down a bit so that Levin!Sety, and maybe even Aless and Shanan should be above him. I just really can't see how a unit without pursuit could be top tier, even if Holsety is broken and he has continue and critical.
  10. Alvis is far harder than Burian unless you want to argue the fact that Burian actually moves. Shanan with Balmunk or Aless with Mistoltin can easily kill him. He doesn't have awareness. Alvis has awareness and big shield, not to mention he's sitting on a castle. Plus, Alvis attacking with Falaflame gives him 70 might, hitting resistance. Burian with Swanchika gives him 57 might, hitting defense. If it even matters anymore, Alvis is statistically superior to Burian in everything except luck and defense, which he loses by 7 thanks to Swanchika's +20 boost. Well I guess Burian may not be harder, but he is more dangerous since he can move and if the three Troubadours aren't killed they heal him. He can also resummon his army. Does six move actually see significantly more combat? There is no contradiction, point out how. The only thing going for Corple [Claude] is Reserve. Levn is actually good in the arena, he can actually afford to spare Corple a return ring and some B staves to pass down. You can easily sell the return ring and give reserve to Corple. Tada Corple [Claude] and Corple [Levn] exactly the same now before promotion. I guess Corple is bad because he denied someone the second return ring? I'm not advocating Corple [Levn] should get the reserve staff, but Corple [Claude] can just as easily not inherit the reserve staff for faster access too. They are still equal before promotion. Corple is always crappy Corple [Levn] is the best among the crap since they are in bottom tier >_>. Bottom tier means decent now? Fine I'll make a conclusion from the points brought up Corple [Levn]=Corple [Claude] before promotion. Reserve is dropped before Corple is joined by an enemy if not passed down. Levin can actually do well in the arena and can pass down B staves and a return ring, unlike claude who just fails for his lack of skills. Corple [Levn] sells the return ring and buys Reserve (easily can take 1 turn to do). Look they are now exactly the same except for what its worth Corple [Levn] has the potential to be a good dodger and attacker. After promotion (Lets say Finale) obiviously: Holsety!corple > no Holsety!corple The win is the marginal benefit Its really that simple. Prepromotion they are equal, after promoting they aren't (its obvious who is better). I eagarly await your rebuttal on this and the Fee[Claude] > Fee [Levn] I proposed Actually, 6 move somehow does magically make that much of a difference. That's part of the reason why Ardan and Azel aren't that great in gen 1. Also, prepromotion, Corple!Claude is vastly greater than Corple!Levin, since he can use the valkyrie staff. Also, assuming that Corple can only inherit reserve if claude is his father (it has yet to be proven that he can't inherit it from Levin, or any other father, and according to serenes forest he SHOULD be able to inherit reserve from any parent) it would give him an extra 10 uses of it since he wouldn't have to spend money buying it. Also, since when has Claude ever sucked in the arena? Despite the fact he has no skills, he does surprisingly well in the arena with the wind tome. He very rarely doesn't clear the entire arena for every chp he's available in. What it really comes down to with Corple!levin vs corple!claude is that corple!claude works better and it's just unwise to give corple Holsety since he can only make use of it for one chapter really. Corple!Levin requires to much money and effort just to make full use of him for one chapter, and even then he isn't really all that great for that one chapter. Corple!Claude is good to go right from the start, and is fine for the rest of the game even if he doesn't promote. As for Claude!Fee vs Levin!Fee, having 1 point better magic, and somewhat overkill 6 points better res at level 30 waiting for promotion to be really usefull is and being able to use better staves < reaching Claude!Fee's average speed at level 20, 3 points better skl, 6 points better str and hp (due to the convo), and continue before promotion and critical, (considering that Fee doesn't have a monopoly on the Hero Lance) allowing her to make good use of a javelien. Edit: People, can post too fast sometimes......
