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  1. I really like the war master's gauntlet critical. I'm not sure how effective a kick is considering that's not where the gauntlet is, but it looks like it hurts
  2. I definitely feel that too, but I'm starting to feel like it shouldn't matter. Dancer doesn't have any strong class skills like magic X 2 or a tomefaire. If you spend a turn using the dancer for magic instead of dancing a warlock or something, you have a strong and a weak magic user. If you dance the warlock, you essentially have two strong magic users. It's still a hard choice, lol. Even using my own logic, I still want to choose a character with good spells
  3. 31,414 I cannot believe this is still going after over 9 years and 7 Fire Emblem games
  4. I chose Flayn, and, uh, Edelgard Route Spoiler
  5. I managed to find a new site with all the old uploads. https://ux.getuploader.com/FEkaizouwww/download/67 click the button on the lower middle that says ダウンロード. Inside the zip, you may get garbled text due to weird encoding issues, so if you use windows, you might wanna change your locale to japan in the control panel. Neir is FE4 ネールの系譜, and Ayra is アイラさんの系譜 Ver.1.82. Thanks for making me find this, I was a little worried these patches were lost to time :P
  6. Happy Birthday Mousefire!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  8. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  9. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  10. Happy 17th birthday!

  11. Something tells me you watch Gintama, do you not?

  12. It's either because he's the new Wesker of Marvel vs Capcom 3, or because his name is so amusing to pronounce with a hard g.
  13. Mugen no Frontier borrowed it's battle system from Namco x Capcom, but made it into a regular rpg. I suspect this'll be a strategy rpg like NxC.
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