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  1. What determines Leaf's leadership stars? When I started the game he had none, then all of a sudden he got 1, and now at chp 10 he has 2.
  2. And pursuit, plus Rana likes Prayer and more durability. No bow inheritence, but that's much easier to work around than shit STR, plus Azel wasn't giving him anything to begin with. So yeah, I'm liking this one MUCH better than Azel. Also, there's no point in having the LachesisxBeowulf kids right next to the LachesisxFin ones, so I killed the Beowulf versions. After looking over the tier list after updates had been made, I have a few complaints. The first is Jamaka!Faval over Holyn!Faval. Although Holyn doesn't pass any skills on to Faval, he passes on good skl, a nessecity for Faval since the Ichival has 70 hit. Normally you could say that since he has continue and duel he has more chances to hit, it works out fine, but the difference in skill between the two parents is huge. Holyn!Faval can have a base of 21 skl and has a 95% skl growth. Jamaka!Faval has base 14 skl and a 25% skl growth. A 10% hit difference can mean alot and your more likely to get RNG screwed with a 25% growth compared to a 95% growth. And I think Lex!Faval should probably be below both of them. All he gives is Elite (which is nice) and better Def and skl in Jamaka's case and Str in Holyn's case. Second, I think Levin!Fee should be under Noish!Fee, if not possibly above. Noish gives her better Def (by 3 points) better imediate str, along with duel and continue upon promotion. Levin gives better everything else, especially in Magic, and much better imediate speed, though at lvl 30 it's only a 2 point difference. Levin!Fee may seem weaker Str wise, but the +5 Str boost evens them out. Levin also gives continue on the spot and when combined with how good her speed is before promotion anyway, it makes for a good combonation. And I don't know how much duel would help a pegasus knight with not so great HP. And I don't Know if you should get ride of Beowolf!Lachesis's children. Fin's children are better, esspecially in Nanna's case, but some people may like the Idea of giving Delmud duel or something.
  3. I know. I never said that our units couldn't use the arena. Using save states to let Johalva gain 8 levels in 1 Chapter when he's overleveled is insane. I don't understand what you're getting at. What Im trying to say is that I think there are two ways you can save state abuse the arena. Option 1: You use a save state before every arena battle. If you lose, you go back to the previous save state you had. That way your character doesn't have 1 hp. Option 2: You do the above option. Then afterwards, you have another unit do something else (attack, heal, move, use the arena. etc.) or you switch to a different weapon. This can change the arena script so that the battle can have a different outcome. As for Johalva being able to promote by the begining of Chp 8 (in retrospect, end of chp 7 seems to unlikely), here's my reasoning. On chp 6, Johalva will probably gain 2 or close to 2 levels. He's likely to only attack once, so he won't kill enemies (duel has a 21% chance of activating if he has max hp). He also has the second best durability possible for the chp at 42 HP and 15 Def. Only Oifaye has better durability at 40+ HP and 17+ Def. I don't know the exact enemy Axe Knight stats, but I believe they have 12 str. They deal about 7 damage to him, and If Celice with 3 Lead stars and Delmud are nearby, they have about a high 30% chance of hitting him, more if Schimdt is nearby, but unlikely at most times due to the fact that they move before Schimdt. You'll also probably still have some of Johalva's Axe fighter's with you still and the AI likes to attack them first. For these reasons, Johalva is probably going to attack every turn because he is likely to deal a heavy non lethal blow against enemies with admitidly bad 1-2 range weapons and not take to much damage. Personally, I like to have him kill Schmidt because then I don't have to worry about him having to buy the Hero Axe (Even if it isn't that exspensive). This generally totals to two level ups since he Kill's Schmidt or at least close to two. For Chp 7, he can use the arena. You generally gain 2~4 lvl ups in the arena depending on your Exp and Level, more if you have Elite. With the Hero Axe, Johalva is likely to only lose against Wolf, the last person you fight in the arena. Manstein deals only 2 damage against him (this includes pursuit). Johalva has about 35% (This might actually be about 15%, I'm not sure) hit rate on him and kills him in two hits. In 20 rounds of battle, it isn't imposible for him to not win since he attacks just as many times as his opponent especially considering how accuracy and avoid work in this game when you are being hit by enemies with 20 hit and missing with 80. During the chapter your likely to use Johalva since he makes for a somewhat good Mage Killer/Knight fighter since he has a hero weapon and does heavy damage against Knights without killing them due to their high def and HP. And No I'm not saying he kills everything, but he probably gets a nice amount of action fighting armor knights. For Chp 8, he does the arena again and if he can get past Louis, He'll probably promote. Also, again in retrospect, I don't think you'd be able to do this with Johan (at the very least not as well) only due to the somewhat decent gap in durability they have, Though Johan does better in the arena do to his higher skl(though I don't know if ambush does anything in the arena). Also, Delmud can potentially have the same amount of durability as Johan in early chapters so.....
