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  1. Seeing Sharena mention modern conveniences like TV and entertainment agencies makes me feel sorta amused inside, considering she's from a world where the word "skyscraper" is foreign to her time. ๐Ÿ˜›
  2. Chiefs might not make it if the Madden Curse strikes again, whether in the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl (if they get there). yes i am superstitious why do you ask
  3. And if you read what everyone else was saying, maybe it'll happen soon now, perhaps this year. But we all know how unpredictable IS is with banners, so it's just a case of "who knows". In any case, Koei and Atlus are not the same company, so just because they settled stuff with one company doesn't mean they can settle stuff with another, whatever the stuff they need to settle is. So there's your (possible) reason for its exclusion right now. For all we know, maybe they'll add Warriors units around its anniversary. I know you've been often frustrated by banners not having characters you want, but honestly, just be content you have more insurance on getting a new character you actually do want, whoever they are and whenever they come up. Focusing on "this isn't want I wanted" is just gonna make you more frustrated.
  4. Hey, it's people Kiran can relate to! You know, because Kiran's from the real world...and knows what Hollywood is...and stuff...okay, maybe Kiran's version of the real world doesn't have Mirages. (Or something; I never played TMS). But still! ๐Ÿ˜› so when's joker getting into heroes Might skip this, but this does have interesting implications of modern characters existing in a medieval fantasy world getting involved, not to mention the genuine articles possibly meeting their Mirages. ๐Ÿ˜› And is this the first time the characters have English VAs?
  5. This is a bit more of an unorthodox comparison, but several of FE's VAs have done Dungeons and Dragons campaigns/sessions in some way. Matt Mercer (Chrom, Ryoma, Azama, Shigure) runs a campaign on Critical Role, and his players consist of Travis Willingham (Ogma and the original Garon and Camus), the Emmy award-winning* Sam Riegel (Donnel, Stahl and Raigh, where he's credited as "Sam Regal"), Taliesin Jaffe (Bruno, Navarre and Cain, credited as "T. Axelrod"), Liam O'Brien (Inigo's original VA before getting recast), Laura Bailey (Lucina and Palla's original VAs before, again, getting recast), Marisha Ray (Oboro, Effie, Shanna and Mikoto), and Ashley Johnson (who has no roles in FE). Orion Acaba (Gerome) also used to be part of CR, but left due to some of his issues which I won't get into. Kaiji Tang (Owain, Narcian, Lloyd) also has a couple of shows under his belt. Cristina Vee (Lachesis, Athena as "Cristina Valenzuela") has shown up on both shows, and Amanda Miller (Elincia and Sully) and Erin Fitzgerald (Sanaki and Olwen's old VA, also voiced Emmeryn) have shown up as guests. Erika Ishii (Loki) also showed up as a guest in a since-defunct D&D show before being cast in Heroes.
  6. @Anacybele"Two injuries sustained in one game?! Lost cause, cut him!" Give me a break. You saw how brutal that hit was on Juju. Cutting him is a bad idea now like it was any time during this season. He's a great WR who needs help. And nice whataboutism trying to direct attention to Raven when it's not even relevant to the point I was making in that paragraph. We're not talking about that incident, like I said. Back to the matter of hand, "fuck up" usually means "To destroy or severely damage something", and your wording very blatantly sounds like a threat to Lamar. Don't tell me you've never heard that as a physical threat to someone else when used like that. Choose your words wisely; research their implications.
  7. @AnacybeleFirst off, this is the first time Juju's been injured, and he had a nasty hit in the first place. You want fragile, out-of-shape Ben back (and no I don't believe him when he says he'll be ready), but want to cut the Steelers' best WR (and a very solid RB to a lesser extent) on the basis of "cut em they're injured for too long" after their big hits and some small accident? Hot takes, but not good takes. Second, the fact that you want T.J. to "fuck up" Lamar Jackson just goes to show either you don't know how to word things appropriately or you have some really violent ideas, and I hope it's the former. And for everyone, can we please be more mindful and civil with our criticism of people, players, etc. in the future? I get "that incident" was a serious issue and I have my opinions on it, but acting obnoxious isn't gonna help more than it will scare people away. I'll leave it at that and say nothing more. If you don't agree, then whatever, I'll go too. ๐Ÿ˜•
  8. Question: How many Elibe characters do you like across both games? Because if you only have "a couple from FE7", that's actually extremely restrictive with how many characters there are across both games, and if Sigurd's any indication, I know you specifically can still like a character without playing their game in the case of FE6. I think you're usually just not necessarily familiar with what others tend to like outside of what's popular and/or how many like said thing, or maybe you have trouble understanding the logic to why people like some things. I've definitely noticed you tend to make surprised reactions to many people really liking something you hate if the first dancer banner is any indication, plus certain game franchises and other examples.
  9. There was no kicking and screaming, though. Just a dramatic gloom and a shout for a scene that was very clearly exaggerated for the sake of funny as is usual in this kind of media.
  10. She's a child who had nightmares about going on uncontrollable rampages where she hurt and likely killed people she likes non-stop; can't really blame her for having a strong desire for affection, especially at such a young age for her species. Maybe Bantu should enlist the help of Tiki's adult self; shouldn't she be caring for her possessed self, anyway? ๐Ÿ˜›
  11. Captain Falcon apparently represents Albert Wesker. ProtonJon's influence has gone out of control.
  12. Considering the rules say "report your own posts if you accidentally double post, don't worry you're not gonna be punished", I don't think it's just for bad posts and necessarily for stuff that should be punishable. Besides, your duplicate topic is technically just as bad as an accidental bad post (which is not really bad at all), so yeah. Posting about it multiple times in a topic going "oh man this should be merged" instead of reporting and delivering the message via the report system won't really do anything except clutter the topic with off-topic posts. Speaking of getting back on topic, legendary Batta the Beast when? Anyways, might go for her. Not every day you get a dual-wielding weapon user in Heroes.
  13. Just use the report button on your own thread and that's it. You don't need to speak up about it in either thread. A mod will get to it eventually.
  14. That's not him, look for the prince with brown hair and white armor. ๐Ÿ˜› Surprised Lif's not the Mythic Hero this go around or that I've forgotten who Altina was.
  15. Dunno that meme, but eh, fair. Honestly, I'd like to get an understanding of the development process behind the game. Did working on Let's Go hinder the project? How does the process of bringing models into the game work? Bunch of questions someone who is tech-savvy can reliably evaluate. Maybe. @NegativeExponents-Same for me. I keep switching up colors and blowing lots of money on new clothes in-game because I'm indecisive on fashion.. ๐Ÿ˜›
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