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  1. I hope so, otherwise it would be his second time to get upsetted TT______TT His match with Takumi during the New Years VG would've been an upset too if we didn't push like crazy in the end.
  2. The ping-pong'ing isn't looking so good though :(
  3. I don't recall what exactly went down during Sigurd vs. Tharja, but I think this time, Alfonse's first-hour advantage was too small to be indicative of a larger army size. So as more people joined in, it didn't take too much for Sharena to catch up.
  4. It's still too far out for the predictor to be accurate, so I wouldn't worry too much for now :)
  5. Well, tbf, W!Tharja is a fantastic unit herself (and belongs to a very rare unit type) and has two valuable skills for foddering, so it's... a combination of factors.
  6. Actually, I believe most of FEH's revenue comes from overseas now, based on this article: https://nintendoeverything.com/kimishima-on-fire-emblem-heroes-share-of-overseas-sales-is-steadily-growing/. Japan still spends a lot for one country though.
  7. Haha, that's a nice thought :D I wonder how much artistic freedom the artists are given for these. Is it entirely up to them who to include and what stories to tell?
  8. Yeah, after hearing Thor's and your suggestions, I'm gonna keep Fury on him. I do like the big numbers XD As for IV's, I don't spend a lot of money, so the +10 dream may not come true, but I'll always be budgeting my orbs toward that goal. So I think I'm going to roll with +SPD/-HP or -RES for long-term usage, which means fewer and fewer mages encountered.
  9. All really good points. Thanks for the tips!
  10. Thanks! This is really helpful. Maybe I'll save my B!Ike for someone else then. Also, do you think +SPD -HP is Ryoma's best IV's (that's the one I have)? I feel like both +ATK and +SPD have their merits and am not sure if I did the wrong thing by merging my +ATK -RES Ryoma into my current one. Is speed just becoming less useful with how competitive it's getting (with the likes of Ayra and Mia and speedy mages) and how a lot of armors now double regardless of speed? Also, would -RES be better than -HP at higher tiers? Not saying I will necessarily pull those IV's, but I'd like to keep an eye on any future copies.
  11. No worries! Thanks for your input. I agree that his enemy phase is much stronger with this set, but with the way the meta currently is, I've been finding enemy phase sets to be much more reliable. So I've been thinking about switching out Fury-Vantage for this set. Do you think Fury is still better on him? I definitely want to switch out Vantage for Wrath though, since it has actually gotten in the way a few times in the arena and almost cost me matches. Also, he's summoner supported and at +3 merges right now (that puts him at 41 SPD without Fury), and I've been saving up orbs for more merges. As I get more merges on him, do you think his player phase will be okay enough that I can run this set as sort of a dual-phase type of deal, with an emphasis on enemy phase?
  12. So I've been wanting to improve my Ryoma and was playing around with the mass duel simulator, and I came across a set that I think might be pretty good: My IV's are +SPD, -HP (I got slightly better results with +SPD -RES, but this is the second best one) Weapon: Raijinto Assist: flexible Special: Dragon Fang A: Steady Breath B: Wrath 3 C: flexible S: Quick Riposte 3 I have attached an image his matchups on enemy phase at +0 vs. all non-blue +10 units with Fury as their blanket A skill (though he does win some matchups against blues). This set relies on procing Dragon Fang in the same round of combat and seems to give him a really solid enemy phase while not completely sacrificing his player phase capabilities, and may be worth considering. What do you think?
  13. I'm sure she will. The four CYL1 heroes are still great, if not the best, at their jobs.
  14. Ikr, it's not like there's this thing called opinions I'm pretty happy with the results, especially on the men's side. Will most likely be picking between Hector and Veronica, depending on who I don't pull.
  15. Yay, that's great to hear! Your Shiro is amazing. I actually used him to kill a W!Lissa once. I wish I had an extra B!Ike for Steady Breath on my Shiro.
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