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  1. I know I'm late to the party but my S12 boxes have finally arrived and I've got some stuff to trade. To trade: Ares R x2 Chrom R x2 Greil R x1 Nanna R x2 Naga R x1 Lucina R x2 Say'ri R x2 Sigurd R x1 Soren R x1 Stefan R x1 Titania R x1 Laevatein PR x1 Black knight SR x2 Also have a bunch of N/HNs Looking for: B01 Tiki SR B01 Caeda SR B02 Takumi SR B03 Ike SR B03 Elincia SR B03 Reyson R B04 Marth SR B04 Feena R B04 Hardin SR B05 Narcian SR B05 Sanaki SR B05 Ike SR B06 Ethlyn R B06 Finn R B06 Lachesis R B06 Arvis SR B07 Takumi SR B07 Oboro SR B08 Maribelle R B08 Fee R B08 Febail R B09 Lillina R B09 Ike R B09 Jill SR B10 Leif SR B10 Nanna SR B11 Amelia SR B11 Clive R B12 Ike SR B12 Berserk Ike SR PM me if you're interested.
  2. Does anyone have a Mae SR and a Mathilda HN they're willing to sell?
  3. I'm glad I was able to get my pre order for special edition and now i just need to wait a few weeks and not 11 months (still salty about that)
  4. Berkut does seem like a victim of circumstance with the way he was raised and his country's teachings it's clear that it broke him mentally creating a power complex and making him not even realize when someone who cares is right in front of him.
  5. Some of these achievments name's/descriptions are actually pretty great.
  6. It makes me think about how great the Jugdraul games could be remade if they put in the same amount of effort.
  7. You know what I'll do that too. Effective vs Horseback/infantry for regal sword Effective vs Dragon for Falchion?
  8. Will this be the start of the Pepsi man reboot we've all been waiting for?
  9. Are those like flavoured ice kinda drinks because then I'd know what they are
  10. Not gonna lie I prefer this aggressive version of Seliph to his much more calm and bland in game counterpart. Also Ethylyn had 2 children at 19.
  11. my main pick would probably be the danganronpa series those are some really great games there with great stories, a good premise, characters, soundtrack, game play etc. they really get everything right. they are becoming more popular so that's good. they're also of steam and well worth full price. Also Legend of heroes trails in the sky was pretty good. traditional JRPG stuff and is pretty standard in terms of gameplay and presentation but the nice soundtrack, good world building and most importantly the characters (ESPECIALLY THE MAIN DUO) really pull it through into something great.
  12. My favourite will always be chapter 5 due to story reasons, having the best track in the game and how satisfying it is to kill Langobalt and Reptor the gameply of it isn't half bad either the only low point is the dessert and slight abundance of meteor mages. chapter 10 isn't far behind this either as well. My least favourite is actually the final chapter and whilst it is definitely satisfying to finally kill Manfroy and end the game the annoying abundance of sleep staves meteor mages, barons, the three pegasus sisters, the deadlords and the constant worry of being hit by hel. that combined with the fact that Arions units can kill Julia when recruited and the fact that it's easily the longest chapter in the game make it not very fun for me personally. special mention to chapter 7 also being annoying but no quite as bad.
  13. I think you mean HE'S BACK AGAIN AND ABOUT TIME TOO and this time he's in the mood.
  14. just finished watching DR3, great series with a few small problems here and there but overall i thoroughly enjoyed it. however I wouldn't recommend watching this without played the first 2 games those should be played first otherwise a lot of what makes this series great would be lost on you.
  15. okay so I just beat my corrinquest playthrough earlier today using corrins from this thread and a few other similar ones and I have to say it was a fun interesting challenge and using the unique skills helped out immensely. particular note goes to Brenda (Berserker) and Mercury(Vanguard) who criticaled for days and take some hits if need be. But yeah if you still haven't try it for yourself. Also I'm not sure if my own corrin is still usable or not because my castle may have updated but if people want I could just recreate him it shouldn't take too long.
  16. like many other Takumi x Oboro is a definitive pair because the two work so well together I also like Leo x Effie they strangely work well and have an endearing relationship other than that there's Hinata x Felicia there supports are pretty cute and actually highlights Felicias positives in a support and that's pretty much it for supports I think I always go with.
  17. when i checked your castle you were still the default class so you might want to update your online data so everything is changed
  18. Name: Albert Address: 08243-87177-78417-16485 Boon: Clever Bane: Excitable Class: Samurai Skill: Strengthtaker Growth Rates: ???
  19. Well damn those feels hit pretty damn hard especially considering I know what will happen soon. why is this week filled with so many feels first DR3 now this and DR3 is on Thursday as well. I also question why Arvis didn't just attack Sigurd when he was embracing Deirdre unless he didn't want to hurt her as well but I would've thought he would do something at least.
  20. yeah if he didn't have Tyrfing Seliph would easily get fried by Valflame and even then he'd have a hard time hitting him in the first place. i'd also argue Ares has some battle experience by being with a mercenary group but even then it probably isn't a lot but at least Mystelain gives him a chance against Arvis. i suppose if you think about things in terms of game logic the easiest weapon to beat arvis is Mjoliner but... .
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