  4. I apologize for making myself unclear about what I was talking about with the Arena. Most people say that using the Arena in most Fire Emblem games is abuse and shouldn't count towards tier lists, and I was assuming the same. But in FE4, the arena isn't as broken as other FE games, and is more nessecary than it is in other games. Also, by save state abuse, do you mean doing the arena with save states and stopping so that your character isn't left with 1 HP while in the home castle at the begining of the chapter? Or do you mean the previous statement + trying the arena later in the home castle after someone else has used it because the events in the battle might have changed? Agreed. Dimina is stuck with the Iron bow for chp 6 and the Steel Bow for chp 7, and even with the +5 str boost he recieve's he'll only do Meh damage. Asalleo can use the Silver Bow from the start, and you recieve the Hero Bow and Killer Bow in the same chapter. Asalleo also has duel and is faster than Dimina, along with having about the same if not more str than dimina in the long run. Dimina has more skl and is more durable, but depending on who you give which bow, the skl difference won't matter.
  5. This is a tier list. We don't abuse. Get over it. There is no Arena in Chapter 6, and the only things left to fight in Chapter 6 are the Axe Knights, which he is pretty bad against ([email protected]). He'll be lucky to gain 1 level. Johalva won't be getting past Manstein (the swordfighter) in the Chapter 7 arena even with the Hero Axe, and all of the enemies below him are level 1 or 7. That's another level. Even if he gains 2 levels in Chapter 7, which I highly doubt, he'll only be 16. Four more levels until he promotes. Cut the bullshit. Celice wants the Leg Ring more than Arthur. It should be the other way around. Speeding up chapters a lot more until Celice promotes and helping Arthur reach promotion quicker is much better than it's opposite. Also, Isaac will be conquered by Schmidt after you recruit Johan. You can still get Rezire if you recruit Johan, so that was a stupid thing of you to bring up. Well, if Aless is dead before we can even reach Jabarro, that won't do anyone any good. Wasting time trying to get foot units up there is inefficient. Suddenly, 2RKOing mages. Everywhere. Only guys like Johalva and Johan, ironically, with pretty big HP, are 3RKO'd. So, Mounted units will have the same move as foot units, you say? Gasp! That doesn't help foot units whatsoever. That merely balances things for one small segment. Mounted units have the ability to save Lenster and to fight Muhammud. Foot units can't do one. The point goes to mounts. Wait a second. You said we were using Levin!Arthur up there. Make up your mind. It is if it's the difference between fighting and not fighting, which, you know, it is. Fee/Femina can't save all of the villages by the time the reinforcements from the top left come if we're playing efficiently. She needs help. Guess what Celice is by this point? That's right, mounted! Foot soldiers basically have no chance of even reaching the bottom half of the map before we finish the chapter. That's what I'm saying. Umm, why? You have to wait for Celice to seize Miletos to even save Palmark to start. By that point, your team will have converged at the castle. Those Dark Mages can be taken out by anyone riding something, not just Femina/Altenna (who shouldn't be fighting them anyway). Celice soloing it isn't effective. Hell, Celice can solo the entire map. Why don't we just let him do that, and to hell with this level? Not really. All you really need is Levin!Arthur on Freege and her entire squad is done for. Guess who has an easier time reaching him? Yeah, you get what I'm saying. It basically takes Celice the same amount of time as it takes our foot soldiers to reach Dozle. Then, mounted units obviously reach Freege more quickly and take everything down. :/ For the last time, who reaches the Dark Warlords first and can canto out of Meteor range? You know that answer. If the statistical leads don't cancel out the pros of a mount, it does. First of all, Celice is either getting a Hero Sword from his dad, or from Patty in Chapter 7. Secondly, low bases wut Lastly, Arthur comes 2 chapters before Sety and gets a mount after promotion. That's reason enough. I don't see why it's so hard to believe that Johalva can promote by chp 8. I have him do so all the time, and no I don't always have him attack everything since he is already a high level and I want to use my lower level units. And I'm not even trying to say that Johan can't do this either. And if we aren't using the Arena and are making such a big deal about mounted units and giving Celice the leg ring, explain to me how a unit with 5 move magicaly gains 18 lvls and becomes this holy unstopable mounted unit (Levin!Arthur) since he won't promote till probably chp 10 and saying have him save all those children on chp 8 is just favoritism since anyone can save them. According to your logic, foot units suck due to their low move and will never really gain levels ever. Also, I'm not trying to insult Levin!Arthur either, it's just that your logic makes Levin!Arthur suck in my opinion. And yes, Celice generally has low bases compared to the units around him. Sigurd does not cap every stat, and no one uses Diadora enough for her to have a significant impact on Celice's stats. For the chp 6 stuff you said, I forgot that Schimdit could conquer Issac, but using your mounted logic you will already have units down at Issac already and I'm pretty sure the AI is going to attack units with poor avoid, HP, and defense rather than A unit With decent avoid, HP, and defense. For the Chp 7 stuff, the fact that you think Aless will die before foot units can reach him shows a lack of either skill or experience in using foot units and units in general on your part. Additionally, Aless has the same amount of move as the units chasing him, so he can simply run away to where your foot units are. Again, Tinny's mage army isn't a threat and they aren't everywhere since they are in a somewhat single file line. Plus, Tinny makes use of her full movement unlike the rest of her army, so you'll probably have recruited her and will have an extra unit before her forces reach you. Ishtor's army is a bigger threat than hers. For Chp 8, Foot units have more move than mounted units in forests, unless they are promoted in which they become equal. And lets say you did have your mounted units fight Muhammeds squad. Your foot units will have had more than enough time to have reached Lenster and be completely capable of fighting Ovo's squad by then. And what I said about Sety was just listing a possibilty of what people might be doing for their own playthrough, and the same goes for what I said about Arthur earlier. For Chp 9, Fee/Femina reaches the villages before Celice reaches said Castle, unless you gave him the leg ring. And then you have to move Corple/Sharlow to recruit Hannibal, so she has more than enough time to save the villages. For chp 10, the stuff your saying about how to save palmark seems..... well retarded. Fee/Femina and Altena should be saving palmark. They can fly across the ocean and reach him before he gets killed (which is likely to happen if you don't have your fliers save him since Mounted units probably won't reach him in time without them becoming a major liability) I can't remember if Altena does or doesn't OHKO them, but she has the potential to one round them. Fee has pursuit and continue along with the possibility of having critical and duel, and she has good res. She can effectively kill the dark mages too. I don't understand why you would say they shouldn't be killing them when they are the most effective to use at killing them. As for your final chp comments, most of what you are saying seems to be pointless over kill that doesn't really make any difference in the long run other than making the game harder (unless that is your goal). Why would you want to charge Burian's unit? I think the biggest problem I'm having with your Idea's is that your strategies seem to involve charging the enemy with mounted units hoping no one dies instead of my strategy of luring the enemy in and killing them in one turn using everyone.
