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  1. Really awesome. It's great to see these kinds of projects in action to emulate the crazy crap LPers did, like Klok's Manriklass thing. Just one question, and I apologize if it's been asked before but- Is there a problem with FE8 regarding animation palettes? They're all the default class palettes, like the ones you see in the opening roll. Was that intentional? It works alright with FE6 and FE7 but not with FE8. Dunno about you, but a pink Mauthe Doog would've been a blast to look at...
  2. In your opinion, which Hard Mode was the biggest kick in the balls? The thing about FE is that everyone has a different experience playing it, so by all means, there has to be some level of excessive bullcrap any game in the series gave you. Right now, I'm playing FE6 HM. Crying tears of anguish so far.
  3. Something perplexes me. In the previous FE games, the Arena was just means of racking up a few levels in case a unit was underleveled for the challenge ahead. Neato, really. But in the GBA games it has infinite matches and it's the best means of overpowering everyone all the while getting hysterical amounts of money for winning. Plus, with the inclusion of RNG-abuse, you can make your units cap stats like there's no tomorrow. So, my question is... Why exactly did the developers make the arena so broken in the first place? In the previous era, you can just play up to 7 or so matches and level up a couple of times only. So why fix what isn't broken?
  4. So, I recently played FE4 and I freaking love it. At the final chapter right now; hard as all hell but I'll manage. Now, what got me stoked the most is the vast lover/jealousy system of the game we all know and love. And while some have more detailed reasons to choose their specific units to love the others, let's put things in perspective. Do people pair their units because they look cute together, or for their child to cohesively inherit their broad skillsets? I mean, we have our 'canon' manga ships like Lex/Ayra, Adean/Jamka, Lachesis/Finn, etc. but some pairings are better than others. For instance, Ayra is awesome with Holyn because Larcei and Skasaha get both Meteor and Lunar. I regret making Lachesis pair up with Beowulf though - I really, really want to love my file's Delmud but I can't. So, what do you say? Ship or Badass Units? I'm guessing both but did people actually make the mistake of pairing their units just for the hell of it (like I have ;_; ) and had the kids turn out fantastic in the 2nd gen? This is... probably a stupid question. I just wanted an excuse to get on the Jugdral bandwagon with the cool kids in town and stuff.
  5. So, I've been playing the game on hard mode alot recently, and comparing all modes together, I came to a notice that the RNG does in fact get 'altered' on HM. Enemies would hit more often than not and criticals are kept to a minimum. Is this true or am I just unlucky? I'm sure someone thought of this before as well.
  6. Okay, so I replayed Sacred Stones for the 50th time and had a couple of ideas running through my mind. How about this; a hack that imports mechanics from FE8 straight into FE7? And I don't mean literally everything hence my idea's already a bold enough statement, but think about it. -Multiple promotion options. -Rebalanced stat caps for classes. (assuming FE7's were flawed in any way) -Eliwood and Hector's stories crammed into one giant adventure, with the Gaidens about a whole other perspective. (much like Chapter 5x in FE8 where you get to play as Ephraim while Eirika's on her way to his aid) -Trainee classes for FE7 units that needed babying in the original. (Nino... uh, who else again?) -Nerfed weapons/tomes. (I highly doubt it; Luna sucks in FE8 as it does lol) -The freaking option to promote the main lords at any point and not in a cutscene. I'm kind of running out of ideas. I'll leave it up to you amazingly talented hackers to decide whether or not this'd be a hoot to work on.
  7. I just recently beat the game (legitimately, Gaidens and all) and I had SO many units on my bench it wasn't even funny. This is a topic I always wanted to discuss seeing as, my god, there are always multiple versions of a unit, and more often than not there are like 3 prepromotes of said unit. I mean come on, there are like 4 Paladins. It's... either a blessing or a terrible thing, so what do you think?
  8. This made my day. xD Thank you, it's been mentioned before. I'll head straight to work as soon as possible. I wanted to take a more realistic approach with the GBA portrait style, seeing as it improved overtime with Sacred Stones making it darker and all that. But hey, I got the idea. ...Huh. I didn't notice the shading issue. I can kind of see it now. Man, I just keep making mishaps-
  9. It's a bunch of streak-thingies on his bandanna. So, it's not his hair-- Hm... well, I guess I didn't put the bandanna down to where it may seem he's wearing it tightly and stuff. You have a point, kinda looks like there's a space filled with nothing at the top. Thanks.
  10. Well, I joined these forums to make progress with my work... might as well make some progress- This is my OC, Takeru. I've been spriting for over three years, so I guess I kind of have the skill. Criticism appreciated, because I'm working on his sprite sheet and I'm in desperate need of advice on how to git gud. That's about it. I'll probably make some other shameless splices original pixel art when the time comes. In the meantime, here's to a newbie's acquisition!...
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