  11. There are definitely better tactics than that to handle those situations >_>. Since when did that knight with a 20 weight weapon cause problem? Holsety might be useful. Oh wait Corple is our only Holsety user, isn't it convienent that he is promoted by now and can pwn that knight instead of sacrificing someone (which still isn't necessary BTW) It isn't BS since character shouldn't dies cause it kills your combat rank (which I don't see why combat shouldn't be part of effenciency) If you revive someone with the valkyrie staff, it actually RESTORES your rank, so to speak. Non the less, this isn't a ranked tier list so..... Also, just because Burian has a 20 weight weapon doesn't mean he isn't a hard boss. He's probably one of the hardest in the game, if not the hardest if it wasn't for Holsety (not counting Julius for obvious reasons). Your probably only dealing about ~10-2 damage against him without getting a critical, and only Holesety will really allow you to deal more than that. Additionally, he has 80HP and charge. He has charge activate about 40% of the time which will probably lead him to kill someone since the swanchika is a ranged weapon. And Corple is the worst holsety user to fight him with, since if his averages screw him over just a bit, he can get one shoted by him, though corple has the potential to drop his hit to zero. Also, he has a decent chance of not one rounding him and if he survives, he'll likely run away and may have the possibility of being healed a bit before he runs away, so.....
  12. If you do recruit Johan, does his Ally Army attack before Johalva's? I know if you recruit Johalva, his Ally army attacks first, but I'm not sure about Johan. Also, no Johan's castle doesn't get destroyed, but the AI may take a while to take it over I'd imagine, and when they do you'd lose Johan's support army. The likely reason as to why Sety!Levin is so much higher than Corple!Levin is because Sage's are broken and he has pursuit. Also, for some reason, at least in my opinion, 5 mov is somehow ALOT worse than 6 mov. Also, even with Holsety, wouldn't Sety!Levin still have only about a 70% chance of dogeing Ishtar with the Tor Hammer? Tor Hammer just has ridiculous hit.
  13. About this Leaf v.s. Johalva stuff on who gets the pursuit ring, personally, I think Leaf is the better candidate. He's likely to get it first, and it helps him promote faster. Leaf can have the elite ring by the begining of chp 8 if you play your cards right (I believe you get two return rings in gen one right? if you give him one of them, since Patty should get the other, and have him save two villages along with have him get the speed ring and have him do the arena he should have enough money), and promote at the begining of chp 9, but non the less Johalva/Johan only want the pursuit ring if no one else needs it, and that is likely only to happen if you pass on pursuit to all the children, excluding Sylvia's. I think Johalva would probably want the pursuit ring more than Johan though only because Bows+pursuit+duel=Win. Also, I've asked this before and no one has answered this yet, but unlike FE5, duel can only activate while you can attack back right(meaning if you are equiped with a bow and someone attacks you with a sword, duel won't activate right)?
  14. The reason why I compared Fin to Oifaye is BECAUSE he is top of high. If their stats and abilities were potentially similar, wouldn't that help in giving reason as to why Fin should be higher? And I know it's hard to read, but I did include the bonus's in the Fin's average chart I made, so it seems kinda wierd to me that people are still talking about the bonuses he gets, I guess.
  15. "lol I am Cyas! 21 leadership stars LOL!" "Tina! Quick, steal his berserk staff!" *Tina does so, Saphy M ups Tina, Lara dances for Tina* Rinehart: Hm. I suddenly got the homicidal urge to slaughter my entire batallion, killing myself in the process. Cyas: FUCK THAT EMO BASTARD! HE RUINED MY WHOLE PLAN! Wouldn't it be faster to kill the boss and Warp leaf? Though that method is much more fun and humorous.....
  16. FE5 is hard, but it definetly isn't as hard as some people might think. What's hard about FE5 is recruiting characters, the annoying RNG (From enemy growths to hit and avoid), and how you obtain weapons. FE5 is blessed with pretty much having the entire cast being usefull, and has acces to scroll abuse. Depending on how you play, the chapters go from being ridiculously easy, to annoyingly hard. In my opinion, this game is more annoying than hard. FEDS on H5 mode is not blessed with having the entire cast be usefull for the most part, and even the characters you have who are useful aren't all that great, with the exceptions of Wolf and Segdar, but even they aren't all that great in the begining and may die on the first chapter they join you. The fact that most of your units are one rounded on the final chapter doesn't help much either. I'd say that FEDS H5 is harder. Your units are more fragile, and don't have as likely a potential to be as strong as they could be in FE5. FE5 does require more strategy though.
