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  1. Yo what is up guys i just realized that i can post let's plays of other games than just fire emblem so i figured i would post my Soulsilver let's play on here alongside my fire emblem 7 HHM blind run Fire Emblem Playlist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqcE9v1NPL4Y4lO1LvJrJHFK55Fbp57S Pokemon Soulsilver Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqcE9v1NPL7hpeaXnDDC1CrBoRCXpVID Anyway that is all i have for now Peace out and have a nice day!!
  2. Let's Play Fire Emblem 7 HHM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqcE9v1NPL4Y4lO1LvJrJHFK55Fbp57S Here is my current playlist of my fire emblem 7 HHM blind run Enjoy and have a nice day
  3. i would mostly play as mia,zihark,joshua, tana, saizo,gaius,ryoma,setsuna, nehpenee, lucius, canas, raven, hugh, inigo, severa, black knight most of these would probably not be in the game but i am hoping for at least some of them i also did not include main characters/lords because who wouldn't play them
  4. she rides the wyvern on the homepage so it is not gone
  5. i personally dont care for guest character because you aren't obligated to use them liker every other character
  6. i think if fates gets ported to the switch it will be all versions and not just one and even then i don't think that will happen
  7. wow i just noticed that in the trailer the way Chrom picks up the sword is identical to the way he does it in awakening
  8. here are a list of all the playable charaters from hyrule warriors including DLC and think we will get at least that amount of charaters https://zeldawiki.org/Characters_in_Hyrule_Warriors
  9. hyrule warriors has about 30 characters after all the dlc so going of that i think we will get at least 30 characters maybe even more since fe has more charecters than zelda
  10. well since everyone is making a list i might as well make my own. disclaimer: i am only doing it for the games i have played so no fire emblem 1-5. binding blade: Roy lilina Zephiel Blazingsword: Eliwood Hector Lyn Nergal/nils/ninian (could not choose between them) Sacred Stones: Ephraim Eirika Lyon Joshua ( this one will probably not happen but a man can dream) Path of Radiance: Ike Black Knight Ashnard Mia/Zihark (again likely not gonna happen) Radiant dawn: Micaiah Sothe Awakening: Chrom Validar/gangrel/wallhart Robin Gaius/tharja (based on their popularity) Awakening children: Inigo severa Lucina Fates: Corrin Ryouma Xander Azura Saizo Leo Takumi Camilla this roster is most likely too big because i did not count fe 1-5. the reason for the large amount of characters from fates and awakening is that they are the most popular. as i said before i dont really care who gets in as long as saizo and gaius are there and i know they probably wont be in the games Edit: some of these characters also has potential as NPC's
  11. here is a question do you guys think that we will get charterers that are ordinary units that aren't lord, antagonists or characters that are plot important.
  12. Heaven cant stop me from getting on the internet
  14. all i hope for is that most of the games are represented in this i dont care which characters are in it besides Gaius and Saizo even if their chances are low but other than them i am fine with whoever gets in. as a sidenote i fully expect all the lords to be playable if not all of them then most of them.
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