  6. How is he going to get 8 levels in 1 chapter when he doesn't even have a mount? Lex Lackhe/Skasha have trouble getting that many, and they have Elite and aren't ridiculously overleveled and they have great combat parameters. The only person I could possibly see promoting by the end of Chapter 7 is Celice. Movement means a lot, too. Chapter 6 Admittedly linear. However, in order to capture Sophara, you need to backtrack quite a bit, though I guess that's not really necessary. Chapter 7 Good luck trying to fight Jabarro and his group with your foot units, and yes, Aless needs help. He is not invulnerable. The Dark Mages are pretty close to the starting castle, admittedly, but they aren't in the range of the foot soldiers on the first turn, and foot soldiers can't canto away to avoid another attack from those hard-hitting guys. Seriously, I think everyone on your team is 2RKOed by them. Bastards. Same deal with Tinny's mage group, I guess, though they're a bit more lenient. Chapter 8 Yes, Muhammud's group is close by. No, that isn't a Get out of Jail Free card. Mounted units can still run up to save the Lenster trio, of which pretty much everyone but Fin has no chance of surviving the Ovo's onslaught, and Fin won't survive even on the castle alone (trust me, I've tried). Then, Patty recruits Faval, we kill Ishtar, etc., etc. I don't need to go into details about how mounted units are obviously going to be the ones helping Sety slaughter everything, and foot units get left in the dust, do I? Chapter 9 Mounted units can reach the villages, take out the guys surrounding the castle with Corple, actually have a chance of taking on Arion's squad before the chapter ends, etc. This is getting a bit redundant. Trabant and his suicide squads do attack, yeah. Same with Hannibal. Probably one of the better maps for the unmounted guys. Chapter 10 Hilda (and the children). Ridale. That second castle that I can't remember the name of. The guys attacking Palmark. You should know what I'm talking about by now. Endgame Do I even need to talk about this? Yeah, mounts and movement are useful for a lot more than just switching weapons with Canto. Yes Johalva can gain 8 levels by the end of chp 7. Arena abuse is a nessecity in this game because it is the only real way to make money for your characters and it is not as broken as in other games where you can get a character to lvl 20 in one chapter.(And most people already use savestates in FE4 anyway another reason why they say Corple/Leen are stupid compared to Layla/Sharlow). Johalva should be Lvl 14 by the end of chp 6. He'll be about lvl 18 once you beat the arena. He can gain 2 lvls in chp 7. Without elite or the elite ring, Skasher/Lakche can be about Lvl 7. Elite doubles exp right? For your reasons on chp 6, Celice isn't mounted and Arthur wants the leg ring, especially if he has Holsety, so it is better to conquer Issac. Plus, Conquering Issac gives Julia Reizire (or however you spell it). Thank you for further Helping me prove Johalva > Johan. For your reasons on chp 7, considering you can only have four mounted units by the time you fight Jabbarro, good luck beating him without your foot units. As for Tinny's mage group, they're aren't really a threat..... For chp 8, it is stupid to use mounted units to fight Muhammeds squad since that area is surrounded by forest. And then it will take them 2-4 turns to get to lenster depending on where they are. Mounted units go to help lenster, foot units stay to fight Muhammed. You could say "just warp them," but you can warp anyone. Also, I think Sety is ignored by the AI if he has Holsety equiped since they can't hit him, though I'm not to sure about this. And getting your mounted units to be by sety one or two turns early isn't that big a deal. For Chp 9, Fee/Femina goes to save the vilages (Flying is different than being mounted since fliers don't get the road move bonus meaning leg units can have as much move as them), but Celice will have conquered whatever that castle is so all the enemies by the villages die. I'm having some trouble understanding some of what your saying for the rest of chp 9 for some wierd reason, so I can't really say anything else about it. For Chp 10, mounted units will help you in reaching Ridale, but you use fliers to save Palmark, not mounted units. Everything else is fair game for foot soldiers. For the final chp, mounted units only help you in reaching Freege faster and can help conquer Edda, but Celice should solo that part. You need your entire army to effectively beat Ishtar. Burian's army appears right by the home castle. Celice takes some time to reach Dozel and has to fight off those other troops so your foot units won't be to far behind your mounts by the time you have to fight the freega army. After you beat Ishtar, you don't need that many units to fight the Dark warlords, and Celice just has to kill Manfloy. I'm not trying to dis Mounted units or anything, I'm just trying to say that being mounted does not automatically make you superior to unmounted units. And about this elite ring/leg ring stuff, Celice should have the elite ring since unless he has the Tryfing/Hero Sword, he isn't all that great a unit due to his low bases meaning he wants to level up a bit fairly fast. And Arthur wants the leg ring. Without it, I can no longer see anyreason anyone would give him Holsety.
