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  1. Or Severa doesn't wind up in the plot, similar to how last year Marth was a seasonal unit yet the TT was focused on Loki. I thought the shovel was Triple H's secondary signature weapon of choice. 😛
  2. I didn't ask you to, I just said for the mods to move it. And you can never be too careful with situations like these. Here's a Tweet from Lindbeck about this. https://twitter.com/ericalindbeck/status/1050553821322141696
  3. Think we should at least wait for confirmation on her voice first. I've heard Erica Mendez and Lindbeck talk about telling people to NOT confirm voices on VA listing sites like IMDb at risk for the VA's jobs (Lindbeck brought it up last year regarding her showing up in a listing for Smash Bros.), so I'd like to suggest changing the title of this topic to something like "Edelgard's New VA Speculation". Edit: Actually, scratch that; merge this with the VA thread I just saw.
  4. Ah, got it in regards to the VA stuff. A shame, but eh, we dunno what happens behind the scenes.
  5. Uh, Cristina Vee mentioned last year she was Edelgard. Unless I'm missing something?
  6. Really great Direct, I'd say. Dunno much about DQ, but having Akira Toriyama representation in Smash is a delight, and Banjo was a great surprise. A BOTW sequel is also sweet, and AC looks very polished! Dunno about the island stuff, but it looks like we still got traditional stuff plus some new things like paths. Dunno how I feel about the plot direction of Three Houses yet. Overall, lots of great stuff with some "okay sure", nothing really to scowl at for me.
  7. Sorry, it's a meme. And a certain pun-happy YTer has influenced me too much. ?
  8. Nice burn. ...I'll vote for Dierdre and see myself out.
  9. Just gonna throw out there that even though Mario Maker had a Direct, I don't think that'll rule out a brief trailer or something else at E3.
  10. Just saying that things can grow on people, and Wind Waker's artstyle wasn't "fitting" to what people then knew as traditional Zelda at the time. But you do you.
  11. People said similar stuff when Wind Waker was announced. :P Also, this is the same game that has Goombas, Chain Chomps and Kirby among goofy pictures of chibi Link. This wasn't exactly a game with a traditional Zelda style, and that was before WW was a thing.
  12. ...can't we just say it's ambiguous who it is and leave it at that? Morgan has no canonically-certain mom. She just has black hair to stay consistent with official art, not because of Cynthia who can possibly have dark hair like any other Awakening kid. There will not be an official answer to who any kid's other parent is, and that goes for Morgan's mom, too.
  13. "I don't care about attention, I hate it" Then you shouldn't have cared about being first in the first place or complaining about this.
  14. And Coolmanio's post confirms your confusion was of your own doing. You really need to think about your logic to your actions more before jumping to conclusions. Your line of questioning was not necessary. I also dunno what was up with FEF's situation as I did not witness it, but it's irrelevant to now. You're engaging in whataboutism.
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