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  1. Tristesse... Où est partie toute la communauté du Forum FE4 Francophone?

  2. Same problem here. I think I had the same issues 6734 had. Can someone please tell me how did they fix this?
  3. Ignoring religious fundementalists isn't a bad idea, I think
  4. Well there is handholding in society for middle-class people. Panem et circenses. Give people TVs and beer and food and they'll stop complaining. Entertain people to divert their attention from the real issues. The big issue being that the lower class does not benefit from "handholding". Nobody gives a shit about em. And Murica still does not have Social Security. Kek we have that since 1945 folks. Stop making Iphones for the privileged and start caring about the poor guy next door who cannot afford to go to the fucking doctor ffs.
  5. Just like Hitler, he was elected legally, and will be a tyrant. And no country will lay a finger on him for his crimes against human rights, 'cos trade with Philipines. That's how history works. It repeats again and again eternally.
  6. I advise you not to talk with them. All they will do is preach their poisonous ideology. They may be harmless people, but they are fanatics.
  7. The Saudi are behind all of this. But don't forget that thousands of people are getting owned by Obama's toys, Pakis being their main target. Strangely enough it doesn't get covered by the media. Murica has quite a history of massively killing civilians, 9/11 being of course the best example.
  8. Thank you very much for the link This looks very interesting, but... how do you use all this stuff? Btw I tried to change the character's name, class and stats
  9. And this is where Jugdral would shine. No other FE game has such good story and characters
  10. I recently downloaded all the tools required to start hacking. I am a total n00b so I don't know anything about this subject. I'm using Nightmare 1.0, and tried Nightmare 2.0 but 1.0 is way more user friendly, and I have no idea what they changed from 1 to 2. I want to start doing my stuff with Seisen no Keifu. Nightmare works fine saving the modified data into a GBA ROM, and I had a ton of fun changing the text using Fe Editor. However, for FE4 I have several big issues. -No matter what I do, I fail to save on the ROM (I'm using the Japanese one, and it is compatible). When I reset the game, may it be restarting the Chap or the whole game, everything remains unchanged. -How do I change the characters' names and the text? Btw I am using SNES9X emulator Thanks for the advices ... and Glory to Thracia
  11. The name was invented. It's no use. It sounds a bit celtic and that's it. There is no such thing as a "heldswath", so the design is the only thing you can investigate on.
  12. I ain't Wikipedia m8. I knew about this weapon only because I'm French, and started this topic only because the Heldswath origin was unknown.
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