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  1. I doubt it's that easy to pull off, especially since you'd be putting yourself at risk for being harassed by the player's fans who believe him. Evidence of the truth or not, there will be people going after you just for speaking out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't all the sexual assault cases that become big news in the NFL been lawsuits, which means making a fake allegation that would get disproven could cost you a lot of money? If so, then it's not easy unless you're willing to cough up a lot of money to humiliate yourself to the world. Whatever the case, the theoretical practice you're talking about hasn't exactly been popular in spite of allegations like this being a thing since a decade ago (if not earlier, can't confirm) when Roethlisberger got in hot water. Where have the allegations before the SB for other teams been then? Why has there been no news of Tom Brady being an alleged rapist caused by one person in a very big part of the gigantic sea of die-hard, toxic sports fans in spite of the Patriots' heavily negative reputation? I don't think there's anything to worry about for this possible practice being a thing. Let's talk about this when it starts actually happening for once; otherwise, it's just a slippery-slope fear (if that's even a term) .
  2. Wouldn't the loser of the case (which is civil, BTW, so no "guilty or not guilty") have to pay fees, though? There's also the question if the potential accuser has any evidence, and I'd be surprised if there wasn't at least one person each month falsely accusing someone big in the NFL of sexual assault/harassment without really suing or having any evidence, even if I'm just guessing here.
  3. Fair, but I meant awkward for the Pats in that they just got AB and now this news spills about him, so now they gotta figure out what to do with the off-the-field distraction in AB, especially after trading away one of their WRs hours before this news came to light. I understand this controversy is not on them.
  4. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2853267-patriots-antonio-brown-accused-of-sexual-assault-rape-in-ex-trainers-lawsuit AB accused of sexual assault. Haven't checked out any specifics, so the best take I got is that this is looking real awkward for the Pats if this winds up true.
  5. So things can't change in a year that could cause the score to be different? "No excuse" is a stretch outside of just a regular need to keep winning. Listen, it's okay to call yourself a fan and not bother watching a team should things go downhill (even if you're doing it way prematurely). It hurts to see your team lose. But if your mentality is "ah well, I guess I'll have to wait and see if they're better next year, guess I'll do something else", that's alright. The Pirates aren't exactly doing dandy in the MLB right now, but like always, I'm gonna look forward to next season and so on because they're my home team. I've given up on the season, but as long as I still have hope for the future where anything can happen in a year and like the well-meaning players on the team, I still consider myself a Pirates fan. Same applies to the Steelers if they wind up doing bad this year, and will also apply to the Pens if needed. You can still be a Steelers fan, at least in regards to the history. But ditching them and saying you're no longer a fan shows a lack of faith and love for the team and that you only love them because they win and that's it.
  6. One terrible half against the often-dominant SB champs and you dump the team? That's a pretty prideless and bandwagony mindset. Sure, losing sucks, but if you renounce your fandom not because of reputation but because of performance, were you really a fan of that team the second before they started looking like "a shit team"? Or did you just want to root for a winner you didn't hate beforehand to make you feel good like other bandwagon fans?
  7. Don't forget to warn them about the eggs, Wesker, and the art block among the other stupid memes we have in that community. Especially the art block, full of the most hilarious ridiculousness you can find. 😛 Might need to give that a watch; I missed 3 hours of it when it went live, and I can't seem to find a complete/good King of Fighters retrospective on YT.
  8. Heard some people say that there might have been a conspiracy to get AB on the Pats since the Steelers were unwilling to trade him to NE, and that people are calling for an investigation on the Pats for possibly tampering with the Raiders.
  9. Now Brown is on the PATRIOTS. He can't play tomorrow vs the Steelers, but still, the stupidity train continues. Pats have a lot of talent now, but can Belichick tame AB and keep him in line? Everyone's hyping the Pats up, but I think it's not that simple as it looks...
  10. Well, "leavin'" is right. Brown today got angry that $29M of his guaranteed money was voided, and now he won't play, asking for a release. He wasn't acting like this until after Burfict's hit on him, was he? Because I legit wonder if he got a blow to his brain that messed him up mentally.
  11. I sorta want Nils and Shinon to represent the guys if only to see the potential interactions in a Forging Bonds event between the guy who is racist against laguz and the boy who's pretty much dragon laguz-adjacent by being a manakete. 😛
  12. More AB stupidity. Apparently he got into an altercation with GM Mike Mayock after being upset with being fined for missing practice to the point of threatening to hit him and punting a ball at him (and then being held back by Burfict of all people). Then he got suspended by the Raiders for the first game. Then he apologized and got his suspension lifted. Then he got fined for the altercation and is mad about again. Then Gruden called him to stop the drama and Brown recorded it to post on YouTube. And now I just heard as I type this that Gruden was "amused" by the video. What the hell is happening in Oakland for their last season in the area?
  13. Unless they had plans to release more than 5 DLC characters from the start and kept this info hidden from the public, I think the last character has to be someone extremely spectacular with the intention to end things on a high note.
  14. I mean, gi outfits similar to Ryu and Ken's often show up in fighting games for characters since they are...well, outfits fitting for Japanese-style fighting. Not enough to warrant blindly calling a game a ripoff, especially since Fatal Fury 1 was released the same year as Street Fighter 2. And Terry, the face of the series, doesn't even dress like someone who would remind you of Ryu or Ken, so that'd be weird for a "ripoff". I'm not sure going with one of three lords would go over well. I feel like they're a trio that should show up as a trio, and I don't think they'll get into Smash because of that. Byleth, as much as they're another swordfighter, makes the most sense.
  15. ...you don't know much about traditional fighting games, do you? Because calling it a "Street Fighter ripoff" is equivalent to calling a lot of fighting games "ripoffs" and is a good way to tick off general fighting-game fans. Many fighting games are 1 v 1 side-scrollers with button combinations and stick-tilting maneuvers, as is typical of the genre. That said, SNK and Capcom did have a series of crossover fight games, and Terry was in them and could fight Ryu.
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