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  1. Guys being desperate for a single woman is like most of romance literature dude. People wanna feel desired, men or women, it's not rocket science. The reason why they always tell people to not be needy/desperate is because real life is more complicated. Obviously if the attraction isn't reciprocated the desperation is a mess for both parties, but even if it is there can still be inequalities. If a girl has a higher sex drive than you, it can be extremely tiring. Even if it's just emotional need, cuddling/being in the same space, that can be tiring too. People need both human contact *and* solitude. And if a person *literally can't handle* being alone on an emotional level to the point of being desperate, that will cause friction.
  2. Gunter gets broken via myrmidon. He can get life or death and vantage super early along with trample, and basically break the rest of conquest lunatic at base. Credit to Karma's negative growths playthrough for that one
  3. Okay, if you have the right expectations, it could work. iirc Elise!Ophelia needs about 15 damage stack from skills to hit late game kill thresholds. Magic boon Corrin!Forrest's magic cap would be 2 higher, so he just needs 13, which if you factor in his personal winds up effectively being 11. You can get that from elbow room, strong riposte, and tomefaire from Corrin and have room for heartseeker. So there's not much reason that this can't work. I think to make it even better, you could run both Elise!Ophelia with Trample from Percy and this Forrest, and have two vantage sorcerers. That could be fun
  4. I thought about enemy phase vantage Forrest, basically just due to his personal skill being kinda useless on mage without vantage. Honestly, the build you wanna do sounds like a nightmare to set up. Siegbert comes really late and you need 5 chapters on top of that to get the A+, plus you need to actually feed Forrest a level to get elbow room, and by the time you're doing that you're in some really hard chapter. Similar deal with the getting strong riposte. You also have to manage your supports really well to get the A+ with Odin and S with Corrin in the minimum number of chapters. In principal, you can do it, but it isn't going to be easy.
  5. 40,126 10 more and you guys will pass the 5% mark! If you keep this pace up you'll get there in like 210 years!
  6. If you forge a bronze bow, she has a much better shot at OHKOing the sky knights, and even better odds if she has someone in attack stance. But yeah, I do agree. If you've already burned a dread scroll on her, no reason to waste it. I personally like Wyvern Rider Elise, but Paladin Jakob is very easy to use early game If you haven't started yet, I recommend getting the nosferatu tome for Odin. There's a ton of axe fighters in the map that he can tank very easily with nosferatu, it helps a lot
  7. Not even. I didn't invest in Caspar at all. I recruited him at level 23 at chapter 12. The timeskip got him to level 26 and B axes. He had Axe Prowess 4 and lancebreaker. I made him a grappler, with a lucky test pass, but it didn't matter. I tried it using him as a brigand, and it worked too. Smash+Freikugel+Jeralt's Mercenaries+Hit Ring gave him enough might, crit, and hit to reliably KO the death knight with a minimal amount of save scumming. And this was with no investment needed. It depends a little bit on when you do the chapter (the DK gains a point in every stat due to levels chapter 16 and beyond) and the level ups Caspar gets after the timeskip, but I think those differences can be made up with a brawlers battalion or some chip damage from Mercedes. Caspar is a good grappler, because grappler is a really good class and he slots right in to it. But if you haven't invested into Caspar, it doesn't get you much, as his damage isn't high enough without the help of a high might weapon.
  8. Caspar can actually pretty reliable KO the DK at chapter 12 base. Freikugel+Smash gives him about 80% hit and 30% crit, and it's a OHKO with the crit. Without the Freikugel, you can reclass him into a warrior, and the devil axe will be strong enough to OHKO with a crit. I actually just did this on my NG maddening BL run, so I can vouch for it
  9. I haven't been seeing much talk about Catherine, but I feel like there are many advantages to using her. Mainly, even though she comes a little late, she's strong from the moment you get her. I'll be talking as if you recruit her in chapter 4, since that's when she most obviously shines. She has A swords, 19 strength, 20 speed, 13 defense, and swordfaire, all while starting at level 11 with solid growths. She's better than most of your units at chapter 4 at least, and stat wise, she's usable throughout the entire game, staying strong. She's basically an FE4 prepromote. She definitely has major movement problems though. Since she comes late, it's even harder to get her E flying to B+ for falcon knight, and assassin is way easier to get, but only 6 move. Despite that, I wanted to talk about her strengths since I feel like I don't see them getting mentioned enough. Interested to see the discussion
  10. I really like the war master's gauntlet critical. I'm not sure how effective a kick is considering that's not where the gauntlet is, but it looks like it hurts
  11. I definitely feel that too, but I'm starting to feel like it shouldn't matter. Dancer doesn't have any strong class skills like magic X 2 or a tomefaire. If you spend a turn using the dancer for magic instead of dancing a warlock or something, you have a strong and a weak magic user. If you dance the warlock, you essentially have two strong magic users. It's still a hard choice, lol. Even using my own logic, I still want to choose a character with good spells
  12. 31,414 I cannot believe this is still going after over 9 years and 7 Fire Emblem games
  13. I chose Flayn, and, uh, Edelgard Route Spoiler
  14. I managed to find a new site with all the old uploads. https://ux.getuploader.com/FEkaizouwww/download/67 click the button on the lower middle that says ダウンロード. Inside the zip, you may get garbled text due to weird encoding issues, so if you use windows, you might wanna change your locale to japan in the control panel. Neir is FE4 ネールの系譜, and Ayra is アイラさんの系譜 Ver.1.82. Thanks for making me find this, I was a little worried these patches were lost to time :P
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