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  1. Some people probably would have seen it already, but a fan who went to the FE event took some photos of the full card art for Series 2. Hoshido siblings: https://twitter.com/Eycktter/status/624905620991270912 Nohr siblings: https://twitter.com/Eycktter/status/624860093167734784 Kamuis and Aqua: https://twitter.com/Eycktter/status/624904321272918016 Kazahana and Harold: https://twitter.com/Eycktter/status/624906153999273984
  2. I found a few leaks for the second wave but well... It's very pixellated and I can't find a better one. http://imgur.com/oTq5zXo
  3. Another question: Does Pieri's child inherit her cotton candy hair?
  4. To answer some of your questions... [spoiler=] Mikoto's your blood related mum. Why she married Sumeragi, no one knows but maybe he knew about Kamui and his dragon powers, and wanted Kamui as the next emperor/empress so that they can have super dragon powers in their bloodline from then on or something. Mikoto is not playable in Hoshido, Nohr, or the 3rd route. That video just shows that Mikoto's class is Battle Miko, which Sakura can promote into. However, Mikoto does come back in the 3rd route. Albeit as a reanimated and possessed corpse being controlled by Hydra/Anankos to kill Kamui.
  5. [spoiler=] it's some kind of major illness that staves can't heal, and Aqua's songs aren't enough to heal him either. So now, they're charging into the castle to get medicine for Takumi.
  6. Did the game come with a card for FE Cipher? I remember that there should be one included with the limited edition.
  7. I guess the changed the border for the cards. Hmm. Also, more signs! Thank you to the Fire Emblem Cipher Facebook community group for sharing this! [spoiler=]
  8. You can try YesAsia. But I've never bought anything from them before, so I can't say how their service is like.
  9. I read through most of the pages but not all of them, and felt like no one has brought this up yet. Suppose they do include LGBT character(s) in a game one day. However, s/he/they is/are not written well and this makes the LGBT community upset. Here are some of the possible outcomes that I feel might occur: a.) Make potential writers for future games be less likely to take up the job in fear of receiving the same negative feedback if IS intends to continue having LGBT characters b.) Inspire IS to find better writers who will be able to portray LGBT in a better and more accurate way c.) IS decides not to include LBGT characters anymore in their games for fear of backlash I'm all for LGBT characters but if it happens I want them to be well written and not end up with them becoming a reason for people to blame or hate on IS.
  10. Kamui's default sword was renamed to 'Yato'.
  11. If you're ordering from amiami, they have a page with their shipping rates! One deck is roughly 75g, and one booster box with 12 packs of cards is usually around 300g.
  12. Not sure if it's been pointed out yet, but the product description for the Booster Box was updated on amiami. It now has 'Advanced promotion card of TCG Fire Emblem 0 vol.2' as well, as a bonus along with the Minerva DLC code. EDIT: I'm waiting for a f!Kamui sleeve, if it ever happens.
  13. Somehow, I now imagine Aqua to be the special card bundled in the special FE:if edition.
  14. I just noticed that the special edition for Fire emblem if will have a limited edition card for Cipher. Anyone who's getting it, or knows someone who's getting it and is willing to scan or take a photo of the card for us?
  15. The SF wiki seems to be winning at this point, which makes me hope that the issue with bots clears up soon. Man, I wish I tried to register an account sooner on the SF wiki :/
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