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  1. Dunno that meme, but eh, fair. Honestly, I'd like to get an understanding of the development process behind the game. Did working on Let's Go hinder the project? How does the process of bringing models into the game work? Bunch of questions someone who is tech-savvy can reliably evaluate. Maybe. @NegativeExponents-Same for me. I keep switching up colors and blowing lots of money on new clothes in-game because I'm indecisive on fashion.. 😛
  2. I'm honestly hoping you're joking about this silly conspiracy theory of sabotaging Switches because of toxic harassment hitting the company over a small PR lie, even though they know well there are people more forgiving of them/have no idea of the controversy and having them caught in the crossfire would be cruel. That's ridiculous, and it's not like Pokemon hasn't had similar issues before (saving in Lumiose City in X and Y comes to mind). Worst part is someone found out some Pokemon models like Noibat had minor improvements too in their models, so even if it's small, it's still technically no lie. People jumped the gun and got picky about quality. Personally, speaking as someone who looked forward to the game (and someone with low standards for entertainment), 3 gyms in and I think the game is pretty good. Music is great, opponents are not so soft so you need to level up when you can (from my perspective), character customization is pretty great and the aesthetic of the cities is pretty lovely. Some small annoyances here and there, but I think it's good for what it is.
  3. So, sad news is it's not the runner up banner. Good news is ECHIDNA IS HERE! Also we got our red bow!
  4. I'd say 2 with the next Browns game in mind. At the very least, I wouldn't mind Devlin Hodges getting a couple tries. I did hear though that there might be more suspensions coming as the incident is evaluated?
  5. I'm honestly a bit shocked Rudolph got no punishment. Garrett was obviously the worst person in the bunch, of course, but Rudolph still was trying to get at him and grabbing Garrett's helmet, only without the pulling off. That said, looks like Garrett's had some past issues with his hits, too. Definitely atrocious on his part, and comparable to assault like Damien Woody put it on ESPN. Here's hoping Juju and the others recover soon and well, by the way. In Juju's case not only out of worry but also because he's the Steelers' best WR and losing him is a hell of a blow. Even if he might not be too good this year, not having another guy to help lure away coverage is a big factor in that. Also, I don't remember seeing him dropping passes much (seems he's only dropped 1 the whole year actually?), so yeah.
  6. Technically female Terry existed thanks to Capcom's vampire character from a dead fighting game franchise turning Terry into a woman as a special attack That said, if there are any alt outfits, they might more likely go with the older Terry from the last Fatal Fury game (not to be confused with the King of Fighters series/timeline), "Garou: Mark of the Wolves".
  7. You did the same to me not too long ago but you distorted my views, not just what I wished to say. And even then, I literally said I was giving an example of what you could say instead, so it's pretty clear what was going on. I'm just warning you that if you continue to do that, people aren't gonna be happy with you and it's on you for your choice of words. Let's say me and another person posted art in the same place. If you said that comparison to me by choosing the other person even if the person you were comparing to and I posted art of a similar subject in the same place, I'd find it disrespectful that you're pulling attention away from my art, "imo" or not. I'd feel similarly if you said out loud that you preferred mine. Regardless, did I misrepresent your opinion? Let me ask you this: Do you like the official localization? Do you find Ranulf's wording funny? Do you find Seliph and Leif's dialogue nice? If the answer to the last three questions is "yes", then I clearly didn't despite my alterations. Yes, I changed what you wanted to say as was the point because what you wanted to say was too much than necessary, but I didn't change what you said you felt, only removed it. Sometimes, you need to realize how your words can affect others, because they can be very powerful mentally. I'll drop it here, but I hope you do keep what I said in mind instead of dismissing it just because I was "policing" your choice of words and maybe apologize to Coolmanio if they wish for it.