  7. For the record, Johalva can promote by the end of Chp 7. Based on the comment you made, you said that no one besides Lester could make use of the bows. You didn't mention a specific parameter, just that no one else could make good use of them. For chp 6 and chp 7, obviously Lester is going to be using those Bow's since He'll be the only one who can for those chapters. I agree with this. In my opinion, Movement is really only helpful in chp 2 and 5 so that you can recruit Lachesis and get the Tryfing. In addition to what he said above, on chp 6, movement won't be making to much of a difference since you want Lakche/Radney nearby to recruit Johan/Johalva and the chp is filled with move boosting roads. Additionally, the enemies are mounted so it doesn't take them to long to reach you either and once you kill the last group of enemies lead by the hero axe boss (I think his name was Slayder), there are no more enemies for the rest of the chp and you probably going to use Oifaye or Arthur to kill the boss. And on the final chp, your going to be intercepting that first group of enemies that charges you, and then be moving right back a small distance to the home castle to defend against Burain. Then movement becomes somewhat problmatic to get to freege, and your units will all reach there by the time you are going to conquer the castle (any units you don't have reaching there are going to take care of Scorpio). Then all you have to do is beat Ishtar's army (which reach you in about 1 turn) and the Dark warlords. Then you just have Celice Solo Manfloy (Aless doesn't have enough avoid to dodge Hel, Celice somewhat doesn't either, but more than Aless) and recruit Julia. Movement isn't that important for the most part. What really makes mounted units good is that they can change equipment during remove and have remove.
  8. Altena can't be paired since she loves Areone. Hannibal can't be paired since he is to old and already has a "son". Fin can't be paired since he already had the possibility to be paired and could have children in gen 2. This game has enough incest. In terms of age though, Fin is around the same age as Oifaye.
  9. While I do prefer Johalva over Johan, I must disagree with this. It's not too different from the Aless vs Shanan case. More MOV = More combat and Ambush + Brave Axe is better than Duel + Brave Axe since the former helps his durability. But Duel + Brave Bow or Duel + Killer Bow (With Pursuit Ring) is > Ambush + Hero Axe. Statistically, Johan can only be a max of 4 points faster than Johalva (Johan caps speed at 22 and Johalva gets a minimum of 18 speed once promoted). The lightest axe is the hero axe which has a weight of 12. With the Hero Bow, Johalva is at a minimum of being just as fast with the potential to be faster than Johan. Johalva also has higher skl than Johan on average plus the 10% hit bonus the Hero bow has over the hero axe. With the killer bow, Johalva is now an additional 4 points faster (possibly 5, I believe the killer bow is supposed to weigh 3, not 4 as stated on serenes forest) and has 30% more accuracy. With the Killer Bow, he also has about a 35~40% chance on duel activating, more if he is given a speed ring. And Johalva has the def and hp necessary to be an archer. And although saying this probably will probably not change anything, Johalva also has better stats than Johan (On average, he loses by 2 points in spd and str, but wins by 2 points in Hp, 3 points in skl, and 1 point in def, though they will probably both cap def anyway) I agree with Midir!Lester over Azel!Arthur considering he can Canto after his range attack and has a hero bow passed down to him, even though Wrath is great it's quite risky. Azel!Arthur is going to have, like what, Elfire or something at best? Even in the best case of Bolganone or Wind he's still dealing with low Mt for decent Evade or high Mt with his AS shot to hell and back. Killer Bow has 14 Mt (6 less than Bolganone) for only 4 Wt (almost as light as Wind), 100 Hit, and Critical. And Lester should get the Hero Bow too (who else would want it from ch6-8, or even use it at all?). There's no way Lester [Jamka]/[Midir] isn't going to have both of those bows, and even one of them would kick Arthur [Azel]'s ass. Plus he's got a horse. I mentioned this before the two-page derail, those two Lesters definitely need to rocket up somewhere. He's a mobile artillery platform, hindered mostly only by the lack of enemy phase, which would put him under units who perform similarly offensively but counterattack. Azel!Arthur is fine with wind, switching to Elwind/Bolganone upon promotion. Bolganone weighs as much as a lance, so AS isn't a problem. Once Arthur Promotes, he'll probably one round everything with Bolganone. He's definetly better than Jamaka!Lester. Midir!Lester just comes down to his growth's possibly screwing him over. As for who could make better use of those bows, Johalva will be ready to promote by chp 8 so he can make better use of either of them, and Leaf can make better use of them too. He also gets fail skl with Jamaka :(
