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    Fire Emblem (4 and up), Shin Megami Tensei (increasingly playable), ye old Pokemon (I quit after gen. 4, but I didn't regard gen. 4 much, playing my gen 3 and down pokemanz), Shining Force (#1), Heroes of Might and Magic, Lost Magic, and D&D. Concerning games, this list could go on forever.

    I enjoy brief discourses (spanning some six hours certain days, similar to my meditations) into philosophy and extensively into religion (shamanism, ancient civilizations, Egyptian shtuff, Tibetan shtuff, etc.) While I shirk my interests, I develop tendencies to re-rail me. I am a tarantula hobbyist aside, as well as in pursuit (perfect time and place) of mycology. One day, I will grow my own medicinal mushrooms...and I'm not talking about psilocybe mushrooms, though they often bruise beautifully.

    I enjoy reading, writing poetry, and long...swims at the YMCA, though I say, "down with the chlorine and flouride already!" Thus to say, I enjoy conspiracies and my good health....and snakes.

    I'm a fine cook and a damned good Smash player. I'll rest a Fox. I'm a freelance musician, which means, for me, that I've been playing for years without explicitly knowing scales (take that!) I listen to a lot of music. Bright Eyes and Jack Johnson often accompany A Perfect Circle, Atmosphere, and S.O.A.D. in the music of the day.
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  1. While I expected this hack to be awesome, I didn't expect it to be this awesome. ....WOW.
  2. <3 <3 <3 I'm ashamed at not being able to have been put together that ASD = A Sacred Dawn yestertime.... Shame shame shame To Eclipse, I hath made an ass out of m'self. To a radiant dawn! Oh, painful humor, it looks like I can go fuck myself.
  3. While replying to the searching bit would be redundant, I will say that, in light of hacks being easiest to find if you already have them, that I was seeking to find a member that had the hacks ready to share. Points taken.
  4. I'm not looking for the reboot of Sacred Dawn, I'm looking for the old file, which I believe to have more content. I visited several topics and I posted the first page of the mains for reference. Though I might not have explicitly stated so, I've read through a lot of them from front to back. This has been a week-long process, Eclipse. It's not like I haven't rifled through pages of Google. It's also not as though I haven't been in the chat over the course of the last 72 hours asking around, to practically no response. I can't help but feel as though I'm not being given the benefit of the doubt as I'm mother-in-law'd. As for the ISO lesson, I appreciate it and will probably find myself coming back to it for reference in the coming times.
  5. I noticed you were lingering on this post, HF Makalov Fanboy Kai, and thus I'm thankful to see that you've commented. Would you care to share with me a link to the appropriate Gheb patches, or the patches in whole? *Gives lavender honey*
  6. "Accidental double post, please delete"
  7. Don't worry Klokinator, while those two are personal heroes, I hold you in high regards as well ;) I guess I have a thing for painful humor. I actually found the Gheb games to be fun. I have checked the Project Directory. I also gave links to Serene's Forest's dead ends, which were a result of my exploration through said Project Directory. http://serenesforest...?showtopic=8617 In any case, and dismissing your passive comment on my thought and link-hopping, I vastly appreciate the links that actually yield results....aside from this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/88432144/Fire%20Emblem%2%C2%AD0A%20Sacred%20Dawn%20DX.zip
  8. I was hoping that Serene Forest's collection of members wouldn't qualify as random people, especially concerning my quandary as FE 6-8 hack based.. However, I see where you're coming from, and thus my main post shall be edited. I have searched extensively with my search engine of choice, which I hoped to express with my dead-end links. I can't be the only one saddened by these dead links and former versions...
  9. Here you go, Iron Rose. Enjoy. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=14184 Also, separate computers, devices, and externals. It's not like I abuse my electronics either. Far from it. @ Eclipse " Hopefully someone can help me reattain my collection of finished and as-finished-as-they-will-be hacks, which include, but are not limited to, Mk404's FE7, Mk404's Sacred Dawn, Gheb FE, Gheb Saga, etc. " It's definitely not within my intent to be sarcastic or a smart ass in my response to your intent to help, but I thought that this excerpt would give you an idea of what I'm asking for. Essentially, I'm looking for those patches from someone's personal collection, among others that I've lost.
  10. I've followed this site for a good many years, as it's been a reliable source for fun-to-play hacks and delightful humor. However, as of late, and in my recent becoming-a-member, I feel blatantly ignored and disappointed by my peers and heroes. Sadly, I've found nothing but brick walls not leading to Diagon Alley in my pursuit of some of my favorite hacks, which I wouldn't fret about if I hadn't experienced 8 separate hard drive crashes, each with hundreds of hours of gameplay. In my experience, if the link isn't outdated, or otherwise yielding in error, then it isn't resulting in the final version of the hack. Hopefully someone can help me reattain my collection of finished and as-finished-as-they-will-be hacks, which include, but are not limited to, Mk404's FE7, Mk404's Sacred Dawn, Gheb FE, Gheb Saga, etc. While I see directories, and am very thankful for them (thank you), I see hacks have either been looked over or died. In light of finding absolutely no help in the chatbox, I hope that taking the initiative to post inspires someone to help me. To be clear, this is what I'm looking for: - MK404's FE7 hack and Sacred Dawn - FurryYunSeong's Gheb Sage and GhebFE - Other completed FE 6-8 non-vanilla patches beyond the obvious, like Lost Promise http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8617(MK plz) http://truemirror.informe.com/mk404-s-fe7-hack-dt976-25.html(whyyyy) http://forums.grandbell.net/index.php/topic,181.0.html(stahp) http://s4.zetaboards.com/Fire_Emblem_Project/topic/189362/1/(you're killin' me) http://oldforums.feplanet.net/lofiversion/index.php?t36486.html(forever alone) http://www.cctmagnet.com/blog/fire-emblem-a-sacred-dawn-patch-download.php(do you get it now?) http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8618(I will never love again) So if you're going to tell me to go Google, you can go fuck yourself. I still love you guys.
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