  17. due to +5 str convo and being rape with magic swords+Adept+Critical, yeah, I'd say so. I seem to be the only one who thinks he's Upper-Mid material. Even if he's only at the bottom of it. But you at least agree he's better than TinnyAzel, yes? Also, grouping the Favals. About Fin, I don't think he should probably be moved up to much if at all. Maybe. Fin is probably my favorite FE4 character. Whenever I play FE4, I always end up giving him lots of favoritism because I like him that much, even when I try not to because it makes me cry when he isn't as great as he can be or better. I don't think of getting Johalva to level 20 by the begining of Chp 8 as favoritism. Imagine what actual favoritism in my opinion is He still isn't all that great. Duke knights suffer from being possibly the worst mounted class. I shouldn't need to explain why Paladins and Master Knights are better, Forrest Knights have swords and continue, Great Knights are 100% better only suffering from the fact that they are stuck to Axes, and Flying classes can fly. Bow Knights and Lord Knights are probably there only competion for said title, but Lord Knights are Stuck to your Lords and can use swords. If you are using mostly subs he is obviously going to be more usefull, along with the fact that he could be pretty much any level by the time he rejoins you, but I imagine the average level he would be at by part 2 to be level 20, maybe a bit lower. The only other unit like him that could probably be around his level by then is Oifaye (Assuming Begining Chp 7 to Mid), and Possibly Johan and Johalva, maybe even Shanan, though unlikely. For that purpose, I compared his stats to Oifaye, who has the highest chance of being close to Fin's average Level of 20, along with comparing their stats at later levels. For these stats, I have rounded from a 0.5 or higher decimal up for the averages, and assumed that Fin recieved every possible upgrade he can gain (to my knowledge) In part 1. This means he will recieve an extra 4 str, 1 skl, and 2 def to his averages. I have also assumed that Fin has promoted at chp 20 for obvious reasons. I've also assumed Oifaye has gotten hiw bonus of +3 Hp from Level 25 up as they occur late in the game. Oifaye Lvl 15 20 25 30 HP 40 45 53 58 Str 16 18 20 22 Mag 9 9 10 10 Skl 17 20 24* 24* Spd 16 18 19 21 Def 17 19 20 21 Res 8 9 9 10 Luk 8 10 12 14 Fin Lvl 15 20 25 30 HP 42 45 49 52 Str 17 24 25 27* Mag 1 1 1 1 Skl 15 18 20 21 Spd 14 17 18 20 Def 11 15 16 18 Res 1 4 4 4 Luk 15 18 20 23 * means the stat was capped. Both units have pursuit, but Oifaye benefits from Critical and more playtime. Prayer makes the Arena easier for Fin, but Hero weapons can make the Arena easier anyway, and Fin has a very high chance of generally having the Hero lance due to a lack of having continue, critical or any skill that makes him more likely to kill something, though Fin will probably have critical if he is given his Hero Lance. Essentially, Oifaye is better in almost every stat only losing in str and luk. Luk only affects avoid in this game, and Since Oifaye can use swords, he is more likely to have higher avoid. Fin is probably dealing a minimum of 10 more damage per round, but that's assuming he gained the +3 str bonus and sometimes he can be to slow in the final, but a speed ring could make up for it. With this probably somewhat hard to read/understand information I've given, I'm not trying to insult Fin in any way, just point out his negative's and compare him to a higher tier character who is fairly similar to him (in my opinion). And because I like Fin so much I'm also going to ask/say this: If your going to group the Faval's together, along with the Leen's, I think you should also just group together Fin/Beo!Lachesis too? Damn. The stat comparisons I made between the two came out so much less clear than the edit. I'll try to fix it again some other time. Sorry for the inconvience.
  18. I don't know actually. I just didn't like the fact that he was low since he has potential to be really usefull. The characters in FE5, like FE7 and FE10, all feel fairly balanced and all of them can be used pretty well for the most part, so it's hard to judge who's better (at least in my opinion).