  8. No, there is still something wrong when you tell someone you prefer the original over their translation. It doesn't matter if the other work is brought up or not; artists and people in similar fields including localization are trying their best to do their work and get a good reaction from others, and many artists I know of find it disrespectful to be compared to another artist. You don't seem to understand that your intentions are never an excuse for your choice of words, and while I can't speak for Coolmanio themselves, you can never assume people will be okay with that. Let me quote your post, but make a minor edit. Here, I edited your top line to be rid of the "sorry but I prefer this" line and also got rid of the parts where you practically go "hey look these parts are better than what this person on the forum did!". Here, your message comes in clear; you like the official variation and you're showing it for others to see while avoiding pushing away the original work. Nothing else wrong with it. No one needs to know you prefer the official over Coolmanio's version. Remember, saying "A is better than B" is like saying "B is worse than A". Here's hoping you don't "agree to disagree" and keep what I've said in mind for the future. Trust me, it's less harmful to avoid making comparisons.
  9. Comparing one to another and saying the other is better is devaluing one's work. It's like if you drew a picture of Ike and someone showed up to say, "Sorry, but this picture of Ike by this person is better". That person didn't need to say that to you. You wouldn't like that, right? What's the point? It may be your opinion, but you don't need to tell people you prefer one person's work over the other if it's not necessary. Sometimes, things are better off not being said (especially when saying it doesn't really help the conversation), and it's important to know when to keep things to yourself.
  10. @AnacybeleFor future reference, don't say out loud "sorry but I prefer this" when talking to someone in regards to their work, especially if they're not a company employee or whatever doing said work for free. No matter your intentions, that comes off rude; if someone goes through all the trouble to translate, and you tell them that someone else did it better, no question it would understandably demoralize or anger them, and no amount of "sorry"s in advance can nullify that. Best to keep it to yourself and say "hey, the official's not too bad!" You get to say your opinion, you don't devalue another's work, everyone's happy.
  11. Since it's relevant to VAs being bad, I think it's also worth noting that there miiiiiight be another controversial VA in the form of Todd Haberkorn in the game. He only voices a one-off enemy NPC who dies in the same map you meet him, but for those who don't remember, he's also Joshua, Luthier, and Morgan in past games. I bring this up because in the middle of the whole Vic Mignogna insanity that was happening, Todd apparently had an incident of at least sexual assault on one of the many women accusing Vic (not one of the defendants in Vic's case, to be clear). Seems she called out a VA without naming them, and Todd accidentally exposed himself with a response on Facebook defending himself that he deleted afterwards and someone else he named in that response came to the woman's defense. Apparently he was also supposed to get the same lawyer Vic got for his lawsuit (BTW, Vic lost all the charges and is presumably on appeals, so no points for whoever can guess how bad said lawyer screwed things up), but nothing really came of that since it was announced in March...by an infamously malevolent grifter. This probably won't affect the game since the role is so small and is for a bad guy, but still worth noting. Todd's voice is still in Heroes and he is still credited, so presumably the localization team doesn't know.
  12. Probably not. Micaiah was probably skipped because she's a lord and should be introduced on a banner specifically for her game and Selkie was because beasts were not a thing. It'd really just be coincidence if Lif is skipped over for being a Mythic Hero (which should be expected, otherwise Thrasir just looks awkward).
  13. Well, we got another controversial night game involving the Packers and refs in NFL history as the Lions lose by some bad penalty calls. Not a good look for the league officials.
  14. Steelers win and hurt a bit of the value of that 1st round pick they gave the Dolphins. They seemed to lower their guard a bit at the end, but considering almost all their losses were close against good teams and the 2-3 Chargers had one of their wins vs the Dolphins, people probably lowered their expectations too much for Pittsburgh tonight. Hodges still looked good despite the interception, so not too much concern there. Next week is a bye before the Steelers face the Dolphins. Panthers' Kyle Allen is still doing good, too. Cam Newton might not have a future in Carolina at this rate.
  15. Roughing the passer penalties after the pass don't apply if the defender was being carried by momentum too much to stop in time, and watching it in real time, Thomas did not look like he had time to react and stop as the momentum was carrying him. I'd say it took 0.2 seconds after Rudolph threw the ball that Thomas tackled him. The helmet-to-helmet contact looked fairly accidental as it bumped the edge of the facemask. This wasn't someone rushing to hurt as hard as they can like Burfict. Helmet-to-helmet or not, it looked like an unfortunate accident Thomas couldn't help much.
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