  10. I agree with Midir!Lester over Azel!Arthur considering he can Canto after his range attack and has a hero bow passed down to him, even though Wrath is great it's quite risky. First, I can somewhat possibly see Midir!Lester, above Azel!Arthur, but definetly not Jamaka!Lester over Azel!Arthur. Jamaka!Lester lacks pursuit, and continue can't activate with a hero weapon. Additionally, Jamaka!Lester gives Lester poor skl so he has trouble hitting things with the Hero Bow. Although you can eventually give Lester the pursuit ring, it would be unwise to do so until Leaf has promoted and by then Azel!Arthur will have promoted too allowing him to use Bolganone(Horay for remove allowing us to change equipment in a game filled with 12wt enemy lance users)/Tron so He'll probably be dealing the same if not more damage than Jamaka!Lester. As for Arthur's movement problem before promotion, I find that passing him the leg ring makes him ALOT better. Second, Why is Tinny[Levin] above Tinny[Azel]? Tinny[Levin] essentially just gives her good speed, critical(which is stupid since she already has wrath), and the ability to use Tornado since she gains continue upon promotion anyway. Without pursuit, she is for the most part useless (And god knows that your probably going to give Arthur[Levin] the pursuit ring or he'll have some trouble one rounding enemies in the later chapters[Continue doesn't always activate, same with critical, and enemies are bound to have over 60 hp(The maximum amount of damage Arthur can deal with Holsety) in the later chapters]). Tinny[Azel] gives her pursuit, fair speed, better magic(by 20% and +2 more base magic), and continue upon promotion. Also, enemy mages generally use fire magic, so thunder magic isn't completely useless. Personally, I find that Tiltyu[Azel] yields greater results than Tiltyu[Levin] when considering BOTH children, so this might be due to some sort of bias I have, but still..... Thirdly, I think that Johalva is better tha Johan. Johan is mounted and easier to recruit, but Johavlva has duel (which is nice considering his Hp), better bases, and the ability to use Bows upon promotion allowing him to use the pursuit ring and Hero Bow/Killer Bow if necesary (I generally pass pursuit down to all children that I use in combat so I can give the pursuit ring to him). Also, I believe that Johalva's support units attack before Johan's once he is recruited.
  11. I don't mean to go off topic in my own topic, but that convo she has with Beowolf seems unclear to me as of late. I'm not really sure whether he is talking about Eltshan or Fin. like in what way? we know that Lachesis had an affair with Finn, and that's why Delmudd is the canon son of Beowulf and Nanna is the canon daughter of Finn. And to think she said she won't marry in chapter 2... for the record, men, everytime a nun turns into a whore, it's either GOOD or BAD, BAD BAD. Where do they ever mention Nanna being Fin's canon daughter? In FE5, I think she is supposed to be his adopted daughter. Noish > Claude for Fury, imo. Fee goes from "better staff utility after promotion" to "much much better melee combat for all game long", which is better for her for many obvious reasons, such as the fact that she's often flying away from the pack to save villages and kill things on her own (meaning she'll have little to heal), or the fact that it lasts for a longer time frame. Yes, Sety gets his Mag raped. However, even if Sety was hurt as much as Fee is helped by going with Noish over Claude, the winning deal is already for Noish, since Fee is helped for longer. Then consider the exact impact. 14 Claude!Sety w/ Lightning: 37 Atk, 18 AS, 23% Continue 14 Noish!Sety w/ Lightning: 31 Atk, 16 AS, 21% Continue, 19% critical, Charge All Noish!Sety needs to do to make up for the 6 mag deficit is hit an extra time in battle (or critical). Given how he has 2 extra proc skills that stack with both Pursuit and Continue, that's going to happen almost all the time. Not to mention 31 atk in its own right is fine. The Dragon Knights that assault you in Ch8, for example, have no more than 59 hp/1 res, which base Noish!Sety 2HKOs exactly. Next chapter, there's some Dragonknights who have more hp/res than that, but Noish!Sety is still 3HKO on them, meaning he only needs one of Continue, Charge and Critical to trigger on either of his two hits to kill them. Assuming all of them at 20% for a second to make it easy, he's already running ~50% chance to kill on just his first attack. ~74% factoring in his second attack. Also factor in that he's leaving them with single digit HP even if he doesn't kill, so about anyone can finish them off if he fails to ORKO. So definitely better Fee and arguably better Sety if you go with Noish. I've already addressed this: it only helps her on the field, since Lex!Patty in the arena will always win, whereas Holyn!Patty simply won't. And out on the field, she faces her durability issues, and can't be relied upon to proc Moonlight. And even when she does, as I said, she's still not going to ORKO anything. Assuming she gets +2 str level-ups, she's doing 20 per hit if she triggers Moonlight, but 20-enemy def whenever she doesn't. Every enemy has more than 40 hp, so she will have to take a counter (which sucks when it takes 20 atk to 2HKO Patty, and 27 to reduce her to single digit HP). Now Lex!Patty doesn't need to go into such antics, she can just use a magic sword (even the Fire Sword which no one wants) to chip at range for like 20 EXP while stealing gold, and she'll still have a higher level than Holyn!Patty due to her arena lead. If Holyn!Patty tries to do it, she just falls behind more. And of course, Patty also has the option to give away her gold to someone else if you don't want/need her to kill/hurt an enemy that turn, and Lex!Patty gains 20 EXP for that while Holyn!Patty only gets 10. So Lex!Patty is lower maintenance AND grows faster. I've never said anything about pairing Ardan with Brigid, which would be foolish. I'm talking about Lex. Lex!Faval has 15 skl and 35% growth. Faval!Holyn has 21 skl and 95% growth. A 12 hit difference. Lex!Faval already has exactly 100 hit at base, and enemies generally have trouble even having positive avo. Then consider Faval's hit can be padded by using Killer Bow (+30 hit), Charisma or leadership stars. Or the fact that the vast majority of enemies he's facing soon are getting OHKO'd due to them being bow weak, so he only has to hit one of his two shots. And within five levels, Holyn!Faval's skl is already capped, so from there Lex!Faval just starts catching up. Like, 25 skl vs 17 skl at L14, a 16 hit advantage, then after promotion it's 27 vs 21, only a 12 advantage again. At L30, Lex!Faval has 24, only a 6 hit difference. And