  19. Fin doesn't need to stand next to Bridgid for all of chapter 3 for them to fall in love. I think they gain plus 10 love points for being on the map at the same time (Same with Tiltyu).
  20. But how many bosses even have skills that awareness would block? I imagine Julius is the only one who has wrath and there is a sword master in the final chapter who has a sword skill, and the darkwarlords have some, but is that really enough to warant having awareness instead of prayer and +30 more luck (compared to Fin)? If you want to pass awareness onto anyone, wouldn't Fee be a better candidate?
  21. For best unit, I think I'd say Best: FE10 Ike. They made his death action look so lame in FE10 because Nintendo/IS made it so that he shouldn't die(besides the fact that he is a lord). Worst: Fiona. Not even Chuck Norris could save her from being such epic fail. And I agree on finding out what songs this fanbase likes. Though the problem for me is that the songs are pretty much great in every FE game. Except for maybe FE5 and FE8, but even they don't have bad soundtracks.
  22. Prayer is useful for Nanna to use in the arena though she has access to staves too. But C staves limit her to using only relive and return staves. Ahem. Prayer is useless outside of the arena. I know about the stupid arena trick I just can't find it in me to care. I find the higher mag much more useful. Especially cause she is only gonna have C rank staves max. That means she can heal for a good amount with a relive staff since the formula is [10 + mag] * 2. She shouldn't have any problems healing most units back to full health with her higher mag except if they have some ridiculous hp stat like faval and took like 70 damage. And since she is on a horse she won't be needing reblow as much since she can keep up with the main army. Sorry for bringing up something kinda old, but I wouldn't say that Prayer is useless. It greatly helps out in the arena, but it can also be a big life saver when it activates on the map. The AI will pretty much constantly attack the unit who has had prayer activate, and they will just keep dodging. I might be wrong in saying this, but personally, I think the definition of what prayer does needs re wording. Once it activates, it stays active until the end of the enemy phase/Player phase in which it was activated. Saying turn seems a bit confusing to me. Also, not to make Azel!Nanna sound worse, but I don't think it would be a good idea to keep Nanna at the front lines with the earth sword since it only has 10 uses and is fairly exspensive. Yes. At range, they use the spells and the WT of the respective spell applies to their AS. Unless the FE4 enemy data is wrong, I don't think that using a spell from afar with a magic sword changes the attack speed of the weapon you are equiped with. See Jacoban, the Chapter 3 Forrest.
  23. Opinions don't matter in a tier list. Instead of telling us about your personal experience and resource favoritism towards marty, you should construct a real argument using facts and numbers. How can opinions not matter in a tier list? If you don't have an opinion about something, then you can't make an argument. And the personal experience that I brought up with him is based on me testing a hypothesis. You can't just come up with a hypothesis and say it's right without testing it to be true, which is where personal experience comes into play. I didn't say anything like "Oh Marty was great! I had him Cap every stat and he killed everything." Also, please look at the comment that Brighton made. He essentially asked me a question that would involve me having to respond with personal experience. Another reason why I brought up Marty was because on the very first page of this tier list, it was said that you are looking for characters who have more concrete durabillity rather than relying on avoid, and Marty has the best physical durability in the game without the use of scrolls. Dalshien is next followed by I believe Kein, and neither of them have as much Hp as him (16 point difference for Dalshien, 13 for Kein). And I would believe it is fair to assume that someone being used as a shield would have a scroll since they prevent critical hits, which happen quite a bit in this game due to the abundance of battle axe knights, thunder mages, and Yotsmung Dark mages. And if your not showing the favoritism, that Marty greatly benefits from, to him, then who are you showing it to? It doesn't help me if I don't know who else you would show said favoritism to. I suggested Dalshien, but no one else said anything. And like I said before, I'm not saying Marty is amazing and should be top tier. I just don't think he should be as low as he is. What's wrong with my Gen 2 arguments? The only thing I've said that people didn't like was the fact that I said you can get Johalva to lvl 20 by chp 8, which is completely possible and I even explained how he could do it. Okay then, I'll say this: Your opinion about marty's placement doesn't matter in a tier list because you haven't presented any factual data to support him and opted instead to give your PE. As