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  1. did everyone forget that demon guest house is a thing go vote already
  2. I adjusted the post a bit to see if I could make it more clear
  3. incidentally Venno could probably edit a small walkthrough of the steps he did into his post for future reference which would aid anyone curious about learning to use a debugger
  4. ^ I don't think that's a thing ^^^ you could try images or you could try Windows's built in Problem Steps Recorder
  5. the song is both (if your ears are working) and so are the bosses that kill you to that tune also it sounds like the power rangers theme so it automatically wins
  6. yeah no one in the thread could possibly have helped very much since as of yet no one has mentioned that there's no such thing as "nightmare modules for the original" all modules are forward compatible with nm 2.0
  7. I bet if you put in a bit of effort you could figure out how to use a debugger and find things like the mode coefficient yourself. I've seen people with less wisdom and conviction accomplish more. There are times when even I ask questions I could answer on my own because it's just plain faster (and may take someone else less effort if it's something they're already working on), but most of the time it's more convenient to be learn how to do things yourself and then do them. English bugs the crap out of me too, but if it's between consistency and making sense I'll choose the former (I do make exceptions though...like if I am "quoting something". Notice how I put the quotation closing punctuation before the sentence ending punctuation since the sentence came first - I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too). At least with "it's" it's still a contraction, so it still makes sense to use an apostrophe. After that I'm just like "okay if it's not it's it's the other one"
  8. using tactician's name for stuff has been a thing for years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZAuPfKKqOo text reference was changed to 0x8202BC18 (so yes, it requires the AH auto patch from FEditor)
  9. btw in you first post you wrote "mode coefficient in it's EXP formula" you seem like the sort of person who is more attentive than that
  10. Hex editor. I personally use HexEdit 4.0.
  11. I never named my pkmn because I was an e1337 purist
  12. Wasn't that more like spawning a bunch of enemies and not really summoning in the mechanical sense?
  13. Is it not the same as it is for the other games? Some business with MAR files*? * If people still use whichever program that was, which maybe they don't anymore
  14. The summon ability in FE8 really doesn't lend itself to more than one summon per character, so it may end up being more like adding support for new summons rather than removing a limit to them (especially if there is some required link between a summoner and its summoned minions). "one sprite that plays all the animations at once" I'm not entirely sure what that means Only advice I can really give for adding to Nightmare modules is to review the data types (e.g. NEHU etc.) and make sure you are specifying them correctly. I am not too familiar with events, but are you sure that chapter you're thinking of isn't simply adding them to your army and then removing them at the end?
  15. oh look another tangential post that tries vainly to undermine the fact that I have a valid point
  16. you typed it this way in your first post, too Consistency is actually a bad thing when the thing you are consistent about is wrong. What other things are you not reading in addition to the names of the programs you are running on your computer?
  17. I think Blazer wrote down the tutorial I gave him on finding terrain stats somewhere (after which he followed the steps repeatedly and made the module that is likely the one you found), but either way it involved a debugger. However, once we found the terrain data, it was in a fairly obvious format, so perhaps you could put some numbers together that represent your estimate of how they are stored and then do a search...which will still require a hex editor. You're going to be doing real hacking either way*, which is fine because otherwise you're not really a hacker, are you? * Unless you wimp out and wait for someone else to do it
  18. Aleph

    Text Noise

    I thought the point was to have entire text entries dubbed when any voice acting was involved, but yeah if you just want someone to grunt here and there then your SFX command idea has a lot more use (this is all completely disregarding the 32 megabyte limit of the ROM though).
  19. I voted touhou but actually the madoka one is better unless you replaced the touhou one with an image of just the SDM girls
  20. Aleph

    Text Noise

    just use "ay chica" or "hey, man" instead of "hey, [tact]"
  21. Aleph

    Text Noise

    I dunno but I bet it beats the pants off of reading
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