this is disregarding the fact Lex!Faval grows twice as fast thanks to Elite. Delmud doesn't shine? Fin!Delmud has some of the best hp/str/def combos of all the kids, and he has a mount to add to it. In fact, his bases are essentially Celice's (2 more hp, str, def and spd tied). Even looking at their growths: (+ Delmud wins, - Celice wins) HP: +30% Str: +15% Skl: -15% Spd: +5% Def: -5% Res: -20% Luk: +25% Then at some point Celice promotes and gains lances as well as +4 str, but Delmud gets +9 skl and +6 spd, and he's also always running Charisma and Prayer versus Celice's nothing. Give Delmud one of your many good swords (you get two Hero Swords, two Silver Swords, and then Steel and Silver Blade) and he is definitely one of your best units. You made a mistake here. With Fin as a Father, Celice has 30% more Hp than Delmud. Indeed, that's your opinion. And yours alone. Basically the entire rest of the community agrees that Claude or Levin are her best choices. And guess what? This thread is about... Although I said that this topic is about what is generally considered the best pairings, if somewhat wants to express their opinion on a particular pairing to help change the comunities idea of what the best pairings are, then I see no reason why they shouldn't.
  12. I don't mean to go off topic in my own topic, but that convo she has with Beowolf seems unclear to me as of late. I'm not really sure whether he is talking about Eltshan or Fin.
  13. I second this. Give him a wing clipper, some babying. Ram him into the Arion's DKs at chapter 9. Gets 'em every time. LachesisXBeowulf- Makes for a better Delmudd, and makes Nanna a decent offensive character. When I used Delmud, in addition to him having Charisma, I gave him Sigurd's Silver sword. It gave him Critical which made him become a pretty great unit. Plus he has continue upon promotion. Also, I think Fin makes for a better Delmud than Beowulf. Beowulf only has a 10% better Hp and 10% better Str growth than Fin, While Fin has a 30% better Luk growth. Delmud already gets good str, and a 10% Hp growth won't make much of a difference when his Hp is already over 100% compared to also reciving a 30% luk boost. Also, Prayer is better than charge. The only advantage you really get with Beowulf is the abillity to pass down swords and the possibilityof having better bases (though at lvl 9, including the event bonus, Fin either ties or wins in every stat [it's only by one point in skl and spd, but 9 in Luk] and from there, Beowulf should only win in Hp and Str, while Fin will win in Skl and Spd and destroy him in luk[remember, promotion bonuses do not effect child Bases]) Fin also makes for a better Nanna too.....
  14. I don't think Ardan makes a good pairing for Sylvia..... And I'd rather pair Titylu with Azel. I can understand why people would want to pair Tiltyu and Levin together, but I feel that Levin x Fury works better. Personally, I just think it's redundant (as i said before) to give your units critical and wrath and not having pursuit makes Tinny somewhat unusable. Plus, Sage's are better than Mage Knights by a huge margin and giving Fee a +5 much needed str boost and Sety a nice +3 luk boost is better than a +5 mag boost to a unit you probably won't even be using.
  15. Out of curiosity, what would most people consider to be the best pairings for a non ranked run? Personally, I think it goes something like this: Adean x Midale/Jamuka Ayra x Holyn/Lex Lachesis x Fin Sylvia x Claude Fury x Levin Bridgette x Holyn/Dew Tiltyu x Azel As you can see, I a hard time picking between who was better was better paired with certain characters. For Adean, Jamuka has better growths and gives continue, but continue doesn't work with a hero weapon. Midale gives pursuit and better skl which is very helpful for Archers. He also gives magic to Lana, even if it is only 2%. With Ayra, Holyn can imediately pass down weapons to Skasher and he also gives Luna which can be very helpful. Lex gives better defence along with Elite and Ambush, but he can't pass down weapons to Skasher and can somewhat affect Skasher's hit rate for a bit on the first chapter (due to the Iron Blade's hit), though this can easily be fixed. With Lachesis, I think Fin is the best. He gives Prayer and Pursuit along with a +5 spd bonus for Nanna. He also gives well balanced stats and great luk. This pairing causes Delmud to be pretty weak for the first chapter since he only has an Iron sword, but again you can just "trade" items like with Ayra x Lex. With Sylvia, the Valkyrie Staff is the only thing that makes her children really worth using when compared to the subs. Personally, I think the Valkyrie staff is better than the beserk staff. With Fury, Levin will make Sety a god and he will give a +5 str bonus to Fee along with a magic bonus for her to make her a better healer. I understand that this pairing can cause Sety's spd to wrap around, but after using this pairing three times, I have yet to see this happen (though I generally don't get Fury to be above lvl 22) With Bridgette, Dew passes on Bargain for Faval and some nice growths, but destroys his Hp. Holyn gives Faval amazing Hp and Great Skl along with allowing Patty to use the Hero Sword and Luna. For me this is a tough one to call since Holyn will give better bases and make Patty more useful, but Faval is the only character who can really make use of having Bargain passed on to him. Tiltyu and Azel just seems to work. Since Arthur promotes into a Mage Knight, he can use fire tomes and Tinny will be able to use Tron. Additionally both Children will have a good magic growth and pursuit. I can understand her being paired with Levin, but Levin doesn't pass on pursuit and Tinny gets Continue upon promotion. Additionally, both children already have wrath, so Critical is kinda redundant. This is all just my opinion on the matter, but I'd like to hear everyone elses.