for the favoritism issue, every resource that you wanted to allocate to marty has plenty of competition among the other units. Leaf wouldn't mind that speed ring, same goes for brighton. The scrolls also have plenty of units who want them: Leaf may want the sety scroll, asvel could take it as well to help with his magic growth in the beginning, brighton wants both sety and odo. This isn't even counting the units who could make great use of those scrolls when recruited later. Marty isn't automatically the top pick when there are so many other units who benefit just as much or better than marty. Hell, I'd even say that the ones I listed are better picks because they at least don't have to climb out of a shitty 0 speed and skill hole unlike with marty. And your argument for johalva promoting at ch.8 was showing obvious favoritism once again. You were feeding kills to an overleveled unit just so he can promote earlier, it was complete bull and everyone called you out on it. So perhaps my previous statement should have been read as: Opinions don't matter in a tier list unless they are backed up with a cohesive argument. There you go, now unless you can show everyone here a real argument as to why marty deserves to rise, then don't bother posting. I actually have given statistical data about Marty's durability which is the main reason why I am arguing that he should be higher, and I have given some input about his skl and spd, but more can be given probably. I wouldn't know whether or not it would be a good idea to mention enemy stats for this game as I have seen vastly different stats between enemies of the same level and class on the same chapter. Plus, I wouldn't know where to find them..... And I don't want to talk about what I'm about to say anymore since it goes greatly off topic, but obviously you didn't read my argument about Johalva.
  24. Opinions don't matter in a tier list. Instead of telling us about your personal experience and resource favoritism towards marty, you should construct a real argument using facts and numbers. How can opinions not matter in a tier list? If you don't have an opinion about something, then you can't make an argument. And the personal experience that I brought up with him is based on me testing a hypothesis. You can't just come up with a hypothesis and say it's right without testing it to be true, which is where personal experience comes into play. I didn't say anything like "Oh Marty was great! I had him Cap every stat and he killed everything." Also, please look at the comment that Brighton made. He essentially asked me a question that would involve me having to respond with personal experience. Another reason why I brought up Marty was because on the very first page of this tier list, it was said that you are looking for characters who have more concrete durabillity rather than relying on avoid, and Marty has the best physical durability in the game without the use of scrolls. Dalshien is next followed by I believe Kein, and neither of them have as much Hp as him (16 point difference for Dalshien, 13 for Kein). And I would believe it is fair to assume that someone being used as a shield would have a scroll since they prevent critical hits, which happen quite a bit in this game due to the abundance of battle axe knights, thunder mages, and Yotsmung Dark mages. And if your not showing the favoritism, that Marty greatly benefits from, to him, then who are you showing it to? It doesn't help me if I don't know who else you would show said favoritism to. I suggested Dalshien, but no one else said anything. And like I said before, I'm not saying Marty is amazing and should be top tier. I just don't think he should be as low as he is. What's wrong with my Gen 2 arguments? The only thing I've said that people didn't like was the fact that I said you can get Johalva to lvl 20 by chp 8, which is completely possible and I even explained how he could do it.
  25. I never said to leave Marty at 1/0 until he rejoins. The reason why I brought this up was because I did use Marty, and he turned out great, and he rejoined me at level 6 I think. And it wasn't that hard to do either. In the early chapters, He's great for capturing due to his steel axe and nice base str, and like Halvan, you could give him the Brave Axe. His hit rate wasn't that much lower than everyone else really (capturing cuts your skill in half, so everyone won't have THAT much more hit than him) and his Dagda support helped him out, as did his luk. Also, most units generally don't double while capturing anyway. As for Marty's Prepromote speed, like I said, give him the speed ring. The only other person I can see needing a speed ring by the time Marty rejoins you is Dalsin, but he has already been around for a couple have chapters, has a decent spd growth, and has had 2 1/2 chapters to use the sety and Baldo scrolls. It's like how people give FE10 Nepheenee Dracoshields to make her useful since no one else can make as great of use it as she can (apparently), and she's harder to use than Marty in my opinion.
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