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  1. Shadow Dragon had issues with characters who were palette swaps of one another, so giving the artist free reign here is nothing but a good thing
  2. I miss when Nintendo's advertising strategy was essentially making a mini movie, with costumed characters and full choirs singing professionally composed versions of the OST
  3. Maybe the best way to phrase it would be "incongruous" Fire Emblem started with a Record of a Lodoss War art style, and it's pretty much stuck to it through it's run. That means that costumes aren't necessarily realistic, but they hue closer to reality then Final Fantasy or Shining Force on average. Knights wear platemail, sword fighters are in tunics, mages wear cloaks and robes, et cetera. If it weren't for the bright colors, it'd be fairly drab. Awakening and Fates decided to jazz that up. Practicality was given a backseat to looking cool. Female Knights with boobplate and pauldrons, swordfighters in overtly complicated outfits that would be hard to slip into, Tharja. There's a lot appealing about the art, but it does come off overdesigned in comparison to all previous installments, even the Radiant Dawn era of swag promotion outfits. Compare: Hidari's art is a return to form from the overdesigned Awakening art. Simple outfits that add a naturalistic aesthetic as opposed to the more avant gard outfits of Awakening and Fates, which look like they stepped off of a runway in Milan rather then a battlefield.
  4. It's a decent RPG in the vein of Atlus's other RPGs, specifically persona storywise and DDS gameplay-wise
  5. It did... but they were accessible from the World Map. The shrine guarded by the Zombie dragon, for one, was optional and difficult for when it is available.
  6. Honestly, it lead to my buddies to conclude that they were the real villains. They live in paradise while Nohr rots in a frozen bog.
  7. Zeke's blonde though, considering he's a CHAR
  8. My very biggest fear is that they will be lazy with the map design. FE Gaidan, in exchange for all the interesting things it did with Fire Emblem, had baby's first tactics game map design. It had large maps of empty space. Hopefully, the developers used the old maps as a reference instead of an excuse to copypasta.
  9. As long as this is closer to New Mystery of the Emblem then Shadow Dragon, I can dig. Support as a mechanic has become so embeded in the franchise that a game without it would feel empty.
  10. Considering it was one of the biggest flops in the history of Atlus and IS....
  11. Playable soldiers. Knights as the sole unmounted Lance units continue to be the bane of my existence because they take forever to get into position and then get wrecked by magic
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