  16. I'm really talking more about the later parts of the game when it comes to Merric's durability being crap and him being one rounded by everything (though most units are one rounded in those chapters, especially the final one). That's why I said Barst is usefull for the whole game, while Merric isn't. And I don't know why you'd laugh at talking about avoid since when I played H5, Barst and Cord were able to stand out very well due to their 10% avoid bonus (My Oguma's Stats were worse than Ceaser's [Who I ended up using due to their similar stats] so I just let Oguma die since He wasn't really being a helpful contribution to my team and I didn't use Bord). Plus, when you're comparing a 20-40% avoid difference, it can become a pretty big factor.
  17. I still think Barst is better. Becoming a cleric Destroys Merric's Magic. As a 20/1 sage, he has an average of 8 magic assuming he was a cleric for all lvls like you are assuming. Barst has an average of 18 str assuming he was a fighter for all lvls and then became a hero. He will also be By this point, any weapon Barst can wield is either equal or better than any weapon Merric can wield, and Barst will be about 3 points faster and will have more durability in addition to moving across maps faster and having more avoid thanks to his support bonuses. Axes are also just as strong, if not a bit stronger than tomes, so Barst will be dealing more damage since enemies actually have some resistance in hardmode and the game is over run with Paladins. Additionally, since Merric will be spending most of his time just healing, Barst will be one of your main forces in defeating enemies throughout the entire game. Also, depending on how well Barst's growths turn out, he can be made into a beserker and gain a +45 crit bonus (excluding skl) with supports and an unforged killer axe. The only thing Merric has over Barst is healing capability. Barst is much better at combat throughout the entire game where Merric will be abit on the slow side(compared to units like Caeda, Oguma, Barst, and Cord), much more fragile and will have less avoid in addition to being one rounded by enemies with Brave weapons. Also, Being A ranked with Axes is better than being D ranked with Tomes and A ranked with Staves considering how many Lance wielding enemies there are and the Accuracy bonus he recieves compared to the Bonuses merric has yet to recieve and the fact that Merric will only be an effective healer with a recover staff due to his low magic. Also, considering Merric will probably still be lvl 1 once he becomes a cleric and Barst will probably be lvl 8~12 at chapter 5, I'm pretty sure they'll lvl at the same rate. And about the Samson and Arran thing, what I'm really trying to say is that I think it would be wiser to pick Arran because of his equipment when compared to Samson who is just a better unit.
  18. What I'm about to say may seem kind of wierd, but shouldn't Arran be higher than Samson? I understand that Samson is the better unit, but Arran has much better equipment and I don't think anybody is going to be really using either of them anyway in H5 (I actually did endup using Arran for a bit in H5 and he wasn't superhelpful, but he did make a nice shield for one round [he died for a noble cause instead of dying of illness]). Also, I think Barst should be higher then Merric. Without him, killing the 1-3 boss becomes alot more anoying (I don't know if it is considered favoritism to give him the devil axe, but your only other options of characters that can use it are Bord and Darros and Bord has bad luk and Darros isn't strong enough/fast enough) and he can generally deal more damage than Merric. Plus, once promotion comes around (or even before then) Barst is MUCH faster. Plus, he recieves support bonuses from Oguma, Bord, and Cord, while merric only recives bonuses from essentially Marth and Wendel, and the Growth he recieves from Wendel is slower than the ones he receives from Bord and Cord due to chapter differences and his bonus with Marth is about the same speed as Barst's bonus with Oguma. Additionally, Barst moves across maps faster and is more durable. And also, out of curiosity, why is Draug so high? He'll probably die in the first or second chapter.
  19. Now that you guys have made your point, I see how she can be useful, but I thought it was generally a negative to say that a character needs this item to be useful when it comes to tier lists and there is also the fact that there are other units who you could say can use them. If using items becomes factored into a tier list, then it becomes biast to an extent. The same goes with giving her a forged weapon. But that's just my opinion on the issue. Essentially, the point your trying to make is that Nephenee is fast and when given proper items she becomes better. Also for the record, I always found it best to give the 3 Angelic robes to Michiah (god knows she needs one) Sanaki (Once you give her an angelic robe, I find that she becomes much more useful since she becomes less fragile) and Pelleas due to his low Hp growth and base. The herons and other mages also make good candidates, but most units eventually cap Hp anyway. I'll try using Nephenee again next time using your suggestions (execpt for the stat boosting ones)to see if she turns out any better.
