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  1. Seconded, though it's more of a like. Even in real life, a person's voice doesn't necessarily "match" their body shape; this isn't "awful localization". I, for one, think Marianne Miller did a fine job for Fiora's voice, even if it's not similar to the Japanese voice.
  2. I suspect IS treats Anna as a different case for whatever reason, so I'm not sure about using her as an example. That said, you have a point that this isn't necessarily foreshadowing; Innes mentions Ephraim's swimming abilities in a voice line, and I believe Tiki's younger self talked about playing with Marth in a Tempest Trial cutscene? In any case, neither character got an alt from the appropriate banner yet one year later.
  3. Dunno if this is past Book 1, but Ninian used a tome in the 2nd Bridal Banner, about over a year ago.
  4. So I just realized that Laevatein's artist is Saito, the guy who did Celica's Awakening DLC art before doing a lot of the main art for Xenoblade 2. Hell yeah! Here's hoping he gets to draw more FE characters. Wouldn't mind him drawing legendary Celica just to see the new Celica in the "Xenoblade 2" style. 😛
  5. I'm gonna guess that the last two characters will either be from a new franchise outright or from a game from an existing franchise in Smash, but the game itself has minimal representation right now and no spirits to represent the potential playable character. Joker, DQ Hero and Banjo fit that well as they come with spirits from a franchise/game not represented in Smash yet. I do hope Namco has at least one more rep, though. Counting Joker and Bayo as Sega, Namco's the only company that has a non-DLC character in the roster and only one rep. I want to say we might get a Tekken rep as an excuse to rerelease Heihachi's Mii costume around the same time (we got some Sonic costumes from 4 back for Joker's Mii costume DLC cuz Sega), whether it comes with current old Heihachi or maybe even Jin/Kazuya instead.
  6. Gosh, all she wanted to do was go to the beach. >3> Don't hate on her because Hrid's not feeling like exposing his muscles. 😛 Also, happy Helbindi is an oddly blessed sight after every other instance we've seen of him is angry. 😛
  7. Or Severa doesn't wind up in the plot, similar to how last year Marth was a seasonal unit yet the TT was focused on Loki. I thought the shovel was Triple H's secondary signature weapon of choice. 😛
  8. I didn't ask you to, I just said for the mods to move it. And you can never be too careful with situations like these. Here's a Tweet from Lindbeck about this. https://twitter.com/ericalindbeck/status/1050553821322141696
  9. Think we should at least wait for confirmation on her voice first. I've heard Erica Mendez and Lindbeck talk about telling people to NOT confirm voices on VA listing sites like IMDb at risk for the VA's jobs (Lindbeck brought it up last year regarding her showing up in a listing for Smash Bros.), so I'd like to suggest changing the title of this topic to something like "Edelgard's New VA Speculation". Edit: Actually, scratch that; merge this with the VA thread I just saw.
  10. Ah, got it in regards to the VA stuff. A shame, but eh, we dunno what happens behind the scenes.
  11. Uh, Cristina Vee mentioned last year she was Edelgard. Unless I'm missing something?
  12. Really great Direct, I'd say. Dunno much about DQ, but having Akira Toriyama representation in Smash is a delight, and Banjo was a great surprise. A BOTW sequel is also sweet, and AC looks very polished! Dunno about the island stuff, but it looks like we still got traditional stuff plus some new things like paths. Dunno how I feel about the plot direction of Three Houses yet. Overall, lots of great stuff with some "okay sure", nothing really to scowl at for me.
  13. Sorry, it's a meme. And a certain pun-happy YTer has influenced me too much. ?
  14. Nice burn. ...I'll vote for Dierdre and see myself out.
  15. Just gonna throw out there that even though Mario Maker had a Direct, I don't think that'll rule out a brief trailer or something else at E3.
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