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  1. ...of course the OP makes this topic and complains about the possibility of losing "cool stuff" in spite of said "cool stuff" being racist stuff we shouldn't be tolerating in the first place. Plenty of others have explained it better than I can and probably already said what I'm about to say, but I'll say my piece anyways. The cops have been horrible for a long time. Fun fact: the NYPD went on strike once. Crime WENT DOWN. People (especially black people, in addition to minorities in general like those who are LGBT+ and people of color) have been excessively vocal about their mistreatment not only with the cops, but with corporate media and white people in general, especially rich people. They HAVE been complaining about it for decades, but they've been ignored. People tried protesting peacefully to send their message. No one listened. They HAD to amp up the protests, and unlike what the media says, the protestors have not been as violent as the cops gassing people and murdering black people while outright lying to the public about their causes of death (like the lynchings they keep framing as "suicides") or their counter-protestor buddies trying to make the movement look bad by actually causing damage to monuments that AREN'T oppressive to black people. The cops that murdered black people like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (to name a couple) are still free when they shouldn't be. The cop who directly killed Floyd was applying to join the KKK, yet he got bailed out of jail. And yet many innocent black people (including children) are stuck in jail for an excessive amount of years for small crimes a cop would turn a blind eye to for a white person. So no, BLM has NOT gone too far. It has not gotten far enough yet, in fact. Because racism is still here and hurting others. And the billionaire president, as many have said, is a racist scumbag who cares more for his money and power than the many lives lost to this country's oppressive nature. This is not what we think of him. This is what we KNOW of him. We need to listen to the collective voices of black people and other minorities who have experienced suppression their whole lives for being themselves to no damage to others. They know more about this. Not cishet white people at the news desks of overpowered organizations giving ignorant takes they don't understand for the sake of their blind pride in their broken country. And I say that as an autistic cis aro white dude. Keep the protests going.
  2. Rinkah's art looks stellar. Look at them abs! Probably still saving up on orbs, but I'd wouldn't mind having her or Forrest (even without checking their skills or stats). Little weird they label the game as "Revelations" now, though. Just say Fates. :Y
  3. Even if it wasn't April Fool's, that doesn't make it "pointless". It's just a fun little animation with a gift of some accessories, it's not hurting anyone.
  4. Sothe is my favorite FE lord. Seems like this was just a small update to throw out around April Fools' day. Not too bad; the pixel art is cute. How did Feh get the tech and knowledge to make a game, though? 😛
  5. Ah. I'm not non-binary myself (let alone trans), so I wasn't sure, especially since, like I said before, this isn't a normal case of someone realizing they're non-binary as much as it's just a character having no sense of themselves and practically becoming a different person, if I remember correctly from what Athos spoke of Bramimond. Still, probably just safe to use they/them pronouns.
  6. Bramimond was pretty much a "mirror" of sorts. And they're not necessarily male or female; could be simply non-binary, though their case is not conventional for non-binary people. Athos mentioned using "it" pronouns (which people use irl too), but I dunno if Bramimond consented, so probably just use they/them.
  7. ...does this mean we've got a non-binary Heroes character now? (Granted, their case is not the usual case of being non-binary.) 😛 Sorta tempted to get them, but I'm trying to get Shanan, so this is awkward...
  8. Well, ARMS certainly has the room for more spirits, so this isn't too much of a shock. Only thing is that the Spirits in the game are Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Min Min, and Twintelle. Assuming they still stay away from Spirits...are they possibly making Max Brass the character? I've yet to play ARMS, but I'm aware he's essentially the final boss in the game's arcade mode and the Commissioner of the League. All the other characters are either just regular playables or antagonists.
  9. Hey, mind if I ask we don't try to compare this to being sexist against men (at least in these topics)? Most of the folks at IS if I'm not mistaken are men themselves, and sexism is a bit of a serious, sensitive topic that sounds like it should go into Serious Discussion (we had another FEH topic go there a couple years ago, too, so assuming nothing's changed, it should be okay to make a topic there). It's fine to complain about the ratio of men to women, but let's not take it too far here. Mind your words, folks!
  10. Screw it, I might just go for Idunn based on how heartwarming her going to festivals is. Also, yay for more Kaiji voice acting! Can't wait to hear him ham it up as Narcian.
  11. Not gonna lie, I think I might go for Fae/Idunn just based on how adorable they are together. She's introducing her to festivals now! Also, more Kaiji Tang as Narcian is a great treat.
  12. Here it is! Est is my favorite Binding Blade character.
  13. Doesn't look like there was any outcry for Todd after the DLC, either. Metodey's a small role no one really remembers (even in the context of the DLC), so I doubt that would spark as much outcry as Niosi did being one of the main characters. I wish this could get brought to light again, but sadly it'd be tough. Best chance I could think of is Todd plays a big role in a popular game series, and even then that'd be awkward for said series since not only would they get embroiled in controversy, but it could also stir up Vic's fans again due to their overlap with supporting Todd, and those fans are NOT a pretty bunch with their track record of harassing accusers.
  14. Honestly, I propose we make a general sports thread instead of an NFL thread. Any other attempts at making a thread for other sports have just resulted in an inactive topic, so may as well put 'em all together so there's more incentive to bring up other sports.
  15. Hmm, seems like Fiora's supports are taking a page out of her support with Kent with how she's trying to moderate everyone. :Y Wonder how this will end... Also, poor freaking Matthew.
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