  20. Ragnell: Ike Vauge Katti/Alondite: Stefan/Zihark (I only use one of them and give them both weapons. I've never used Mia on the final chapter since she generally isn't a high enought level and the fact that her Hp is 5 points lower. I usually use Stefan) Wishblade: Aran/Gatrie/Tauroneo/Danved (Depends on who I feel like using.) Urvan: Boyd (Never really tried using Titania [she is a great unit, except for maybe her hp] and I never have any luck using Nolan [he either always dies (especially in hard mode. I eventually just let him stay dead), is a low level, and/or has bad Hp str def and only average either spd or skl, I never have any luck using him except for my most recent playthrough, and even then he isn't spectacular] and Haar is generally to slow for the end game when I use him. Plus, Boyd can use crossbows) Double-Bow: Shinon Baselard: Volke (I don't even use Sothe.) Rex Flame: Tormod if I decide to use him, otherwise Sanaki Rex Bolt: generally don't use it Rex Calibur: Soren, but Bastian on hard mode (Soren is to low a level and is too fragile) Rex Aura: Michiah/Lehran/Oliver (I give Michiah/Oliver the ashera staff. All depends on weapon levels) Valaura: Oliver/Michiah (again, depends on weapon levels) Balberinth: Pelleas Ashera/Matrona: Oliver/Michiah (again, weapon levels) Then Caineghis and one/two other royals depending on who I bring, the other two switching between Giffca, Tibarn, and Nailah. I then always pick Rafiel since he has no flier weakness and can always affect 4 units. I like to use Oliver since he has good wpn lvls (for some reason it can be pretty hard for me to have units with good light magic wpn lvls, including Michiah) and he can be pretty durable
  21. I've been kinda bothered about this for awhile, but why is Nephenee Upper mid? Her low str and def make her fairly un-useable for pretty much all of part 2 in addition to the fact that she is always a liabillity when used durring part 2, and then when she joins in part 3 she is going to need some babying to even start to become an effective unit which she doesn't really reach till around lvl 10 and only becomes a good candidate for Bxp at around lvl 13 and you don't have to much of it to go around in hard mode. And even then, her stats aren't all that great. She loses 3 points in speed with her Initial equipment and needs to be equiped with that weapon to deal decent damage. I don't know how anyone can say that Nephenee can Javalien effectively considering she can deal 0~3 (possibly less) damage with it on chapter 2-F. The only thing she really has going for her is good skl, spd (in her later lvls), res, wind support, and naturally having wrath, but given her low Hp it wont help her out that much. Can someone please explain to me how she can usefull in hard mode? For a unit that has a class meant for the front lines, she certainly isn't a front line unit dying in about 2~3 hits and having lack luster avoid due to her not so great luk? I am open to a change in opinion since I like Nephenee as a unit, but she always dies and proves to be useless when I use her. She is the only Halbierder I really have any trouble using. Also, about her veing the best beorc unit statistically, I'd say that Volke is the best unit statistically. Being a lower lucked better Def and Res Trueblade with a better critical boost and 1-hit KO skill plus natural stillness and being the best choice for using gamble is pretty broken, but that is just my opinion. It also makes sense that he would be as good as he is considering they force you to bring Sothe to the final chapter. But he serves the purpose of giving Nasir a spot to be used in for the last two parts.
  22. I apologise if some of what I'm about to say has been said before, but I thought I would voice my opinion and get an answer to see how I'm either right or wrong or neutral. For the most part the list is fairly good, but I do have some complaints. I think Danved should possibly be a bit higher. He is the only character who is assured to not be doubled by the boss of the chapter he joins on, and he has for the most part some pretty nice and well rounded stats. He has good magic making him a nice candidate for Imbue, and his spd, luk, and Hp are pretty good and his def and res are nice to, so he can be pretty durable. The only stat he seems to suffer in is str, and even that stat isn't all that bad. Personally, i think he should be above Leonardo, but under Rolf, but at the very least he should be above Sigrun (who suffers from being weak against bows in a game filled with powerfull archers). I feel that Sothe should probably be above Volug really just do to his thief utility, longer amount of playtime, and his Michiah support along with the fact he can't be one shotted by the meteor using mage on the final chapter of part one. (this one I'm not really to adamant about, but I thought I'd say it anyway) I feel that Shinon could possibly be a bit higher due to his great bases along with the fact that he can attack and not kill enemies (allowing units like Soren, Mia, and Boyd to get easier kills). He also has nice durabillity and provoke, along with the fact that he is a sniper so enemies are more likely to attack him and he won't die and prevent weaker units from getting killed. The only stat he seems to suffer in is str and that is fixed with the Silencer which also helps him fix any 3 range attack problems. He also has good magic so he makes a good imbue candidate. The last thing I want to say is that Aran should be above Jill and Jill should be lower. I feel this may be more of a personal experience problem, but Jill always seems to never be able to hit anything. She also has a bad base str stat so her speed is hampered for a bit of the time that she joins you and she won't deal to much damage with an Iron axe. Aran on the other hand is a tank. He has great Hp and Def and caps most of his stats very fast so he is a great candidate for using bxp if you want to baby him (Jill doesn't have this luxury). He also benefits from one of the most usefull supports in the game (his support with Laura and although Jill can use this support to, Aran is around longer). Jill may be a bit better than Aran by the endgame, but In the chapters where using Jill or Aran really matter, Aran is much more useful. This one may be more of a personal experience thing for me though since my stratagies are much better suited for a unit like Aran.
  23. Blademaster!


    Hello, everyone. I just signed up on this board so I thought I'd make an introduction of some sort. I'm the same Blademaster from FEU (to those who visit that forum) and I would've chosen that user name if it hadn't already been taken. I've been visiting this website for a long time, but never signed up on the forums, so I decided to join. So yeah.....
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